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  1. I have had a "bit" of experience with pub groups though. (albeit accidentally due to the host accidentally setting game to Public rather than invite only). Sometimes a teammate drops out due to connection issues and the game decides "here, have an MR3". Ask them politely if they can leave so we can get our team member back, they pretend squad chat doesn't exist.

    On the other hand, dolan hunting (via recruit chat) can go one of these ways:
    1) Toxic/elitists in recruit chat (i.e. if you don't have 500+ hydro caps, you're obviously not good enough)
    2) Someone says "hey I have a 5 forma chroma, inv". Then said player does less than 3% and sits out most of the whole time. In other words, leechers. And it doesn't even have to specifically have to be Chroma. Any role can leech
    3) You manage to find fellow experienced players. Though low on the caps to prove it, but everyone can comfortably do a 2x3 or 3x3; understands and can perform their role effectively.
    4) You get a horrible group and well.. the rest is not pretty.
    5) Someone is triggerhappy and pops limbs before lures are charged.

    My last two groups have been #3 so far, and I hope my next several cycles can be the same, but its recruit chat. It's not guaranteed unfortunately.

    Side note, is it just me or does the dolan hunting community seem kinda toxic?

  2. I think sometimes people miss the point.

    Founders paid DE for the exclusive founders pack, they didn't pay to own part of thr company or decide what is okay/not okay when it is related to Excalibur.

    You buy a phone and its cool. Next year the company comes with a new phone thats better. Can you now say "no you can't do that" because you bought their previous phone?

  3. Excal Umbra still has some transference/control bugs.

    Excal Umbra will very often times teleport below the map when transferring back into the frame while using Void Dash.

    1) Use Excal Umbra in a mission. (typically one that has multiple floors, i.e. Hydron, Sedna)
    2) Transference out to your operator, use Void Dash
    3) Before your operator touches the ground after using void dash, click to transfer back into the Umbra frame.

    1) I've noticed that this happens almost constantly in Hydron where if I'm on the upper level (the level that the defense objective rises to occasionally), use void dash then transfer back into my warframe while my operator is still falling, Umbra will teleport down to the lower level of the map (i.e. where the defense objective is at originally).
    2) In some rare cases, such as today's Grineer Defense sortie 2 (shotgun only), even though I was out in the grassy area, I used a void dash then transferred back into Umbra, he fell through the map. In another time of that same mission, my operator was killed and was in the middle of the falling back animation when I clicked transference, Umbra again fell through the map
    3) I'm not able to show a video since my current wifi is very slow (apologies). But I promise I'm not crazy and this does happen.



    Also, in Zone 8 of this week's normal Onslaught mode, its an Infested filled Grineer Sandy (kinda like Mars) tileset with a patch of water (where if you jump in, it resets you like typing /unstuck). I accidentally jumped in with Umbra and it teleported me back to land, however Umbra got stuck in a never-ending loop of the animation where your frame falls on their hands and knees after falling from a high place. Typing unstuck sent me back to the spawn area (of when you first enter onslaught and it has a big portal), except the portal was closed and Umbra was still stuck in that animation.

    1) Join Normal Onslaught as Excal Umbra
    2) Reach Zone 8
    3) Notice a deep looking lake and cannonball into it
    4) Get locked in that falling animation

    1) Once that loop happens, you're stuck in it forever (least until you extract). If the infested enemies kill you and you click X to respawn, you're still stuck in the animation.
    2) Typing /unstuck only teleports you back to Zone 0's spawn area, but you're still stuck in that animation.
    3) Clicking ESC to try to abort does not work. If you're able to get it to pop out, its only for a split second as the animation forces you back into the dropping animation loop.

    Additional Information:
    Windows 10
    PC U23.0.5

    And not sure if it helps, I was running Zenurik on my operator when the first noted bug happens.


  4. I mean, i get where you're coming from, and a system like that is probably possible, but then you'd have to factor in that everyone in the squad has the same quests completed (which makes matchmaking a lot more difficult for new players btw). Not to mention, a lot of the lore/answers are on Google. the DEvs can probably implement this system, but i feel like new content/fixing bugged old content holds more importance currently. 

    Also, if he asks why spoilerframe has a "certain feature", just tell him to keep playing the quests and it'll get explained.

  5. If you're using a normal braton or mk1 braton, is it modded for damage? Corrupted enemies have armor (which gets insane as it scales up) maybe the reason your braton is not doing any damage is because the armor amount is higher than the damage you can do with the gun.

  6. As the title says, when I go into my Zenurik focus tree to convert shards to focus points (or to get the usual "you need Brilliant/Radiant/Synthetic shard" popup), the "Focus Conversion", "Back" buttons, as well as clicking ESC, or any of the focus nodes stops working. I'm not able to do anything but type in the chatbox. Which leads me to having to altf4 each time it happens.

    Steps to getting the bug:
    1) Go to operator's room
    2) Interact with Operator, click on "Focus" circle
    3) Click to open the Zenurik focus tree
    4) Click "Focus Conversion"
    5) Lose all functionality of the screen and be forced to AltF4

    Side notes:
    1) This happened when I tried to click Focus Conversion to get the "you dont have any shards" popup, which doesn't show up
    2) This is on the PC 23.0.3 Warframe build. (The one that came today with Limbo Prime)

    Other Information:
    I'm running Windows 10

  7. 8 minutes ago, ---Quill-Onkko--- said:

    De said excal prime would remain exclusive. It is still exclusive, no one will ever get it again.

