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  1. I mean, Peacemakers are boring if all you're doing is casting it once and staying like that for the rest of the game. But if you're only casting it to quickly clear some enemies, then turning it off, it can feel like an extra set of pistols rather than an actual ability (which it is).

    I respectfully vote no on this idea.

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  2. 48 minutes ago, Runeglyph said:


    A Soldier follows Orders, Good or Bad for their Boss or Ruler.

    Being a Soldier is a Job or Enslavement.

    Soldiers are bound to Duty and therefore have no Choice.

    The Warrior follows a Code, like Chivalry, Bushido or Kshatriya Dharma.

    Being a warrior is a way of life.

    Warriors are bound to Honor, so have made their Choice.

    Make no mistake, both serve something that they Perceive greater than them.

    I dunno man, Lotus kinda does force our tennos to do stuff for her (i.e. go capture this one or suffer failure, go kill this one or suffer failure, go hack 3 consoles and steal data if you fail X consoles you have failed me). The only time where we don't technically follow her orders is when one-shotting the G3.

    And if we don't do what Lotus says (i.e. abort mid-game), we don't get mission loot.
    We don't do the missions Lotus gives us, we can't set foot outside our orbiter.

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    48 minutes ago, xcenic said:

    4 sorties 28% (although it feels like 80%)

    Dang really 80%? Feels like 99% for me

    If DE doesn't remove anasas, I hope they will at least consider upping the drop rate for amber stars because otherwise its almost insulting. Put a bunch of effort into a sortie only to get an anasa and have 0 amber stars left to put into them because every. single. sortie. rewards an anasa.

  4. In Simulacrum after this PC Update 23.10.2, its too bright (and I haven't messed with any settings after the update). Like taking your phone and putting it on reverse color kind of bright.


    Cephalon Simaris's relay room is way too dim.

    Go into Hydron, someone was firing something that looked like a bright sphere (maybe a penta?) and it was bright (like staring at the sun kind of bright).

    Also, all my decorations in my personal quarters are gone, with exception of the fish in my fish tank and my warframe display, all my eidolon decorations, faction statues, etc. are removed and put back into my inventory (and I haven't even bothered with personal quarters/ship decorations in nearly 2 months; same goes for my options in the Options > Appearance tab).

    My PC:

    Dell 7567, 7th gen i5 @ 2.5GHz, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 

    If it can't be reverted, how can I fix these graphical issues? It's too bright in some places and too dark in others. Messing with adaptive exposure, brightness, contrast, etc do not help. It just either makes everything too dark (i.e. simulacrum looks easier to see but Simaris's room is too dark) or too bright (simulacrum turns just really bright white, Simaris' room is slightly brighter; and then the earlier mentioned penta grenades turn blindingly bright (if it wasn't already))

  5. 1 minute ago, (PS4)brettles1983 said:

    Because we dont know.

    Has there been changes to the way that rift works?  Because it is bloody annoying.

    I entered a random squad defence with my Eternal Warcry Valk P. Start shredding mobs as soon as i land and this one f wit gets on the mic and says, "what did i just say! "STOP IT"!

    He then goes on about his rift and how good it is and casts it again.  I try to hit something and the enemies are immortal.  RAGE.  Was about to grab my mic and blast the hell out of him because the rift was slowing things down.  I didnt do that, headset was in lounge room and i was in bedroom lol. So i just quit and let him rift the bejesus out of whatever he wanted to

    Now i understand my anger is mostly because i have no idea how the rift works, but please, dont use it if you have a squad member that is tearing things apart faster than you can.


    warframe abilities ignore the rift, so tear things away as you please

  6. 14 minutes ago, (PS4)reddragonhrcro said:

    Keys are there to prevent clan jumping. Also what do you mean you have to craft it every time?

    Likely he goes inactive so his clan kicks him for inactivity, then he joins back when an event happens, then goes back to inactive when the event is over

    also to thread poster: The cost isn't that bad if you just play the game to passively farm the materials. 

  7. fun fact: if you're outside the rift and so is the enemy, you can shoot through the rift from outside and still hit the enemy on the other side of the rift bubble's outside, and it'll still hit
    another fun fact: if ya don't like limbo and don't want to take the time to understand how beneficial he can be for the team, click (ESC) > (Abort Mission)

    Limbo's a very good frame, he just gets a bad rep from the people who troll with him or are played by people who don't understand his kit.

