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  1. Xelalego's Submission Sorry if it doesn't show up, I'm not sure if this'll work
  2. I know you guys are busy, but I found some minor (not gamebreaking) bugs: Animal tracking locations don't disappear from map after being used. Very rarely, selecting "Solaris United Standing" will exit the menu. One time a "Abandoning Mission Objective" appeared when all but one of the squad were at the objective (drone capture), when the timer reached 0, nothing happened. Thanks for everything you guys are doing!
  3. Does this include the Varida Curiass? It looks like it was intentional, but I spent platinum to use it specifically WITHOUT the hood, and I don't like it the way it does now. Also, can we make the new mission replayable? It really annoys me that my dumb looking operator was what I had to use for it.
  4. Why is Varida Suit changed? Now it has all this junk on the top that I specifically do NOT want. I spent plat on this suit so that I could look good, and now it just looks horrible! My entire fashion operator is ruined now, and the Varida Suit was the ONLY one that worked at all. Can we have the original back please?
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