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  1. Only if it's a permanent 99% Valkyr can't work without being next to invulnerable because she dies to fast without Hysteria up even with a nearly pure tank build, she needs work like having the stupid team buff removed to give her 2 a boost, and a means to protect Hysteria from all the energy takers,
  2. Warframe Stats and Abilities Health: 150 Shield: 50 Armor: 350 Energy: 100 Passive: Glacial Assault, Decreases Attack speed by 15% with all weapons, Adds 25% bonus Cold Damage to all weapons, the bonus cold damage can't mix with other elements and can't crit and has its own built in 20% status chance that is scaled with the weapons mods, Ability 1: Frozen Hammer, covers her left hand in Ice and trikes with it dealing Cold and impact damage, if used on the ground she will deliver a single target upper cut for massive damage, if used in the air she will deliver a slam attack for lower AOE damage, -Synergizes with her Ability 3 Frozen Ground, using it inside Frozen Ground's AOE will either Add 50% bonus damage to the upper cut as puncture damage and add ice spikes to the effect, Or the slame will cause the damage to spread over the entire area of Frozen Ground's AOE and expand it by 25% Capped at a total of 100% size increase, either will also reset Frozen Ground's Duration. -Augment: Sucker Punch, Deals 25/50/75/100% Bonus damage against unaware or incapacitated enemies, Ability 2: Winter Mist, Creates a Veil of mist that causes enemies to suffer an accuracy penalty while firing into it, Enemies inside suffer the same penalty when firing out of it, Enemies also have a chance to randomly target other enemies who are inside the Veil, additionally enemies inside of it can take damage from other enemies attacks, and enemies will not treat sighting the veil as an immediate threat, instead investigating it, -Synergizes with her Ability 3 Frozen Ground, If the veil is on Frozen ground it's duration won't drain until Frozen Ground ends, it will also mimic Frozen Grounds larger AOE -Augment: Crimson Mist, Killing an enemy inside the mist causes all friendly units to be healed By 5% for 3/6/9/12 seconds Ability 3: Frozen Ground, Freezes a patch of land, dealing constant cold damage in the area and inflicting cold procs on enemies in it, -Synergizes with all her other abilities, Augment: Ice Sculptures, Enemies who die on Frozen Ground freeze solid then explode dealing 50/100/150/200 + 5/10/15/20% of their maximum HP as Cold Puncture and impact damage over 4 meters. Ability 4: Chilling Vanguard, Jotun summons a ring of ice then draws it to her damaging and pulling in enemies then covers herself in a layer of freezing armor, Gaining immunity to stus effect and damage as long as the armor holds, she adds a portion of the health of all enemies hit by the ring to the total, she can expand the area of effect and base Health of the armor by charging the ability, at the cost of movement speed unto she dispells it or it breaks, -Synergizes with her Ability 3 Frozen Ground, The ice armor gains an additional 25% Damage reduction while she stands on frozen ground additionally she can run at normal speed while on it, Augment: Cold Blast, When ever her Ice armor takes damage it releases 5/10/15/20% of the damage in a cone in that direction, Signature Weapons Rampage: Signature Melee Polearm, a poleaxe it has below average reach for a polearm but excellent damage, it's signature effect negates her passive's attack speed bonus, deals mostly slash damage favors raw damage builds with middling Crit and status chances, it's slam attack and power attack create a line of ice rather than a shockwave, Hail Furys: Signature Primary Throwing Axes: limited range extremely low ammo count only 4, amazing damage and the ability to retrieve them, they can be charged for up to 4 seconds to increase damage, range and Crit/Status chances, their Signature ability makes their charge time unaffected by Jotun's passive attack speed penalty, they count as a bow for double attack speed effect where applicable, Quest: Cold Slumber On neptune the Corpus have awakened strange horrifying Beasts named only Abominations, these creatures pose a major threat to the system if they escape their frozen prison, find a way to halt the Corpus's efforts to claim them before they doom many to death in the maws of these horror of the old war, The player will receive a call from a Mysterious contact telling them that the Corpus are trying to weaponize the Abominations and that this can not end well, they ask the player to help them uncover the source of the new hordes that have suddenly exploded on neptune, 1st Mission find the origin point, the contact asks the player to pick up where the Corpus extermination forces were destroyed and look for where the Abominations came from, players are dropped into an Area called the Catacomb of Cold, with a high number of Abominations and Corpus enemies they then seek out terminals in their Corpus Camps, to compile the data, after this they then head to the likely spot only to find it blocked by ice, the contact will suggest you return to your ship while she comes up with a way to