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  1. Better question is, cant you stack it with aviator?
  2. Because it was the best way they could think to try and make people play failjack.
  3. Maybe it might be more interesting if they had more than two missions for you to grind forever.
  4. -Good Models and textures look nice. -Bad Failjack gets you more credits then the actual fun half of the game system. The Bonus system doesn't even work correctly. -Ugly DE once again lied about how the mechanics of the update would work, "Squad Link" is just a leader board of names and you can just send kill codes to yourself.
  5. "Relatively lower profits"? Do you know what "loss" means, man? It means Warframe didn't make them any money, it cost them money. 2019 Cost DE's parent company money to keep them in business, and do you really see anything in 2020 that would cause you to open up your wallet and throw money at DE? Because I sure don't.
  6. Well the one thing they said that it does, connect a team in real time to another team doing another mission, isnt true. Instead it seems like the game takes people that do a ground mission and put their name into a reference table. Then when a kill code is received by the RJ team it picks names from that reference table. Basically the interactions between the squads is the same as looking at the kill code leader board.
  7. Also they buried the fact that "Squad Link" isn't really a thing. The game just puts your name into a list which is sent to the Railjack team. Some people have gotten killcodes from themselves when they switch from ground to Railjack. There is zero immediate, meaningful interaction between the ground mission and the railjack mission. They just made a new type of Extractor mission for this update.
  8. Some people have done ground team missions, then done a railjack mission, and ended up getting a kill code form themselves. The whole "squad link" is a scam. Ground team player names are just put into a waiting list, and then sent out in order to a railjack team. There is zero immediate meaningful interaction between the two sides.
  9. And it only took them three years to do it, and meanwhile the actual content is just as poorly made as it ever was.
  10. Is this not just the No Mans Sky discussion over again? DE, like any company with a product, is at fault for releasing information on a product without knowing if it even will function they way they say. Players are at fault for taking what they are shown at face value instead of not trusting the people who are only interested in your money. DE hasn't done anything to make me think anything they talk about or show will actually function in any way that they say it will. In fact it would be best to assume that anything they show, like any movie trailer, is as worst a lie and at best will simply be broken upon delivery.
  11. It's pretty simple, DE just did what it always does, completely drop the previous "game changing" stuff and do something new that is just as insulated as the last thing.
  12. Because weapons that I used never had self damage but now they cause knockdown. Digital Extremes, one step forward two steps back, and then another step back for good measure.
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