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  1. That'll be a novelty at best. An unbalanced mode like that might be fun for the first few times but it won't survive long. There's only so many times that you can get one shot by a single bullet from an auto before it would get boring.
  2. The mod Triple Tap's duration is currently 0 seconds, which makes it impossible to trigger. The trigger condition is also 2 hits within 0.02 seconds, which cannot be achieved without a fire rate of 50 shots per second, far greater than that of the Burston's.
  3. You didn't hear it from me, but I heard that DE will fix it in 2035.
  4. I DO use all the mobility tools the game provides me with, especially in more difficult content. Just because you're bad at parkour don't assume others are too.
  5. This already exists: Rathum and Index. Conclave doesn't need to become those gamemodes because they already exist. Oh, I see. You want the rewards to be more accessible. But what you are suggesting would essentially cause the destruction of the game's PvP, all just to obtain some jpegs for guns. Turning PvP into PvE would be getting rid of other people's source of enjoyment, as some people do enjoy the game's PvP and very much prefer it over PvE. I wouldn't be opposed to having bots if they didn't reward standing though. But having them reward standing would just mak
  6. Why not go a step further: the Necramechs are also in wheelchairs. That way, they can't move at all and everyone can get a kill no matter how absolutely trash they are at the game.
  7. While I agree that it sucks not finding anyone to play, and DE's poor maintenance of the gamemode is to blame, Conclave rewards are nothing but Conclave related cosmetics so I don't see why they should have another way of being obtainable.
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