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  1. I kinda like this competition. WF is feeling boring lately so I switched over to D2. Not saying that WF is a bad game, but our last main story quest line (chimera prologue) was over a year ago. Raids still have yet to return, melee 3.0 is still not here, neither is the new war, etc. Sure, we could give DE credit for gas city rework, Wisp and Gauss, hostile mergers/disruption and ropalolyst fight (though still buggy), but it gets stale really quick. I still like WF as a game, but hopefully the addition of another looter shooter in the f2p market will make DE feel like they have some kind of competition and will work to get better.
  2. i kinda have most of it on default controls. except operator = M4 on my mouse ; alt fire on M5, the backslash button ( \ ) for dropping arch gun, (+) button for kdrive, (-) button for archwing, (0) for energy pads. that's about it.
  3. in the examples you gave, one can one shot the majority of the game even without the riven, and is used for eidolon hunts. The other barely sees usage outside of popping nullifier bubbles. Sure, yes if you rolled into a godly miter riven, you might use it, but for most people's cases, unless you're going for a specific or meme build, you probably wouldn't suddenly buy a miter, or kraken, or hind, (etc) riven. On another note, I haven't been keeping up to date with ignis rivens but iirc ignis has the lowest dispo, and a somewhat low plat amount. Dispo doesn't directly correlate to how much a riven/weapon is worth/used.
  4. only lightly skimmed the post, so something like each ability has its own modding slots ? It seems cool on paper but would be really complicated when you think about. Leveling a frame is already pretty painful without a friendly sleepquinox + adaro, to have to forma each ability to fit a build, for all the 40+ frames we have, that sounds like a lot of work.
  5. Yea, the recovered acts is nice, but I'm a bit of a completion-ist. I don't like having the reminder constantly on my mind. If I can, I want to finish something as soon as possible. And the hours part, on a good run, it might take no more than 20mins max, but when RNG is a pain, I only find 1 or 2 caches, I end up having to leave and come back in, which adds to the "hours" part. I get that DE is trying to make the game active and all, but I really want one (or several) of their staff members to sit down and do the NW challenges. I know they're busy folks with how much content they gotta work on, but that's kind of why I want them to do them. When you have so much RL stuff you have to finish and NW is holding rewards away from you, forcing you to complete them or else you might wait months to maybe years to get the stuff again.. That is very stressful.
  6. on one side of the spectrum, I see it as a fairly good learning tool for new players to discover all sorts of stuff in warframe (that they realize some are locked behind progression). But as an MR27, everything's pretty much done and maxed out, nightwave is more or less just extra chores that I feel like I have to do every week because I have no clue whether the rewards will be back again. Yes sure, DE might say that it might be back eventually, but how soon is "eventually" and what will we have to do to get those rewards? (Remember Zylok from rebuilding earth relay event? that took months to appear in Baro's stock). The challenges I hate are the ones that are either RNG heavy (i.e. mining rare gems) or like you said, the ayatan one. I get sculptures every now and then and my habit is to slot them and turn them into endo but I can't because there's a chance I slot them then next week is the ayatan challenge and I gotta shell out plat to get them again (Ayr's are getting expensive these days). The 3x forma challenge as well. I'm just wasting forma at this point. The stuff I use, I've already forma-ed enough times to fit my build. Why do I have to either farm up forma blueprints and bake some formas or shell out 35p just to finish 1 nw challenge? Or when new weapons come out and I want to forma them, I have to consider if I can or not. What if I forma and put the build on this week, then next week there's the forma challenge? Guess I'm now out of forma and need to cough up 35p again. -- Now one might ask "but surely you have plat to spare?" Maybe, yes, but I don't like wasting hard-earned plat on stuff I don't really want to waste on. The caches challenge too, but not for the same reasons as the previous ones I listed. Its that I have to spend hours to complete it (and yes I do run max loot detector + catabomb limbo). If I run solo, it works like it do. If I run with a squad, those people just sit there and leech until I find all 3 caches (literally, click M to open the bigger map and see 3 of them just idling at somewhere). I'm sick of it. For me, what it comes down to is this: I want some quick and simple challenges to complete each week (kill X enemies with Y dmg type, sure I can finish that in a few minutes). I work a job and have college classes which take up a large chunk of my daily time. I don't want NW feeling like another set of chores to do, locking time-limited rewards behind a time consuming grind. -- So far, the only feedback I heard from NW-likers is "its not a big deal, you should just be quiet and do it". See, that's not really the point. A game is a game because it is enjoyable, not when it becomes a new set of chores.
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