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  1. 3 hours ago, CarrotKebab said:

    The Venari fixes are wonderful and I'm glad Khora is slowly becoming a functional and fun frame as a result of the last few patches, but after playing a little more with khora and running around in survival; Venari's healing is great and there's no denying it. The issue is with the cats AI and getting stuck EVERYWHERE. I've had him stuck in a door way, stuck in the middle of an open room, stuck on a very slight curbing, and generally just not following commands. When placing the heal marker on myself which by the wiki's terms means " Revitalize will not deactivate and Venari will not stop following its target until the mark is removed." Just isn't happening. Venari tends to follow for a while then just bunker down for the long haul in one spot until death. Swapping commands and selecting targets doesn't seem to snap the poor kitty out of his fever dreams and it effectively removes Venari from play for as long as he can survive, which happens to be quite a while with that healing. Its not game breaking but its definitely annoying when you're reliant on the heals to keep going at higher levels. 

    I hope that makes enough sense if there's any need for clarification please let me know! 😎

    I'm having the same problem.

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