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  1. Thats pretty much my synopsis too in my post. it really does feel like alot of these changes are changes for the sake of changing, and removing alot of the complexity that was the initial draw of railjack to begin with. The actual content we're getting is great (thats mostly what wanted to begin with) but alot of the core things with railjack was fine. I dont know why they sought needed to make such drastic changes to how the railjack works. some qol change like repositioning the guns, the boost stamina being gone and the like would have been fine.
  2. Right here in 2018 showcase during fortuna. Right out in orb vallis. Transitioned right from orb vallis into space.
  3. They literally had a show case of railjack initially before it came out, being exactly that.
  4. Pretty much echo'd my concerns too. I agree with pretty much all of this. It also echos alot of my friends I've brought to warframe to play railjack.
  5. It honestly really wasnt that complicated. It was actually, about the same if not more intuitive than initial modding from when first starting warframe out. the actual core of the problem is, warframe doesnt do tutorials or explains anything to you. And thats not a problem with railjack but with warframe as a whole since the beginning.
  6. I pretty much echo some of that in my post too. In the end alot of this was change for the sake of change and brings little to the actual fundamentals, if not lessened what was appealing about the fundamentals to begin with.
  7. Thank you. it had to be said. I feel very strongly about this.
  8. Im kinda in your mindset in that too. Thats something I discussed after the dev stream with some people too. I would perfer that as well. Though Im far more concerned with alot of other things they've changed for the sake of simplification and pretty much getting rid of alot of the complexity that was the initial draw of railjack to begin with.
  9. Okay I feel the need to put my input here, as someone who was looking forward to railjack the most out of all the updates, and all the friends I got to play who also like it. This really waay oversimplifies railjack, it really gets rid of the things that made initially love it, by homonogizing it. When we wanted it to be more linked to the rest of the game, this wasnt what ment, not mechanically, but in a manner that you can take railjack to for instance, manually fly towards a place to do missions or something on the way, or have more mission types incorperated into it. Alot of the dist
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