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  1. Everything you just mentioned, is in the same arguments that some are doing against hydroid. Other warframes do same thing better, which is more apparent since he's hard made for one role, where Hydroid isnt made to be a particular role but a versatile role. I wont get too much into frost, cause this is a discussion of hydroid. But much the same problem with hydroid is more so for Frost, cause they suffer from the same effect, thier kits being from an old era.
  2. Hydroid is not as bad as some people are making him out to be. I dont think he needs a full rework but some tweaks/adjustments to tighten up his kit and possibly fuse some redundant similar powers. Some I proposed here: I'd be more inclined for Frost to have a rework than Hydroid. Not that Frost is bad, but his kit is far more outdated than Hydroids including his augments.
  3. I am unable to subsume Wisp, the option to subsume is not available for her, and I have not subsumed Breach Surge before. https://gyazo.com/474b97aa4d346ce1df55eb79ffab328e in the gif, i am sitting in the hemlith chair as wisp, scrolling through all my subsumes, it also shows I am rank 10 in hemlith.
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