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  1. I have long felt that Warframe doesn't give us all that much aesthetic customization with the weapons we have. As someone who loves the look of certain weapons and not such much of others, I would love to be able to apply those skins to other weapons. For instance, I purchase a Galatine skin in the market and then apply it to my Zenistar or I buy a Dual Keres skin and apply it to my Nami Skyla Prime. This would be limited to items of the same class, it could also function as a Plat sink and DE wouldn't have to create any new skins. It could be further limited to requiring you to master a weapon before being able to purchase its skin. A system like this would give us more a lot variety and greatly enhance the fashion-frame for people like me.
  2. Vote that you are not interested in them and move on.
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