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  1. I wish you walk into apple store with camera and try to "bargain" with seller and use camera to record expression on faces of surrounding you ppl i wish to see how would they look at smart person like you
  2. So you go to shop you see lets say t-shirt you like but it costs too much and you go to shop owner to tell him "hey this t-shirt is to expensive sell it to me for 1/5 of the initial price"? I have no funny joke here im just trying to imagine how shop owner struggle to look at u as on serious person
  3. If i was able just by playing few hours per day where its mostly around 2 hours Imagine someone farming it 6 hours straight per day which would be around maybe idk 400+ now If we consider someone playing 10h per day or even more till end of the event getting 1k forma would not be impossible I mean it would not be hard to achieve that number farming like that yet it would be hard to last that long just to have 1k forma But on other hand 1 event to not care about forma for rest of ur gameplay life? I think thats worthy trade off
  4. Since it started i farmed 150 and i think i hit my limit of being lectured from MR 15 players And i dont play more than few hours per day But i see already ppl that sit on each time of day i log in on recruit chat looking for ppl for 10 straight runs and most likely repeating it 1 after another So i bet most efficient players will run away with 500+ formas Ulta hardcore ppl could manage to pull 1k forma but that is like die hard
  5. We are playing bloody warframe Only demons we care about are behind RNG
  6. I know its like i want this because i dont have it and ow that would be better reward since its more rare But its more rare only because you are not getting it And here is something that should help you the issue and why so many ppl try to correct you with your argument Go to idk region chat or Q&A chat whatever Ask ppl are they excited that baro comes next friday and then ask do they think something good and then ask what is your play time And i can bet with you for all my plat that most common answer from players who play long enough will be "yes, primed disappointment. 1-2 years or more" Let that set the tone for your approach to rewards
  7. Oh no i do get you But lets put it this way You get for example primed target cracker instead of control modules or anything else And how many primed target crackers you need to get before it will become junk for you? Look im L1 i dont go to dojo for less than 200 plat Its not because plat is worth nothing its just because i play long enough for it to lose any value for me Because i know i cant buy new frame or weapon primed or not when it came out because all new stats would look for me like buy it max it out and im done with the update Not much gameplay from each update would be left for me Only thing i can buy for plat is like more weapon warframe etc slots MAYBE some accessories And exactly the same will happen to any1 with any kind of rewards If we get like idk 50k kuva as reward yeah it will be useful but only to some extend where we start to swim in kuva and it will become junk to us I do get your idea is about WHAT we get as reward and not how much we have it But that is mostly determined by how much of it we have and what we can do with it I got like 1m endo do you think getting from bounty sortie or whatever 1 endo or 100k endo would make any difference? Even if 100k would look nicer Hell imagine what i feel when i get legendary fusion core from sortie while i have 4? Most rare item you can get from sortie Well sad its its not something else since i dont have any mods i could use it on i have so much endo its even pointless to use it and i wont sell it since its not worth for me to get rid of it just to get plat while i have 24k which i cant spend because nothing i buy is rewarding to me Trust me i do understand you and your idea but problem is whatever we would get even if it would be rewarding at some point it just wont after some period of time/getting it Better example lich and sister and ephemeras They are only good if you get them at 1st time (i mean if you want them for yourself) but after that you are disappointed if you get the same one If drop rates would be better for that ephemeras prices of them would drop and it would not be worth to even farm liches and sisters for them and they would quickly become junk Think about it for a moment But yeah i give you that getting like 50 endo for doing a mission is like getting kick in the nuts for doing ur work it just FEEL beyond humiliating
  8. And my point was Just think how many life strikes or quickening mods u would need to get to miss vitality? How many before you come back here with same problem saying it should be something else than life strike and quickening? Because trust me i get your idea and it sounds cool on paper but eventually everything becomes junk once you have enough of it
  9. Maybe it will be December 1st but for sure for some it will be 2035
  10. Because you are player not developer You dont need to be concern for populating missions you only care to progress Because if we are talking about being able to trade player to player Now imagine if we dont need to buy kuva for SE or do kuva siphons and floods or kuva survivals If we could trade any other resources for it Who would be farming it? Higher MR players who swim in many different resources? Or maybe low MR players who need that resources and that would be best option for them to get it Which would result in making content island for lower MR players and higher who would farm only most demanded resources? If we talk about player to npc/market trades Then again ppl would not do stuff they are not happy with like for some it would be not going for argon crystals while others for orokin cells and so go on They would go for other content leaving content which they can avoid un-populated And like with weapons golden rule THERE ALWAYS WILL BE META Or to put it simple imagine you want to revive PVP in warframe and what you do? You give worthy rewards for participating in PVP But then you also give option for players to buy all PVP rewards for rewards from other activities And puff you just killed PVP before you even revived it Believe me i wish for a system where i can unfairly trade 1 resource to another but there is a reason why we dont have it
