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  1. Ok sweet, yeah I thought this was just me. I can constantly rollback and forth in order to comfortably play Warframe and other games I like. And doing that I have reset my settings EVERY time. I’m melting. Oh yeah 1660ti here. NOTES: people are not happy with 445.75. Check the nvidia forums too
  2. I have a 1660ti with the same driver and I continue to get "hardware failure" notifications. I had this issue upon release of scarlet spear and painstakingly reset my pc in hopes that I could play the update. It did! however, when I needed to update my drivers (back to 445.75 from factory) the hardware failure notes returned. I'm so sad. Two days of grind I can't get back 😞 Stay safe Tenno, wash your handsies.
  3. TYPE: Launcher DESCRIPTION: "Hardware Failure" VISUAL: Press play, white screen, chrome tab explaining why "hardware failed" REPRODUCTION: I tried 4 times, Currently reinstalling for attempt 5 EXPECTED RESULT: Log in and play the update (I have not changed my hardware and played before update) OBSERVED RESULT: Can't login or anything close to it REPRODUCTION RATE: I'm going to try again and I've since downloaded an optional windows update. Nothing is Overclocked or anything :(
  4. Make Lunaro Great again with a Lunaro Themed warframe. The Pele of Lunaro. Ricocheting lunaro orbs, deadly body checks, and extra mobility. I don't know if that falls under the category of "original" but it would be good with continuity and lore. This would be a warfame created during the time of peace when the Tenno schools were being founded.
  5. The idea of shield-gating makes me wanna scream!!!!!! Idk man. I’ve been losing sleep over the state of the game for months. I love this game so much. When I saw that most warframe content creators took mad long for the umbra quest I knew I stood a chance. And I’ve been building. I just need the juice. Galaxy brain owl juice. Give it to me please.
  6. steam input login issue?! Thanks for everything else, but I needs mah haptics
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