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  1. @JazaJ Ancients in general just need a rework loose the grapple and getting new models and less annoying gimmicks, but yeah, it really feels like enemies like this push you to use a frame with a way to avoid knockdown since sure footed and it's prime have that animation, so you just have to play Rhino/Mesa or the like who can prevent it,
  2. And i cannot stress how incredible it is i only have one complaint here good work, the Scorpions are an annoyance without actually making the mission really any harder, i have never lost or even really been hindered because of them but the knockdown spam is annoying, maybe amp up the butcher spawn rates or add in power fists in their place?
  3. It was a terribly designed mission type, and will remain so until it is massively changed,
  4. i only 2 more weeks tops to finish the base ranks and the fear that it's going to end way before then is making me nervous and was just hoping to know, for sure we would be given the heads up by now if that was the case,
  5. there are also two instances of it in my acts list,
  6. At no point prior to her being regressed back into Natah does she ever imply she would be cool with groups trying to murder the Tenno over petty grudges,
  7. THIS! there is no freaking way Lotus would be cool with people sending death squads after her Tenno because they chose to help someone else, this has always been a really dumb feature and should have gotten removed years ago, along with things like the star chart mastery tests and scanning things to get their resources,
  8. Remove the online requirements from all console challenges, increase Wolf's spawn rate the amount of play time i have without seeing him once is plainly ridiculous, change the event scheduling from fixed to whenever a player finishes all the ranks,
  9. this is why i suggested that these kinds of white market gambling should only be allowed to advertise the most common drops/rewards, guarantee you we would at least be getting something like Oxium or the like if that was the case
  10. it would be nice if they passed a law requiring that all lotteries and other forms of "not gambling" that are totally gambling could only advertise the most likely reward,
  11. where are the relics going to drop? all you did was shill the over priced packs and not tell epople where to excpect they would have to waste 40+ hours for a small chance at half completing anything,
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