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  1. Ive never spent REAL money on rushing a frame. Just by trading and getting plat is what i use to trade. So i dont think DE is exactly "feeding" off me
  2. Lol i know this topic is funny but thanks for the replys
  3. For some reason everytime I make a new frame and I have 50 plat I just can't wait and HAVE to rush it. I really wish that you could hide the rush option it would really help. I try to hold my self back but no matter what I just have to rush it. I have almost all the frames in the game and rushed more then half of them. How am I supposed to stop my self from rushing as I am wasting so much plat? I know this is a stupid topic but bear with me.
  4. Awesome, i will try some of these frames!
  5. Alright thank you, i will post in that forum next!
  6. Sorry if this is not on the right place but i have a cool idea for a "endgame boss". So New War is coming up. Lotus completly becomes a sentient (not showing human face) and trys to beat the hell out of you. You have to beat her up with your operator and warframe as well as all the flying eidolons and sentients fighting you. (You will most likely need a full sqaud for this and probs would be cooler without a solo option). This will likely happen after Railjack when you are able to go to the sentient system where lotus's "mother" is. Lotus starts talking trash and stuff cause why not and then you have to fight her "mother". If youve seen the trailer the mother is probably really big so i mean sick. SO share your thoughts on my idea peeps and say if there is anything wrong ive said. Thanks!
  7. Nice ideas. Ive been playing Octavia with the Wolf Sledge chucking it around and listening to some sick beats. Im enjoying octavia alot right now and all these other frames seem pretty fun too!
  8. All these frames seem fun! i have never tried Khora so i am trying to farm her atm. Just need her BP and i got her
  9. Yes i have his deluxe skin. Nezha used to be my "main" for a while and he is quite fun.
  10. I always searched stuff like "best frame in warframe?" or "best weapon in warframe?". But ive sooner learnt if you put the time into any weapon (except the bad ones you buy with credits. Aklato im looking at you) you can make them end game (level 100+) viable. So ive got fun weapons that i enjoy. But what are fun Warframes that you guys enjoy that you reccomend I try? Thank you for the people who reply.
  11. I know alot about eidolons and do alot of tridolons often. I have a 1 behind maxed Void Strike in madauri and im just wondering which frame is "fun" to play as in eidolon hunts
  12. yes ive tried that and she is OP with the lanka. However chroma is more efficent sadly and so is trinity in healing.
  13. Hey everyone. So I have always been playing random eidolon frames that aren't very good and probably have no forma on. I have kind of wasted the aura forma on wisp but i guess thats fine but which frame should i invest into? I dont want to invest into frames that are heavily used such as Chroma, Trinity etc. Could you guys please help me on who to invest on and who is worth putting a bunch of forma on? thanks!
  14. If DE is reading this forum, when nightwave is going through the next season alerts or some other reliable way of getting nitain should be implemented
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