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  1. this is rather important when thinking about DPS or DPshot on the crunch side of things. I really hope this is just a bug and not something intentional of DE. because then we all got to redo our builds.
  2. thank you for the research on this part! I wanted to do it myself but am too busy with it. so it's good to have this evidence to show DE. hope the fix will be propperly performed. P.S. is the gladiator mod set still bugged as well or working propperly?
  3. this is either an HUD issue or an actual limitation. try to see if you can get numbers working on it. will be tough to spot the difference between 11x and 12x CC from blood rush or gladiator mods. maybe figure it out with a non-maxed blood rush mod? see if there is a spot where the 11x and 12x will make the difference between orange and red crits.
  4. I've been using it in the past as the perfect crowd control weapon. according to the wiki the toxin damage is affected by serration as well as toxin mods, just a shame to see the fun weapons being durped by DE and forgotten about. hope they fix it also did they increase the fart cloud cc? in the past the critical chance was so minimal that hunter munition isn't worth as it won't proc at all.
  5. does the clouds damage change when you use serration or elemental mods? it would absolutely vacuum if the clouds became unmoddable.
  6. it's doing the limbo though.
  7. Regarding the Phoenix renewal: getting ragdolled (from a normal grab) also triggers the cooldown as DE found it easiest to make you enter a downed state for ragdoll physics. the fact that lich instagibbing completely blocks it out seems to be a bypass issue to stop invincible frames (hysteria valkyr) from failing an attempt. it is a flavor choice and not a bug from my guess.
  8. This is the weirdest Twin Stubba I have ever seen... Error to this problem is also found. in the same defence mission where I killed my lich someone else Friended theirs. showed up as hammer BP in post mission results though. now to see what happens if I take it out of my foundry: Well then DE.... can I at least change the name back to fit the hammer? otherwise this has become rather amusing of an error. smacking someone with twin stubbas
  9. Regarding the effects of blood rush/gladiator mods. I noticed the multiplier value given is the melee multiplier-1. is this on purpose or just another case of buggy code? before it would mean that using one of these mods would mean you could scale their values 12 times. however now it only looks like this is 11 times. see spoiler for what I mean. I would like to know if this is by design or an error. thank you in advance and keep up the hard work!
  10. I always have naramon selected because of affinity spike. I will see what happens if I hop into operator mode first. also: Venka Prime no longer has increased combo scaling. rip prime extras
  11. After a quick run in simulacrum I found out that Naramon Affinity spike is not working. when the counter runs out it resets to 0 instead of reducing the counter by 5.
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