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  1. funny enough, my clan's literally already done this, but I'm happy other's have decided to follow suit I might participate, it was fun enough winning in the moon clan, lets see how I can complete against NA
  2. Well, I guess we can agree to disagree on the naming, I gave a solid reason for why I picked the names, the current ones just... exist. I actually had an entire different idea for the Corpus, it's a mix of robots for supporting units, elite soldiers being trained to lead the troops but instead of putting living corpus Engineers or crewmen, why not hire others to fight for you? So if I had the time and anyone was actually interested, I could go into how I rebuilt the Corpus, basically it's a core of mercenary soldiers, support from all the robots they use, and then lead by elite tr
  3. I'd imagine it'd be by far the easiest thing to rename the enemies, it's probably possible for them to Alt F to find all references to "Lancer" and rename them "Lance". The strategies would seriously set them apart from the corpus, it'd make their military theme far more believable than it currently is, and give far more intense game play. You could even have the strategies just start at a certain level, with higher levels having more complicated strategies that are more difficult so that it's literally not just a larger health bar you're fighting against.
  4. So I recently wrote a short story set in Warframe, but I decided to "spice it up" by reworking the entire line up for the enemy factions. Yeah, all 3 factions from the ground up. Basically the issue I have with the factions as they stand is that they don't hold the strongest identity beyond their visual aesthetics, and their slight stat change. Beyond that, you also have their Lore differences, the militaristic Grineer, the capitalist Corpus and the mindless Infested, but those aren't portrayed in mission. So, what's the difference in stats? Between the Corpus and Grineer. over
  5. So that means you're regularly having a 25% chance to do no critical hits, with 75% chance to do a single critical hit. When that Argon Procs you'll get that 135% base crit bonus. but the fact of the matter is that since these bonuses do not add up to give you more than 200% crit chance you won't be able to do more than 2x critical hits. so orange crits are the highest you'll get right now. Rivens are always strong, but the issue with a soma riven is that it'll be very weak, and very expensive, because it's sought after for the ease of use that the soma offers. I would suggest
  6. what's your crit chance? The orange means you're getting 2 times your crit damage, red USED to mean 2x+ means you're doing a minimum of 2x, red NOW means 3x+. it's just a small change to help notify players of the approximate crit (yellow for 1x, orange for 2x, and red for beyond)! Hope this helps!
  7. working your way through planets is always a good idea, it lets you access more content easily, and lets you help other players with "taxi'ing" (squadding up, then bringing them to alerts/missions) another good idea to focus on is getting as accustomed to the parkour system as you can. Recognize what issues you're having, figure out the fastest movement, chain movement together, get better accuracy while aiming, etc. it'll let you get through ayatan missions better, it'll help you survive better, and it'll make the game WAY more fun! Finally get in a clan and get all the equip
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