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  1. DE said Teshin would have a rotated reward from the start. It's like people saw Umbra for sale and lost their minds, ignoring the fact that it was stated the rewards would rotate and people on the test cluster could only buy the 1. 1 umbra every 8 weeks is much more generous that I thought they would offer. I was expecting 3-4 months.
  2. Personally, I'd like only like a single simple tweak on Mind Control to be considered baseline for her kit. Apart from maybe a slight range increase on her absorb, or number of bolts fired by psychic bolts to scale with strength. Mind Control - After the invulnerable conversion phase, Nyx gains a % of the target's base defenses whilst they are mind controlled. With the % multiplied by power strength and again by the final damage multiplier. Subsumed Mind Control - reduced % of the above. This encourages active gameplay to ensure you can get the best out of it - selecting light u
  3. I disagree on this. The helminth system will be the biggest shake up in how we build our frames. Right now, in the majority of cases, when people optimize they build for 2 or maybe 3 abilities out of 4 (depending on the frame) with a handful of frames that can successfully utilize all 4 at the same time. This lets us swap out the ability that our build ignores, and lets us replace it with something that can actually be useful for the stats we've prioritized. Depending on the ability picked, we may end up changing how we focus our prioritization on stats. Abilities don't need to be at the
  4. Don't do it this week Recover it next week ??? Profit Deimos, Xata, plus new weapons etc are coming out next week. Use it then.
  5. This has made my day. It took me the better part of 4 months to get Harrow Systems, and I've been on the fence debating if I should try again for subsuming or just wait a year for his prime, simply because I dread at the thought of attempting to farm it solo again. Defection is a game mode that really needs to be updated to something much more engaging (with better pathfinding for the escorts), or at the very least switch to endless C rotations (AABCCCCCC etc) or perhaps a disruption styled reward mechanic to make it more bearable. Just my 2 cents.
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