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  1. Welcome to warframe, where the devs can't be bothered to sly out the story in any cohesive way because they are to busy feeling smug about making another dumb mission type that people will only play because they lock things behind it, and they keep putting lore into events instead of in a freaking simple fun quest thus ensuring that tons of players will quickly just give up on it rather then devote even more time to the wiki that does most of the devs work for them, but the simple answer is the devs don't care about being clear, notice how they don't properly explain 90% of the star chart even
  2. The devs have always struggled with good game design in all facets quests are no exception because they can't get away from their "grind down the player to force them to spend money at all costs" mentality so they add crafting to the quests which in warframe means unneeded wasted time, they are obsessed with delusions of their game mode quality so they think they can just copy paste the same general mechanics over and over and just add a few new hoops or reskin the old ones and it will all be fine,
  3. Oh it's not my first time, i didn't buy Equinox, this is just next level ridiculous for a thing that should have been added free with no costs to replace selling frames for credits, and just proves that either the people writing the Corpus are either blind to the concept of irony or really hate their employers,
  4. No, even if that was a logical counter argument it's undermined by the token system removing the limits on how much you can play, the issue is that you don't get a feeling of advancement until the entire thing is done, it's like if ranking up a frame didn't unlock any new abilities until you reached 30 then you got them all at once,
  5. I can't group, my social anxiety goes off and i end up having a break down, i got help doing a mission once to unlock a quest and was almost crying out of panic over not being able to be much help during the mission,
  6. No burn out is caused by feeling the need to do it non stop because there is no break point, you cant't relax and enjoy any part of the process until you are done with the entire thing because it consumes standing to rank up so spending it on anything else until you have already reached max rank is inefficient so you push and push to try and reach a point where you can finally buy things without it setting back your game state,
  7. Despite what this buggy website insists on saying i am not rank 7 i'm rank 19, i am fully aware of how bad the game is much of the time, but nthis is 15K i shouldn't need because all items avaiable at the new rank should be options for the rank up bonus and even if not that this costs almost 1/3rd of the cost of ranking up, having rank ups cost standing already disrupts the flow of things and encourages a very strict rushdown mentality that causes burnout, on content,
  8. the first time you are ready to sell a frame to make room for a new one is also the first time you should have it up and ready to go, if the devs carted about gameplay half as much as plat sales and puffing up their login numbers that's how it would go,
  9. Bounties are the worst part of the entire open world experience forcing players into them is a terrible design, especially with how buggy and poorly made the deimos ones are, and it also involves listening to Otak which is grinding enough when turning in a few minerals to him, just blegh, i don't know why i ever expect anything but the worst from this game,
  10. 15K standing is to much for anything in this faction let alone a core piece of game play the devs decided to shove behind another arbitrary grind, i had to waste 44K just to rank up the segment should be an option or the standing shouldn't be spent on the rank up,
  11. Nerfs aren't the answer the entire combat model needs to be stripped down and rebuilt otherwise it's always just going to be a matter of smashing numbers into each other to kill before you die in 3 hits or really annoying puzzles, Armor needs to go period, and just be replaced with flat % damage reductions, puncture/impact/slash need to just be rolled into physical damage Hybrid elements need to just combine the resistances of their components, Weapons need to have damage normalized across them, a tenno running the starter gear should be able to keep pace with a late game p
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