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  1. Did DE make a change to this sabotage type to combat this? Noticed today that I couldn't damage the reactor with my ignis, I had to switch to melee to destroy the bits.
  2. THIS.. PLEASE DE.. It's gotten to the point where I groan and want to leave whenever I join a group with a Gauss in it. It's impossible to see anything through his AOE, not to mention being headache inducing due to it's movement when it's shrinking, especially when there are multiple copies of it overlapping, which there usually is. I usually have to stop moving and let him get far enough ahead of me that his aoes are almost gone by the time I move through them.. annoying as hell.
  3. Laomedeia demolist pathing issue On second round, noticed one of the demolists never showed up.. assumed it was a bug but on the way to extraction after round 4, I found him stuck running in place in the location pictured. Apparently he was too fat to fit through the opening (It was a bursa style demolist). Also as a side note, the credit rewards seem a bit.. backwards.. rounds 1 and 2 I got 3x10k, round 3 I got 5x10k.. so far so good.. round 4 (rotation C), I got 1x10k... Definitely not worth staying at those rates. Also didn't see any extra credit drops from demolists.. have a booster so was hoping for those.
  4. I had noticed that I was having the same issue on Nova but hadn't tested further, so I suspect you're right about the default skin thing. Title edited accordingly
  5. Since the update, noticed that volatile orokin containers now glow whitish blue like the normal containers instead of orange, making it impossible to tell them apart. Not a huge ideal but a bit annoying if you're on a squishy character and would prefer not to blow yourself up. So far I've only been on LUA and noticed this across several missions. Haven't checked the void itself.
  6. I went to preview the Ember deluxe skin as I was thinking of purchasing it, and found that since this update the skin preview simply doesn't work for her (EXCEPT the immortal skin). It will change the helmet but not the body skin (though you can see a bit of the deluxe skin sticking out of her legs). This is the case for all of her skins, not just the deluxe. This is with normal ember, not prime. I don't have the prime version on this account to test. It was working fine the other day so I assume the latest update bugged it. All other warframe skin previews that I tested seem to be working fine. Edit: To add to the weirdness, I switched to my main account where I have both Embers to test, and I can preview skins on that account fine. Thought it was odd, switched back to my secondary account to check again, and sure enough I still can't preview skins on it. The only difference I can think of is that on my main account I own the deluxe skin, whereas on the secondary account I don't own any secondary skins, only her basic one.
  7. I'm confused... According to the listed numbers, the Twin Grakatas got a bit of a buff: Twin Grakatas: 0.76->0.85 But ingame they have gone from a disposition of 3 pips to 2, and I lost at least 14% damage off of my riven?
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