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  1. Ma - Would ya'll just look at that beautiful grass the neighbors planted over there... Ain't it just the greenest thing you ever seen? My, my, my.... I do declare! You know what, maybe we aughta plant us some of that grass too, ya think? Pa - Oh honey dearest maybe we aughta wait ta see how it do in the summer heat.... Ma - Nope, I'ma plant some richeer in the livin room, I mean its so green how could it be bad? Pa - Well honey dearest it does say EA on it...
  2. Its not cheating. No, they wheren't turning in points, that doesn't make anyone a leach either. