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  1. Equipping Wisp's Agile (and probably Noble) animation set(s) only applies the idle animation and not the rest (they might not be many, but they're still something).
  2. In the simulacrum, after making any changes to your loadout, the 'Power Spike' node mechanic doesn't take effect until you have exited and re-entered the simulacrum with Naramon equipped.
  3. Pax Bolt doesn't work well on Wisp. (All problems posted below were under the condition that the 'Pax Bolt' buff was active at the time and used within the allotted time) Her 'Reservoirs and 'Wil-O-Wisp' don't get a strength boost but they do get the efficiency one. 'Breach Surge' gets the efficiency boost but I have no evidence whether the strength works or not. I am unclear about 'Sol Gate' entirely, Pax Bolt doesn't affect efficiency after it's "expired" but I don't have the numbers to know about the strength boost.
  4. When are you gonna fix the screen flickering when meleeing with Valkyr's Talons in Hysteria?
  5. When will you fix Valkyr's Hysteria colour filter flickering? I don't want to have an epileptic attack whilst having colour correction on...
  6. The gear wheel is being weird, it keeps rearranging my items. With few tests it seems that when you try to add something that already exists in there it removes an item that shouldn't be (I can't really say which since I wasn't able to discern it). Might be better to swap the two items' positions instead.
  7. Clan name: Vigilanti Eternas Clan tier: Ghost Clan Platform: PC My Clan Role: Founding Warlord All Labs except Tenno have been altered and every corridor that leads to a decorated room has also been decorated appropriately (I haven't put them here since they're nothing to brag about) https://imgur.com/a/yiSikcJ
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