  11. Ow that is something i wish to see That alone would solve so many issues for us But would create content islands for others Just to be clear i really wish for it to happen but here is why it wont I dont like animal capture i dont do it its stupid for me and absolute mistake of this game Yet i want NW standing and when there is act with 6 perfect animal captures i will break myself but i will do it Imagine if ppl like me could just avoid it to get NW standing? I would pay 2x plat or any resource worth of that standing And many players also and now imagine if we could pay for X resource with Y resources For some players it would mean completely avoiding some content/farming which i bet no dev would care for us to be possible Thats why its more profitable for us to buy boosters and go farm crap we need rather than buy that crap from market Like GL buying cryotic for Sibear
  12. Im pretty sure it is Since look what happened to Arcane Grace I remember when 1 piece was worth around 200-300 plat while now its 50 There are many different things we could get as bounty reward but nothing would prevent us from not giving a F*** after we get enough of it And unless im missing the point idea in warframe is to make constant progress and not like "ow i farmed THIS whole day now i wont need to bother with it for a year" Trust me i wish to get other stuff or in higher quantity as rewards just like any player who value his time and effort But at the same time i perfectly understand why we have F2P game and why drop tables look like they look But if you still think i pulled straw man argument then please by all means i wish to hear what kind of change to rewards you would propose? Just keep in mind this is free to play game with well business model you most likely understand + some of play like 2 hours per day while others 8 per day while some 4 per week Just dont forget to make rewards fair for everyone GL ;)
  13. Lets put a little bit logic into your question When i need to waste control modules on something i really dont care how much and for what it is just because i dont need them for anything and if i would i could just go farm them But other side of the story is imagine NOT getting control modules from bounties lets say WE ALL are getting primed mods from bounties like left and right Could you fatom how cheap primed mods would become? Like ppl giving them away for free like we now give vitality for free if someone asks for it on chat And because we are getting primed mods and not control modules imagine how many players would need to go actually farm them to craft some crap That is same case as for sortie rewards There wont be any good rewards from repeatable activities because EVERYONE will fast get to the point where they will swim in that rewards Thats why only logical option is to have resources as rewards since you are populating bounty squads or sortie squads instead of sitting on 1 node and farming that resources u need so much If you care to expand the idea go check how much legendary fusion core sells for in warframe market Now imagine each player get 1 core per week and try to guess what would be price of it then Id bet MAYBE 5 plat AT BEST (since amount of mods on which you would even bother to waste it is so limited) So in the end lets be happy with what we have Because well lets face it we all know how King Midas ended up
  14. IDK if its still a thing but when i died in 1st two plague stars trough the last stage i was getting less standing
  15. I wish this would be a thing Not because it would fix anything since it would not But just so i can direct any1 who had phone call or toilet brake or door bell while in sanctuary and got penalized, straight up to YOU so they know who to blame
  16. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  17. I got friend who get vastilok maxed it out then he sold it Does that count?
  18. You test speed when your problem is random connectivity? Its like checking if water flow at all when it gets stuck sometimes Unplug your routers power supply for at least 10 secs And make sure router have no dust in it Like try to blow into it with ur mouth (no point intended) just to make sure its dust free inside Since what you describe dont sound like your internet is slowing down but its starting to choke when is in more intense situation I would also clean inside of your PC from dust just to be sure Especially heat sinks and power supply
  19. Technically just because you stand in certain place and 1 person is teleporting to that spot with toxin does not make you do something against the rules Same as force spawning vomvalysts on eidolon hunts (unless its patched didnt do them in a long time) We could argue that rescuing prisoner on plains (where he fallows you) could fall under bug abusing if you just wait at destination point or tele there with AW But then again i think we had in EULA something about using any in game features to make game dont work as intended and getting advantages because of that is bug abusing But then again we have case with 3rd party auto clickers and stuff where its not prohibited while you still can get banned for it Anyway this is definition of exploit and example of for what you could get banned Where you use something you can do to do something you should not be able to do
  20. No i were looking on how much impact it gives and and stropha is like pure impact so i was like wtf every shot should strip armor Problem is i didnt even consider vastilok is shotgun I even marked ranged attack IPS
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