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  1. Do weapons like Glaive prime have their charge throw count as a heavy attack? Simple but I need a definitive confirmation. Because I have done some testing with sacrificial steel (charge throw should put me over 100% if it is heavy) but it doesnt seem to orange crit so is this intentional or a bug?
  2. Ghosty_Jr

    Kuva weapons

    Im aware that LICH trading is coming soon but from talk of devstreams and workshop posts it would still require you to at least convert them. Also before you make a smartass comment, try making sure you are being a smartass about the topic in question. Im talking about the weapon chances not just acquisition of said weapons otherwise I wouldnt make a post about it and Im not just talking about liches (although they are my main concern) I am addressing ALL field bosses and their drops
  3. Ghosty_Jr

    Kuva weapons

    I think I speak for, not only myself, but all MR nuts who try to max out mastery rank here. Weapon RNG sucks. Plain and simple and when I say that im not talking about duplicate weapons one after another (although that is a serious annoyance) but im talking about a liches actual weapon. The more you obtain the lower your chances of getting a new weapon is but this also works in reverse, the less you have the higher the chances. How can we fix this? I think DE should implement a system similar to what Overwatch implemented way back when with its legendary skins. Every time you obtain a new weapon (regardless of variation) the chances of any weapon you are yet to obtain increases by say 7% but as soon as you obtain said weapon, it will return to the "normal pool" and not have any drop bonus. This is something that could be applied to a lot of warframes field bosses (Stalker, G3, Zanuka, Wolf of S6) and give us more chances to obtain these quirky weapons that (and lets be honest here) nobody uses consistently because by the time you obtain them, they may have been good for their mastery rank but you have far surpassed that level. This would also help some of the more casual players get to try these weapons out without having luck on their side or ,if they genuinely wanted a weapon, bang their heads against a wall trying to get them to spawn. This was just my two cents on the whole weapon issue. Lemme know what you guys think of it
  4. I agree that blood rush needed to be brought down to less insane levels but DE have now cut off a rather legitimate way of going on endless runs because of this. Now the only truly scaling damage comes from octavia and dont get me wrong she is an amazing frame but at the same time now I cant choose a warframe and build up strength with any melee I choose and thats dissapointing
  5. When talking about melee and not frames yes
  6. I agree that 165% was a tad overkill but it rewarded the time it took to build up said combo I actually prefered the old combo counter because it benefited those who played for longer the only issue with it was the fact that to max it out you needed combos in the millions. And it did work that way. it was 165% of your base cc on top of every combo up so something with 100 base crit chance (just pretend will you?) would jump to 265 crit chance when you hit the first combo up then 430 and so on and so on
  7. Not everybody likes to go with the pocket sand throwing lazy tank but its also the fact I am happy to sacrifice 1-3 slots for cc but to get the maximum yield im sacrificing 7 for all gladiator and blood rush and that takes away build potential
  8. I know and thats the problem im having. Blood rush is basically just True steel but compounded which is cool and all but it makes it next to impossible for a weapon to red crit now without external forces plus Rising storm is rather obsolete because the maximum hit count is only 220
  9. Ok who let Steve near bloodrush? Im just saying that I think bloodrush has been over nerfed...Im not saying I want it back to 165% because with the new system that is begging to break the game but lowering to 60% as well as capping the combo to only 12x is rather underwhelming. I think Blood rush should be put up to at least 70 maybe 75% because its a small difference but it makes a big impact in the end. What do you guys think of the recent Blood rush tweaks?
  10. I know the feeling of duplicate cosmetics I still have like 3 default Rhino helmets (dont ask, its a long story) Yeah this is stuff I would actually want or even just another 150-200 pack of credits to buy lump kuva with cause in all honesty I dont think many people actually build alternate helmets anymore they usually just buy them. Another thing they could do is add a cred converter to the store so you can convert left over credits from previous seasons and intermissions and change them to the current ones but they also need to up the prestige rewards from 15 I honestly just buy nitain at that point because it takes too long to save up for kuva
  11. Ok so this is more of a post to gather opinions but is anybody else kind of pissed off about the intermission 2 rewards? Looking through I see umbral forma, napalm grenades, scrawls but I also see the Liset skin from Pyrus project (Which was basically the only good reward for the time and resources put in to complete that event(Dont even mention that S#&$ty excuse for a sidearm)) and the S6 armour bundle + syandana. This is kinda aggravating to me because having these rewards available now makes the actual series rewards obsolete as well as discredit those who were there at the event and earned them the original way. Now I know this can be an iffy subject because of Baro making event WEAPONS available but I have no issue with that because in the end, they provide MR and that has a significant impact on things like standings cap and login rewards. The point I am trying to make here is that I feel the unique armour set, syandana and ship skin should be exclusive to those in the actual event otherwise what is the point in trying to get them the first time if you can just get them later whenever you feel like doing so. Event sigils and emblems as well as promotional deco are exclusive so why is this different? It just makes all of the work put in the first time around redundant. Ok Rant over. Please give serious opinions on this Im proposing a discussion not an argument
  12. Right so Trinity has energy vampire its what she is known for at this point since so many other frames have healing capabilities one way or another. I noticed that it said Energy vampire does TRUE damage or at least the symbol was there. At around 300% strength I can have my energy supposedly do 77% true damage which is nothing to ignore however when I took trinity to arbitration with her buff it said I should have done 152% true damage so one would expect it to be an instant kill with low duration but I discovered it was not the case for whatever reason. Is this a bug or something because this would bring a whole new light to trinity if she could become a serious killer like this
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