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  1. Thank you for Fortuna. It's really fun.

    My questions:

    • Regarding mining, how has the success rate changed with the new mining mechanics and what are your thoughts on the mining resource income rate with these changes?
    • Are there any improvements in the works for Cetus Bounties, specifically the Fortuna mechanic of bonus rewards/rep for completing the bounty under a defined condition (time limit etc)?
    • Can we have a Fortuna color palette? Pretty please.
    • Has Fortuna met your expectations and how has it's release compared to Cetus/PoE; such as bugs, economy, grind, quality of life, and player uptake.
    • What has the player base surprised you so far in Fortuna?
    • Have you considered hooking riven disposition to automatically adjust to a players own used weapon statistics?

  2. 3 hours ago, LSG501 said:

    Because restricting us to one 'high level' thing per hour kind of defeats the point of giving us 'high level' content....not to mention not everyone is going to be able to dedicate 'hours' onto a mission due to having real life things which have to be considered.

    The missions are endless, by their nature you can't speed run but you can decide how long you want to go. People wanted high level content and incentive to stay longer in endless, this addresses both. If you want to efficiently farm for the mods, you'll stay in for 1-3 C rotations (30-50mins), with time to spare to do other things. If you don't have the time to do a rotation C run, then having the limit of 1 alert per hour isn't going to matter.

    And if you're an endurance runner, then the 1 alert per hour and alert rewards are largely irrelevant because what you're focusing on is largely bragging rights (aka how far can you go).

  3. 19 minutes ago, Miser_able said:

    What do you mean by finish the star chart? Unlock on planets, or complete every mission node? 

    It's finish every mission node. If you check your in game stats, it will tell you how many nodes you've completed vs how many nodes there are. 

  4. 27 minutes ago, LSG501 said:

    Yeah they said that in a stream a while back iirc, it still doesn't actually change anything other than a tiny increase in the drop chance of the mods we'll be after, it is still primarily endo/ayatan, just larger amounts.... in all honesty though based on that drop table it will be more efficient to just do rotation a and restart imo. 

    It's still an alert that spawns on the hour, for an hour, with an extraction reward on completion. 

    Once you've extracted at rotation a, why do you expect to immediately be able to repeat it again without waiting an hour for the next mission rotation?

    I highly doubt they would let you earn 6 reward tokens per hour. The arbiter vendor costs would be drastically higher if that were the case.

  5. My questions:

    • Frost Umbra when? Pleeeeeeaaaaaassssseeee <3 He's frozen and buried under a tonne of ice on Pluto and Alad V is looking for him. You know you want to.
    • Can riven disposition be properly looked at? We've got meta weapons that are fairly decent baseline, but are broken with high riven dispositions.
    • Damage type rework - why is slash damage (specifically the slash bleed proc dealing finisher damage) still the best damage type against all enemies regardless of armour type.
    • Group and host improvements, what benifits did the recent upgrades do (sans capacity upgrade for switch release)

  6. 4 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    As a final point, we are making these changes because the linearity and complete lack of customization of the system is starting to show its age. We've made it only slightly more flexible while still respecting the core need to login frequently. Personalization is a huge part of Warframe and we think that this changes the Daily Tribute system to better reflect that. With the new track milestones, we're hoping each Tenno will have a reason to look forward to those 50 day logins.

    So stay tuned all, hopefully this clarifies the current plan!

    I like all of these changes although it doesn't quite address the sheer amount of logins required for newer accounts. Not being able to trade weapons/mods is ok, as it'll stop extra accounts being created purely for the purpose of earning these items faster.

    I would like to make two different suggestions that approaches the login tribute differently:

    • Have a 48hr weekend alert every 2 months or so that adds days to your current track so that your next login finishes the track. This reduces the number of logins required slightly at the expense of receiving resources from the daily tribute, and you can disable/hide the alert for accounts that are within 150 days of the current daily login maximum value. At 2 months (60 days, 50 min logins) a player could gain the equivalent of 100 days. There's still a significant amount of time before you'd catch up to within 150 days of the maximum.
    • Turn the daily login system into a weekly alert (similar to Clem, ayatan sculpture hunt). Significantly increase and reward a mix of items (have 4 drop tables and grant a reward from each table). Every x completions of the alert is a rotation and allows the player to pick a reward (rotation a = sigil/resource packs, b = mods, c = weapons).
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  7. 8 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    The Sacrifice is now replayable!  2 new original quest songs have been added to the Somachord from the Sacrifice soundtrack. You can find and scan the Fragments by re-playing the quest! 

    • These Somachord Fragments must be scanned in mission order from beginning to end in order to collect them all. If you miss one in mission 3 (for example) you can replay the quest and begin your search at mission 3 instead of back at mission 1. 


    Doesn't look to be a 100% spawn rate in each mission. Going by some other users the 6th mission has at least 3 spawn locations, but you only need 5 scans total.


  8. 17 minutes ago, SaintSigmaX said:


    • Fixed Teralyst fight session not locking after the first Synovia has been destroyed when not in the Teralyst Hunt Bounty.

    I need clarification on this. Does this mean we can't kill the eidolons if we don't have the bounty?

    A locked session is simply "objective complete", which prevents players from joining the mission.

    During an Eidolon fight you'd not be able to join if a limb had been killed (ie: objective complete), although clearly there was a bug that allowed it. Also sounds like this rule might be more lax if using the bounty matchmaking.

  9. On 2/3/2018 at 4:33 AM, [DE]Connor said:

    Vex Armor - Fixed a longstanding issue with number calculation being multiplicative. Boosts now apply before upgrades instead of after, making the ability consistent with all other damage boosting abilities. Overshields are now considered for Vex Armor. Chroma's Vex Armor remains one of the top performing damage-multipliers in the game - and it's now an aura! Instead of just being focused on Chroma, it can now benefit allies in range.

    Is the self-damage to buff Vex armor staying, if so then why? As far as I can tell, it's the only self damage to buff ability that is remaining in the game. Iron Skin and Bless both used to work with self-damage and were adjusted.

    Why not remove the self-damage and have the buff start at an appropriate figure with damage taken scaling the ability by a further 40% (as an example)? This would maintain the damage taken scaling aspect whilst removing the self-damage portion.

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  10. Relatively new player here, but I have some questions:

    - Echoing other players on the desire to see older primes be graphically updated to be more in line with the standards of newer released primes. Is this on the table?

    - I simply adore the Lua tileset. Are there plans to utilise this tileset more? :)

    - Are there plans to implement a colorblind mode through a toggled setting? (I'm not, but a friend is).

    - Can blueprints in the foundry include a mastery icon if we have already maxed that weapon?

    Thanks for the great game :)

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