get in there, 2nd Mission Steal a Corpus Ice Miner PT1, The contact informs you that they have located an advanced ice miner that can safely excavate the tunnel, head to an orbiting ship and complete a single console spy mission to arrange for it to be sent there, 3rd Mission Steal a Corpus ice Miner PT 2, The machine has been delivered but you have a problem, it's inside a previously inaccessible Corpus Camp, you need to destroy it's force field in order to get in there, you will be informed that you need to make Abomination Bait you will receive the blueprint for it once it's crafted and equipped to your gear head back and use it to Lure a Pack of Greater Abominations to the Camp to break down the force field, then steal the Ice miner, drive it to the sealed tunnel, and open it up, once inside you discover many frozen creatures from Dax Soldier to Infested to even Sentients, and in the middle a giant Abomination skull emerging from the floor a Warframe's outstretched hand emerging from it's mouth, you receive the Codex entry frozen renegade explaining how Jotun went rouge and the Orkin tried everything from Dax to the Infested and even tried luring Sentients in to try and kill her but all failed so they created the Abominations to do it, and how when the abominations run low on numbers one of them will morph into a Grand Abomination and birth an entire new army before going on a rampage, instead however the Grand Abomination was smart, it wanted to escape, Jotun sacrificed herself to prevent that, but now a new one is on the lose and you must end it before it can escape and bring ryuin to the origin system not seen since the old war, You also receive the Ice miner Key allowing you to hijack ice miners where ever you find them, 4th Mission Slay the Grand Abomination, Your contact informs you that it was this monster who directed the ambush that wiped out the hordes of Elite troops and even an entire Hyena pack that was exterminating the Abominations, that it only came out when they were alone, so you too must face it without other Tenno, pets won't scare it though, head to the map and select the mission node, to face this giant beast and end the threat for now, the boss is covered in the enemies section below, Killing the Grand Abomination grants Jotun's main Blueprint, the Grand Abomination can be fought again by killing enough Abominations to cause another to spawn, the Grand Abomination will always drop a Jotun Blueprint or Part Blueprint you don't already have in your inventory, otherwise normal Abominations have a small chance of dropping part blueprints, The player will then finally meet their mysterious contact revealed to be the sole surviving Hyena from the extermination Squad, they thank the player for helping them avenge their comrades and also freeing them of their programmed need to kill the grand Abomination, they can there after be found hanging out in relays where they will inform the player how close they are to spawning a new grand Abomination, killing these new monster will prompt them to give you new rewards starting with The Captura Scene for the Catacombs of Cold, than a random reward from the following Various Abomination Articula, First a BP for their summon beacon that allows you to call them to aid you like a specter, after this they will give you fully built ones, Blueprints for Jotun's Signature weapons Cryotic Their own Articula The Articula Scene based on the scene based on the Catacombs of cold New Enemies Abominations General resembling a cross between a Hyena and a Gorilla, these vicious beasts can be found all over Neptune's surface and come in a variety of sizes and power, common attacks and abilities to all Abominations are Furious Swipes: a progressively faster and faster endless swing of their hook like claws, Lunging swipe: A leaping two handed swipe which ranges from just doing large amounts of damage to staggering to knock down depending on the type. Feast on the fallen: they can eat any organic corpses they find doing so will fully restore their HP and raise their level by 2, All Abominations have Flesh Health and Fibrous Blubber armor which has 25% resistance to all damage except Heat Electricity and Magnetic which it is 50% weak too, and Cold which it is 75% resistant to, Additionally Abominations are immune to all Status Procs from Toxin and it's sub elements, Abomination Welp: smallest and weakest of all abominations they appear only During the grand Abomination boss fight, they lack any tactics and will charge strait at you, Lesser Abomination: Found randomly in packs of 2-5, they are hostile to all units, they can hide by clinging to the ceiling or inside blocks of ice and ambushing players and enemies alike, Greater Abomination: large strong and fierce they posses an additional attack where they ill rip up blocks of ice to throw at enemies, and will grab Moas by the legs to use as clubs, they only appear if bait is used or they can sometimes act like a Juggernaut responding to allot of killing they spawn in at 2 per player in the squad, Grand Abomination: a true horror, this beast is big enough to to crush the largest crewman in one hand and possessed of surprising