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  1. Is it intended that we buff our Railjacks with Warframe powers. Rhino Roar, Wisp, ect..?
  2. My biggest criticism of the system is that it is not conducive to team/clan plan. If my clan-mates/friends want to go Kuva Lich hunting we don't find our Liches as quickly as we would if we played separately and let matchmaking find groups for us. This is because one's lich occupies certain parts of the system and when you select matchmaking then the game combines you with other players that all have their Liches on that same node. However when you play with friends/clan mates you do not always share the same nodes for your liches, so there is a good chance your or your friend's Lich won't even show up. This is an atrocious design because it penalizes pre-made groups in the Lich system. My friends and I are better off playing separately from each other in this game mode. That is is the worst thing you could design in a coop game.
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