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  1. Compared to (a lot of) mobile gaming communities, Warframe's community is generally a lot nicer and more helpful. You might just be encountering a few edge lords in game, just chat in your alliance/clan chat and ignore the other chats unless you need to go there.

  2. First post to the forums, sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum.

    I've noticed that my Frost occasionally randomly teleports around the map.

    I have good connection. This doesn't happen all the time but when it does happen, I'm usually running towards extraction. The most recent time this has happened, I was doing a sabotage mission in Jupiter, right when i was about to run into the extraction point, the game teleported back to the room with the computer console that players have to hack to start the meltdown process.

    I'm fairly new to the game (played for about 2 weeks) but I don't have any teleport mods/companions/abilities on my Frost warframe and this has happened regardless whether I'm running in a squad or not.

    Additional information: I'm running the most recent version of Warframe on PC (Windows 10)


    If any more info is needed, let me know, thanks

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