intellect, they are faced one at a time, in addition to scaled up versions of the common attacks, it also has the ability to throw Abomination whelps at the player, or eat them to regain health, it has major damage resistance over most of it's body but this can be bypassed by hitting it in the mouth, or by shooting it in the eyes, doing this will however trigger it's devastating tantrum attack causing a large number of shockwaves falling debris and spawning in a new horde of whelps, Corpus Ice Minner: these appear fairly rarely and are a large mechanized suit manned by a crewman they posses both a powerful super cooled drill and a cutting laser, if they become alerted at all they will activate a seismic detector pulse revealing invisible or otherwise hidden players touching the ground or walls, players can kill the crewman inside with a well placed shot and if they own a Ice Miner Key they can hijack it, they can also find inactive ones locked inside containers they need to hack to open, they have a chance of dropping the Blue prints for Jotun's signature weapons as well as small amounts Cryotic when destroyed,
  3. Allot of people seemed to think they were a bit boring and felt tacked on, i'm just saying we have lots of weapons with gimmicks, why not give her's one that will be a spiffy reuse of her old ult and give them a neat trick to stand out next to the likes of Venka Prime?
  4. everyone thinks the talons are a bit underwhelming as weapons so why not just give them an effect where after a set number of kills with them or abilities, her power attack becomes her old 4?
  5. I'm effectively done now, got my sledge building, and there is no way barring my net going out that i can't get 11K more standing to reach rank 30, i feel no sense of fulfilment only relief that this monopolization of my life will soon be over and i can look forward to other things or just do missions in this game i actually want to do, the sense of entitlement the devs have over the player base's time is ridiculous, they need to stop putting arbitrary time limits on everything then wasting our hard drive space with the rewards so others can use them based soley on free time or happening to ahve played the game longer,
  6. Some frames are so powerful elsewhere they get a weak passive as a compensation, Chroma being first and foremost has all his power budget in his actives, but some like Mag need more oomf, and having their passive help would be a big help,
  7. How does that effect a thing? trades are trades, stop making them harder for no reason stop making players sit through loading screens and creating session messages to accomodate a system that adds nothing of value, other than pushing out poor players,
  8. I just wasted some poor persons time for like 20 minutes because the ping made trading in person a night mare stop assuming everyone has amazing expensive internet and let us trade via chat without annoying loading screens getting in the way, or putting even more stress on our weak connections by putting us into dojos or tha bazaar,
  9. True but i can dream of a day where it's just go to a shop and trade one meso relic and 10,000 creds for a different one,
  10. Even being a long term player with the right kind of weapon can fail you, i ran into him on Lua during a nightmare mission and my Arca Plasmor with 12K rad damage barely scratched him before running out of ammo while his pack kept nuking my HP, until one time i got unlucky and died wasting a chance to fight him, the fact he has a chance to give nothing of value is just insult to injury, he needs to drop wolf creds or standing if he doesn't drop a hammer piece,
  11. Older relics should just be moved into a shop requiring newer ones of the same tier and some credits,
  12. And this helps us when a cache spawns above ground when the mission was in a cave how? the caches need to have fixed spawn points that are hand picked to ensure no clipping or other issues, there is nothing more annoying than the game giving you greif for not opening that Cache that was inside the ground,
  13. Yeah this is a common issue with higher end bosses, they just attack so much that really it's better to just tank through it and focus on DPS, and only occasionally using operator to avoid certain things like the Eidolon energy spike, like my strat for Teralyst is just use Nidus to tank and heal through damage and rely on my revives to just out last it, with only a few jumps here and there for the stomp, not exactly dynamic,
  14. it just feels like she is always attacking everywhere not helped by the fact that she always has back up, the fight is to blandly chaotic to become engaged in like if the Teralyst was just permanently doing that lame move where they summon like ten seeker bolt things and they silly energy guyser move non stop while also having tusk troops supporting it, I would like to see it given a slower more recognizable attack set and not have her back up show up non stop when soloing her, i couldn't even learn anything from the fight beyond the already clear knowledge that turning off Hysteria=sudden death for Valkyr,
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