  8. Considering how this game has no dedicated servers and relies on peer2peer, hosting 4-8 people maybe. Hosting ~100 players is going to be a lot.. not to mention if the host dies and leaves, all 99 other people get stuck in infinite host migration, no thank you

  9. MR is just a number, dolon hunting is the "can't get a job without experience, can't get experience without a job" of Warframe. 
    People look at your dolon caps before they decide to invite you or not, least that's how most recruiting chat goes about things.

    also: never go pub dolon squad, there's a higher chance of having people leeching or no idea what they're doing. If you value your time and sanity, make a team before you go hunting

    So long as you know someone who hunts regularly and you got the right starter kit (i.e. lanka/rubico built for crit with radiation damage, an amp, energy pads, the right builds for the meta frames, know what to do), ask them to take you along, chances are, they might

  10. imo, Chroma's kit is just really complicated but not exactly fun. Or maybe not exactly "complicated", just the game never really explains how his kit works with different energy elements, unless of course you read the wiki, even then, it still takes a while to understand fully
    Sure his dmg output in dolon hunting is good, even with the "fix", but honestly I can't really see any fun in playing him anywhere else. 

    Like others have said, his 2 and 3 are probably the only really useful ones of his kit. One is just an ignis/wraith that can do different base elements (heat/cold/toxin/electric), 4 is a turret with a high energy drain and feels lackluster.

    I don't have suggestions because I barely play him, but look at Harrow or Nidus, there's a lot of synergies in their 1,2,3,4 abilities. Then there Chroma where it seems like every ability is its own thing.

  11. Honestly, I'd rather play spy sorties than defection sorties..

    But the whole rewards system for sortie needs a reworking. Why devote a lot of time into especially the longer mission types (defense (or "babysitting"), interception, defection, spy, etc), and then in the end rngesus says "nope" and gives you an anasa. It's worse when the game refuses to give you amber stars and keeps giving you cyans. While yes, there's a chance to get riven mods or potatoes or legendary cores (which are like unicorns), but the overall time put in vs reward is not really worth it.

  12. 17 minutes ago, SneakyErvin said:

    Another console player asuming he knows something about a frame he hasnt played.

    Honestly, Rev has few skills similar to other frames. His #3 is slightly similar to Tidal Surge from Hydroid, but that is where the similarities stip. His #1 works very differently from both Nekros and Nyx, his #2 is a completely new type of defense skill (which is really good) and his #4 is a new type of massive AoE skill that looks and works like nothing before.

    Stop listening to YT and streamer dramma queens and get some actual experience with the frame. He is damn strong at the moment, could use minor tweaks but he is very far from weak. He rivals the top tier frames really well.

    Though he isn't far off the mark.

    Rev's 1 is basically a slower version of Nekros4, except no special stat scaling, and your allies can kill them. The pillars are cool but they aren't too effective (like you can kill the enemy in many other ways than wait for them to possibly walk into the pillar)
    Rev's 2 is essentially Iron skin with a bit of sleepquinox added in.
    Rev's 3 is hydroid's tidal wave with a bit of healing (and a bit more healing if the enemy is a thrall)
    Rev's 4 is a laser party. It's like Mesa4 except you can move around faster but it does a lot less damage than peacemakers and costs more energy per second
    Passive: you deplete shields and knock back some enemies

    For a eidolon/sentient themed warframe, it needs some work. By work, as in more eidolon-themed abilities (need ideas? Look to Harry/Garry/Terry). 

  13. I've noticed this issue come up very often, and I think I've figured out how to reproduce it. I tend to run Discord and/or Chrome (for YT/Music) in the background with Warframe running. 

    Sometimes if I have Warframe running then I alt tab and open Chrome or Discord and stay more than maybe 10 seconds on the other app, then tab back into Warframe, some item icons are missing (i.e. if loading Foundry blueprints from orbiter, item icons are missing, as are resources). If I do this in a mission, if I click (P) to see my current mission results, some of my weapons or reward icons are missing. Once my team and I extract, the I get stuck in an infinite loading screen where the loading circles of my 3 teammates are blank (rather than a white circle like it should when they've fully loaded). 


    How to reproduce this bug:
    1) Open and run Warframe for over 3 minutes (how long you actually run is up to you, but I notice this happens after 3 minutes in)
    2) Click the (Windows) key and select Chrome (or Discord, or any other program)
    3) Spend a minute on that app
    4) Alt-Tab back to Warframe
    5) Notice that some item or weapon icons are missing (i.e. the spot that usually shows their icon is blank)
    6) Get some friends and load into a mission
    7) Spend a few minutes on that mission
    8) Alt-Tab back to the other app for a few seconds
    9) Alt-Tab back to Warframe and head to extraction (once the green icon appears)
    10) Get stuck in loading screen, your only option is to Alt-F4


    Additional info:
    Windows 10
    Warframe U 23.0.7 (latest as of this post)

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