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  1. Alikka_TeSiw

    Self Nuke Weapon Feedback/Thought

    As i said, i dont want self damage gone. The problem is when another person jumps in front of you causing the projectile to explode much sooner. Even when i make it a point to get away from everyone else on the team, one of them almost seems to make it a point to just come and stand in front of me. This can become worse in much more enclosed environments. Ultimately, teammate collision detection is the problem. If i shot past a teammate and hit a wall right next to me than i deserve the self damage and death. But its frustrating to keep going into bleed out if its open space past my teammate and i just clipped the top of their head or they ran in front of me when i fired just a single shot.
  2. not sure if anyone has brought this up but I was thinking that it would be awesome if there was some sort of extra hard random boss enemy every 20-30 minutes.
  3. Alikka_TeSiw

    Self Nuke Weapon Feedback/Thought

    I have been using the Phantasma alot and love the weapon however I have been having an issue with the Alt fire exploding on other Tenno and killing me. The problem with this is when they run right in front of me right as i use alt fire. This became really problematic during with Elite Alerts because I automatically lose out on the mission because someone jumped by at the same time i shot. Just a thought, it would be awesome if explosive weapons that can potentially cause self harm were set in a way that could prevent self harm when the missle hits a warframe. Perhaps have it cancel the shot completely? pass through warframes instead of explode? lower self damange output if explodes on warframe? Now if you still manage to hit an enemy or object next to you, than its your own fault and get self nuked.
  4. Alikka_TeSiw

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.8

    same :( never realised how much i slid around until today.
  5. Alikka_TeSiw

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.3

    Just got ported to next zone and then simaris kicked me saying i never went through the portal and then crashed T_T