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  1. There are mods that are highly sought after (primed etc) There are strong mods that often appear in loadouts (streamline, intensify etc) There are situational mods that are dependent on your build (corrupted mods, adaptation etc) goals. There are average mods that are fairly standard use (redirection, stretch, vitality) There are weak mods which rarely see use in regular play. The weak mods either have very niche uses, or are there as a teaching mechanic both for how modding works, but also how mods interact with the game's mechanics and stats. And if you've already learnt modding, then it's an alternative source of endo. You can have content that caters towards the lesser used mods, but you can't have every mod in the game being equally valuable. Mods in this game are mechanically similar to a collectible card game. As such, it's no surprise that there's a sizable chunk of mods (cards) that aren't very useful.
  2. Thank you for Fortuna. It's really fun. My questions: Regarding mining, how has the success rate changed with the new mining mechanics and what are your thoughts on the mining resource income rate with these changes? Are there any improvements in the works for Cetus Bounties, specifically the Fortuna mechanic of bonus rewards/rep for completing the bounty under a defined condition (time limit etc)? Can we have a Fortuna color palette? Pretty please. Has Fortuna met your expectations and how has it's release compared to Cetus/PoE; such as bugs, economy, grind, quality of life, and player uptake. What has the player base surprised you so far in Fortuna? Have you considered hooking riven disposition to automatically adjust to a players own used weapon statistics?
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