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  1. Will add the changes to True Punishment, Amalgalm Ripkas when noted when the changes happen.
  2. I've gone thorugh many whole missions where no matter how much and how many things I use petrify on. He either doesnt create rubble, or the rubble doesnt do anything. Not add to his armor, doesnt heal his health, nothing. At rare random missions it would work as expected. But more often than not, most missions seem to not create any rubble. even the rubble from an expired rumbler doesnt even add to him or do anything. Makes self healing and armor gaining impractical as its a toss up it even works, and becomes critical issue in higher level missions.
  3. I dont think it is intended to use ciphers. As similar mods like the one for companion moas that allows them to hack things for you dont use ciphers.
  4. Added the above and other sources for the persisting problems with Weeping Wounds, Blood Rush and Gladiator set efffect.
  5. Thats not really a bug with auto breach, thats a bug with spy consoles in general. as I've ran into that a few times, and I dont even have auto breach.
  6. Added Regen and Primed Regen apparently no longer working
  7. Well when you in archwing. Your pet becomes inactive anyway. So it hardly matters functionally anyway.
  8. My navigator map has labelss and the lich territories off centered from the planets. It doesnt correct until you zoom in on a planet and then back out. https://gyazo.com/b5c5359d9e1e69dd15fdcf0fcfdfd324
  9. I can confirm this as well. At a random point during a mission Im unable to extract health orbs anymore.
  10. Added Amalgum Ripkas True Steel not being boosted like the other True Steel mods have been recently.
  11. Vauban: Tesla Nervos Problems: The tap cast ability seems sort of pointless, where you have no reason to do it, when you're better off with 4 in a full cast. Theres no single reason to cast 1 tesla. In addition, the teslas seem to get lost or stuck in the terrain very easily. Can go through a mission still having 4 tesla nervos out, but be no where in sight. Which kind of defeats the purpose of them following you. Potential Solution: Have the single tap, be like the old tesla grenades. Where they stick in place and just shock things in a group that come by. Weaker in power to the charged version of 4, but able to affect more than one at a time. To give some variance and a reason to cast a single tesla. Have the teslas teleport to Vauban when he goes too far away from them, sort of how companions do but a bit more consistently. Minelayer Problems 1: Tesla Coil is at the moment, a weaker and less interesting power than the old trip wire. The limit of 2 enemies no matter what kine of neuters the usability of the power. As you're fighitng hordes of enemies usually. And tieing two up will honestly not make a difference. and its a power thats just a one and done. You throw it, it catches 2 enemies. And thats it for it. The enemies stay entangled until either kill them or it expires. but only 2. If they are killed, then thats just it for it. Old Trip wire was superior in my opinion. As it cut off an entire doorway, by tripping up enemies (save for nullifiers) and pretty much keeps them there, outside the odd one or two that managed to slip past and you know when enemies triggered it, cause you see 0 damage numbers at the sight. Potential Solution 1: I would say just bring back Trip Wire and upgrade that. Make it do slashing damage on enemies or something that get caught in it or add a sticky component to like Tesla coil, where if any enemies somehow get passed, they're like latched to it, so they're tugged back from going too far from it. This would make it sort of a fusion between the old Trip Wire and the current Tesla Coil. Problems 2: Speed Pad is just a side ways bounce pad, but without.. pretty much anything else going for it. Its very impractical, because it has a cooldown/delay between able to be activated again. And it doesnt even boost you far. Potential Solution 2: I think something simple like adding a speed buff duration after stepping on the speed pad will help. Even make it apply to enemies. And remove the delay in activation. Since it has limited uses anyway and the base duration slightly longer, since its ment to be a multi purpose trap. Ember General Problems 1: Ember seems pretty fine and fun for the most part. However she does seem to gain heat pretty fast. Even without using fire ball, or her meteor ability with just her immolate on. She seems to gain heat rather fast. Potential Solutions 1: Just lower down her passive heat generation while immolation is up just a tad. Problems 2: Its the fact that Ember is not passively/natively resistant to heat damage. It should really be part of her passive, even more since she literally sets herself on fire all the time and now that her passive is different. This is actually my biggest complain I've had with Ember (and the other main elemental warframes by extension) Potential Solutions 2: Ember should have some sort of heat damage resistance as part of her passive by now. (I can see why it would work with her old passive, as her old passive she gained energy when hit with heat damage, so reducing that damage reduces the effectiveness of that passive). But now even more it seems like that should just be part of her natively. It theres anything in all of the cosmos that makes sense, its that Ember should be natively resistant to heat damage. Not even immune, just resistant to it. By extension I would say this for all the main elemental frames Like Frost and Mag and Volt. But Ember is the most especially keen one. As it makes the most sense functionally and in lore. Not many enemies currently use elemental damage, but that shouldnt deter from the flavor.
  12. Added another source explaining what is up with adaption mod.
  13. Because thats not its max rank. The max rank for them is 40, and goes up each time you use forma. Just like paracesis.
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