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  1. Tested this in the simulacrum against lvl 115 enemies, I've noticed that enemies trapped in Khora's 4 become shoot-able pinatas for other enemy units (please see below video for what I mean)


    It wasn't mentioned in the abilities description so I was curious as to whether or not this was intentional. 

    Thank you

  2. Unless you have the vazarin/unairu waybounds done, Operator will die if you so much as fart in his general direction.

    Though they do allow warframes to "cheat" "death". I guess that's useful. And eidolon fights too. But past that, they die too quick.

  3. With all due respect DE,

    Can y'all fix that bug where the tridolons teleport even when multiple lures are holding them in place? 

    Or if you can't, could you at least make PoE (and soon to be Venus PoE) optional rather than how it is right now? Like to unveil a riven, go to PoE. Focus farm go to PoE. Make the Bugs of Eidolon an optional game mode rather than forcing the "optional" onto us?

    Another thing, I want to farm wisps and fish in peace, not to get attacked by grineer or have a disappointed HoLotus tell me to go do stuff when she ain't even gonna bother taking care of her precious tenno

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  4. Ash's bladestorm on PC seems to sometimes lock up. Sometimes if I try to reactivate it while my clones are killing the enemies, it says "ability in use", then has the smoky effect, but i can never use bladestorm again unless I die and revive.

    Also sometimes he gets stuck in a crouch position and stays that way and sort of "flies" around the map looking like that. The only way I've been able to fix it is going into operator and going back to Ash.

    I don't have the recording to show it but it seems to happen fairly often and I've been running and getting the issue on Hydron, Sedna

  5. with respect to DE, i kind of feel like they're trying to push us onto plains, something that not a whole lotta tenno like, and then remove anything that makes the grind bearable/efficient or fun. It's bad enough that sometimes capping Teralyst doesn't drop a brill shard, its even worse when that shrine in the lake doesn't take our brill shards (no floating "click X to sacrifice a shard" popup) when we try to summon Gauntalyst. I want my crit kitty operator buff at the very least.

  6. Anybody kind of confused why the MR9 test is harder than most of the tests after it? (I just took the MR14 test and that was ridiculously easy compared to MR9).

    To OP, yea i had issues with MR9 test as well. Tried with a Glaive, didn't work. Banshee + Redeemer worked to some extent, but still got detected. Towers? Apparently they looked up anyways. In the end, I just took an atterax with Reach mod for more range and whacked them from behind the towers

  7. NOOOOOOO my main source of platinum income..

    With respect to DE and their staff, PoE is fun and all, but every time I open the gates from cetus to PoE, (assuming it does open in a reasonable amount of time), simply standing in PoE = the fans on my laptop ("Laptop Skoom!") start sounding like jet engines. I mean the amount of graphics and animations that go into that one map really hurts my computer. The weather system, the fact that seeing at night is sometimes difficult, the fact that the clingy Grineer want to make sure the Tenno hasn't forgot about them yet, the electric water from accidentally falling in, the random rockets that knock Archwings out of the air, etc..

    PoE is great for what it is, but it seems like you're really pushing it onto us.

  8. reset all the formas? No thanks. It's possible to refund forma, sure. But you can't refund time spent. I haven't bothered with putting forma into frames yet, but forma and reforma and reforma-ing weapons and releveling them up is painful enough. I'm not going to be happy to have to redo everything

  9. 44 minutes ago, Magicfingers said:

    if a volt joins the pug i'm in and activates rush, i have a macro set up to do a backflip and cancel it. then i purposely slow down and take my time. no matter how many times he activates rush i cancel it and get even slower. my loki prime is already fast enough on his own and no one is gonna tell me to speed up. i'm a cantankerous old man.....and stubborn as hell. if they speed me up, i start bouncing off walls and getting stuck everywhere because it makes me go too fast to control my movements. so if you ever see me in a mission and you're using volt, if you activate rush, expect me to delay the mission as long as i possibly can. you have been warned.

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one that does this when Sonic decides to make everyone faster. Side note, how do you do a backflip to cancel it?

    To main topic, on PC, he's very useful on plains, especially his 2 and 3, 2 for running to the teralyst quickly, 3 for popping down shields for operators to shoot through, giving them more damage.

    But for general missions, there's so many things to get stuck on. Hive and kuva fortress missions especially, the maps are so complicated and there's an obstacle here and there that with volt you'll be crashing into everything rather than moving at normal speeds to get past stuff, least that's my take on it.


    That aside, he just doesn't play missions as easily as other frames. 

    Spy? Loki/Ivara because of the stealth

    Mobile Defense/Defend that one annoying AI that decides to go sightseeing while getting shot/Rescue? Limbo can put the objective into the rift so they don't die, Frost because the bubble, Vauban/Nova/Nidus because of the CC

    Capture? Volt is viable here because his speed lets him capture the target

    Interception? Volt is viable sure, but its easier just CC all the things

    I feel like I'm missing some modes but you get the idea.

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