    Then yea, PrimeCal is still exclusive and seems like most of the founders in this thread are okay with it, I don't really see the problem with releasing Umbra.
    And while not a direct example (there's probably some logic holes in this), if I bought a McRib from McDonalds when they said it was a "limited time deal", can I now make business decisions for them?

  8. On one hand, I see where the OP is coming from. Something he was promised to be exclusive forever just got one upped (is that the right term?) by another variant of the frame.
    On the other hand, while I do see why he is upset, did DE actually promise that they would never ever release another variant of the Excalibur warframe?

    If DE said "we will never release any other variants of Excalibur ever again so buy now!", then yes that is something to get unhappy about. But if they just said "Excalibur Prime will never be available again", they've so far kept up their end of the deal. Excal Prime is still not available for building. 

  9. Honestly I don't really care that they removed the 250 energy death orb perk. The transference specter perk is enough for being an upgraded Excal. That alongside his Umbral and Sacrificial mods, and that radial howl debuffing sentients addition. I'm only playing in the void every now and then so its not a big "time to stop playing UmCal anymore".

    Besides, if you've made it this far (game wise, played through the quests and have got him as a reward), you'd likely have energy pads, Trinity/Prime's EV, zenurik energy dash, Harrow's Thurible, etc. It's not really that big of a game changer.

  10. 2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.3


    • Fixed a script error for numerous Warframe Abilities.
    • Fixed a script error when using Transference.  

    Could the DEvs also fix the transference rotation issue with SpoilerFrame (he who must not be named), which upon transferring out of said frame, rotates the camera 90-180 degrees. It's very disorienting. As well as the transference static when popping out/in of SpoilerFrame even if the operator didn't die? Lastly the part where operator teleports to SpoilerFrame rather than it to us like many other frames do.
    (original thread from RistN: 


  11. You mean that transference static stuff? It should happen when Operator is "killed", but it seems for Umbra it happens even if your operator didn't die. Like a quick pop out pop back in. And what LSG501 says is correct. All frames have this annoying rotation from time to time, but for Umbra, its more like if it doesn't happen every single time, it happens as soon as you step into another tile/room. Whats incredibly annoying is the fact that rather than rotating just slightly (maybe <10 degrees on most frames), Umbra goes a full 90 to 180 degrees. It's annoying, but at least the teleport back issue seems to have decreased a bit.

    Nonetheless, I know the Devs are busy with pushing content and fixing other stuff, but for a frame that came out barely a week ago, I would hope that they can put some time into fixing his transference bugs.

  12. Worse than Hema? Agreed. At least in derelict, you can just run around with resource boosters and despoil/pilfdroid knowing you'll at least get some per run. 

     These new colors on the other hand.. some people's devices can barely run PoE. Others, our PC fans sound like jet engines. So to get these new colors, we essentially gotta live in PoE to find these rabbits/birds/pilotLicenseGrineer so that we can kill them and have only a chance at getting a dye. Colors are cool and all but this just doesn't seem worth it.

  13. 1 minute ago, Isheepzu said:

    whelp...looks like trinity just joined the ranks of useless and never used frames...on the other hand i am liking the improvement to Miasma.

    She's not exactly useless and never used. the self dmg link part was changed so she doesn't become a Valkyr, where only 1 ability is useful the other 3 are kinda useless. Her EV and Bless builds are still beneficial to squads.

  14. "For consistency, damage link abilities (Trinity, Nidus, Nekros) will no longer transmit self-damage, but you will still get the damage reduction. This is particularly relevant for the healer/support class of Trinity who had become the go-to DPS frame in addition to the intended support roles. The re-release of Mods like Aviator added to some clever but ultimately uncharacteristic roles for Trinity."

    So Trin with the Link, Nidus with the nasty string, whats Nekros got with self dmg? Sure you can self dmg to dmg your zombies but theres no point in that

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  15. If in the Navigation pane, you open chat and click a link to a weapon (i.e. someone links "Lex Prime"), after exiting out of the weapon/stats page, if you zoom out of the current planet, your warframe loses its head (or rather, it get stuck in the top left side of the screen)

    To reproduce this bug:

    1. Go to Navigation in Orbiter
    2. Click on a planet (if its not already done for you)
    3. Click a weapon link in chat
    4. Exit out of the weapon/stats screen (press ESC)
    5. Your warframe's head is stuck in the top left corner and doesnt move. The rest of the warframe goes back to the center of the screen

    PC Windows 10
    Warframe 22.20.4

  16. I noticed this bug that where, when i go to the Warframe loadouts display in Personal Quarters, if I click "Switch Display" before that option pops up, it teleports me to Navigation.
    When i exit out of navigation, it goes back to Personal Quarters, my frame runs for a second then glitches through the map before going back to normal. (See attached recording for better understanding, apologies for terrible recording quality).


    I'm on PC, running Windows 10
    Warframe version 22.20.3

  17. Imo, this would be kind of cool to see in PoE (and/or Venus PoE). It would give weapons like the Veldt more use rather than a max and sell gun. 

    On a side note, hunting sort of exists in PoE, you know when youre peacefully fishing and a random Grineer starts shooting you? Calmly take out your sniper and send a bullet his way.

  18. While I'm not really a fan of the new combo counter idea, i think what would make people actually consider using the heavy attack would be to allow it to be an AoE attack affected by range (so that primed/reach don't become completely useless) similar to how Equinox's maim ability works (light = DoT slash/bleed-ish effects, heavy = recast to hit everything in an area). Because if the heavy attack is just saved up dmg that gets unloaded into a few targets, it doesn't feel very rewarding.

    Tl;dr: I think if the new combo light/heavy attack system worked similar to Equinox's Maim ability, heavy attacks seem like they would be worth using. Just my opinion.

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