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  1. Was thinking that there should be Elite challenge like Kuva Guardian Survival Onslaught where its 20-30 minutes of Level 100+Kuva Guardians making up 80%+ of spawned enemies. Or just something random with a moderate time limit of 20-30 minutes or 20 waves but the enemies are stronger and theres more of them.
  2. I seem to keep getting soft locked into melee mode where i cant switch back when clicking the fire button. It also locks me out of exodia contagion use when this happens (now that i figured out how to use again) Pressing the weapon switch key fixes this but ruins the flow
  3. I agree that challenges regarding Surivival/Defense should be culmulative allowing people who want to complete this as an endurance run can and other who can can break it up into chuncks. Maybe make the 60 minutes of survival rewarded every 20 minutes so you can leave if needed and the equivilant for defense. I would like to see some Elite challenges be a culmination of other challenges. Complete 6 waves of ESO with only a Melee equipped. Could be done solo or with group but everyone in the group has to have the correct set up to complete.
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