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  1. I think you misunderstood, im using helios with the Gladiator mods for a stat stick but it doesnt seem to affect the staff (no buff shown)
  2. How does one go about improving the critical chance of the Iron staff? At present my only two options seem to be Primal Rage and Sacrificial Steel, which gives a good amount but is underwhelming in the long run. Are there any other ways? Using a Helios Stat stick doesnt seem to work.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  4. Operator have you heard from Nora lately? I heard she has some more (Distortion) menial labour- available!
  5. Ok I will admit that my Idea for the 2 is a bit of a nerf for the desire to make it more interesting but how is any of the rest of it? Im saying to leave the abilities as is but to allow them to become stronger the more stacks you have. How is that nerfing?
  6. It happens more than you would think actually
  7. I have to disagree. Teeming Virulence is a fantastic augment in my eyes because it gives your primary weapon a huge critical chance buff just for playing the frame as your supposed. Also im not saying its a bad augment just very niche since mutation stacks only really effect 1 ability.
  8. Right so with the recent batch of augments dropping one stood out in particular to me. Abundant Mutation. 200 added to the mutation cap for a 30 second cooldown on Undying. This is all well and good until you realise it only really benefits one ability which is Virulence. Sure you can deal potentially triple damage but imo if im going to augment his 1 I would rather use Teeming Virulence. Here is what I proposition. Make ALL abilities scale with mutation! Leave his 1 as it is because this doesnt really need to be touched although a possible tweak is to increase the travel speed of the virulence depending on mutation to allow for higher range builds to use virulence more frequently. His 2 should have range gimped and have a maximum number of enemies it can grab at once (based on str) starting at 4 but increasing both range and targets grabbed by X for every stack or 10 stacks accumulated (X being dependant on the str statistic and range statistic). His 3 should remain as is to START, but potentially go up in str boost by 5% and damage reduction by 0.5% (Depending on what is linked) capping out at 99% damage reduc. Ability str gained via link would not amplify the bonus each mutation stack would give all abilities and this value would be locked in (Str affecting the initial amount but not by how much better it gets with every 10 stacks). His 4 in accordance with size is fine although I think the regeneration rate should go up by 5 hps for every 10/15 stacks as well as spawn a larger number of maggots as well as spawn them more frequently. If they were to rework Nidus this way I think he would still be as strong as he is now but put a larger emphasis on his mutation which is his whole gimmick. Doing this would also give a use to his 4 augment which has a 50% chance to gain an additional stack while in the Ravenous field. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Let me know your thoughts
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