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  1. This test is teaching you the value of Enemy Radar/Enemy Sense/Vigilante Pursuit and patience. Out of those, the hardest one is to obtain is patience.
  2. Personally, I think the rewards are fine and will remain relevant for the majority of players. Void Storms have the following: Radiant relic drops High source of Void traces Regular RJ mission rewards including POI Large source of endo Granted they can be 2-3x longer than regular missions so the void traces amounts are somewhat comparable. A void storm mission in the veil has a 50% chance for 100 traces when you take into account the relics, which is on top of the traces received from cracking a relic. Also consider that you're hitting 3-4 different farms at the sam
  3. My small wishlist: Transference in/out client side Ability to separately keybind bullet jump/void dash/slide attack Mods for amps/operators Reworked focus trees Better balanced utility, no more infinitely scaling buffs (looking at you void strike) Allow us to multi school (outside of waybounds), with bonus benefit for the school with the most points in Add warframe passive energy regeneration to Void Syphon waybound. Alternatively gives warframes 2.5 energy/sec passive after unlocking focus and allow Void Syphon to also scale warframe rege
  4. Prime variants aside, this is no different to farming octavia neuroptics (rot c survival deimos). However the drop chance is half that of octavia's (10.53% vs 22.56%). If they had it at the same drop rate as octavia and rebalanced the Vidar part droprate for rot c to 11.58% each, this would be in a much better place. The main annoyance is less the railjack portion or the fact that it is rot c defense, but rather the corpus ship defense map has lots of random pathing that really slows down the enemy wave, compared to corpus ship interception which is on the same map layout but doesn't suff
  5. With the huge restriction on corpus crewships per mission (compared to grineer RJ), it's greatly time consuming farming for any weapons outside of zetki of which zetki tend to be preferred due to the high burst damage. What I would like to suggest is clearing a yellow point of interest spawns 1 additional crewship with a small (5-10%) chance for a 2nd extra spawn. The drop rate won't need to change, but just having a shot at an additional crewship would give extra incentive to clear a yellow POI even if it's not a mission objective
  6. The more I play around and think about it, the more I feel as though Flush Heat Sinks should be the rank 10 gunnery intrinsic. With the exception of the unreleased command rank 10, all of the other rank 10's are an active ability of some sort. Reflex Aim is useful, regardless of the heat or not, however making it available earlier in gunnery would greatly improve the experience of console players, of which it is my understanding that warframe's aim assist is rather poor for railjack. What I would suggest is to make Reflex Aim rank 6 (reduce to 2s lead time), Cold Trigger to rank 9 (grants
  7. Not an issue for solo players. They do plenty fine as is without those mods, assuming you don't park your RJ in a silly spot.
  8. Type: In-game Description: Kubrodon Echo-Lure missing from conservation gear wheel. Visual: Reproduction: Load into orb vallis, equip the tranq rifle, hold 2 to open echo lure gear wheel Expected result: All echo-lures available to select Observed result: All lures except for kudrodon available Reproduction rate: Always. Other notes: Selling and rebuying the lure does not fix the issue, neither does switching from regular to steel path mode, or directly loading into orb vallis from orbiter or via fortuna elevator.
  9. TYPE: In-game, Railjack management UI DESCRIPTION: The new zetki weapons don't appear if the zetki house filter is applied. VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Open up Railjack Armaments UI, change filter from "all" to "zetki". EXPECTED RESULT: All zetki weapons and applicable wreckages show OBSERVED RESULT: Only the original zetki weapons appear REPRODUCTION RATE: Always
  10. Bugs aside, I think this has gone in the right direction. The backdrops and environments for Neptune and Pluto are simply gorgeous. People might harp on about various things, but the artistic team did a really good job. Mission pacing vs rewards feels slightly off compared to the rest of the game. You're doing a 10min (or higher) mission, for a 5min reward. Sure you have the side caches during railjack, but considering you can skip some of this it's still drawn out. Additionally, either someone missed a couple of 00's, or they forgot to touch the remainder drops for asterite - 5 for the o
  11. Only a couple of suggestions/wishlist so far: Forward Artillery - pilot NPC should be lining up if a player is in the FA cannon Secondary objectives - pilot/gunner should line up to destroy radiators etc Secondary role - ability to set a secondary role provided it is max rank (5 stars), attach to the respec or 3rd competency point intrinsic. If no objectives on the primary role, switches to the second role. Consider adding a command gear wheel with associated hotkey for commanding the crew. Right now there's a lot of excessive movement - open tactical menu, figure out the
  12. Couple of bugs relating to the conversion/migration to the new railjack. Type: In game, railjack mission Description: Railjack moving at default speed regardless of the equipped engined prior to patch. Fix/workaround: Re-equip engine Type: In game, plexis, railjack mission Description: Previously max valenced zetki mk3 reactor no longer at maxed values after patch conversion. Fix/Workaround: N/A - currently farming for more reactors to valence back to max. A snapshot of my account prior to patch could be looked at perhaps.
  13. Considering they buffed gun damage, I'd not jump to knee-jerk reaction/conclusions for Hyperstrike specifically. Gun damage would need to be increased by ~26% for the damage to remain the same as it is now with that reduced %, though I would think it would be more. Until the patch drops, we won't know how much they buffed them. However the other mods we briefly saw tooltips for, had the power roughly the same to what they are currently.
  14. The difference is that the current avionic grid increases the rank of the avionic without increasing the drain, combined with your reactor pick determines your avionic capacity. They've kept the avionic power the same and added roughly the grid rank to the mod rank, but also looked to have kept drain similar to existing mods on our other gear. 1 or 2 forma will get your same loadout. But then again with all of the changes, you might not even need that for an effective build - especially in a squad.
  15. Possibly. Don't forget the minor breaches are completely removed. Not that anyone uses it now, but there's a mod that reduces revolite usage by 25%. As for the modding system and roles, you can probably be highly specialized in 2 roles, simply because there isn't enough integrated mods for a single role right now. I've got a fairly generic railjack build as is, which would cover all roles for solo play fairly well, but also still be effective in a group (basically speed/boost, turret damage/heat, FA cheap shot) - I don't think that would change all that much in terms of effectiveness with
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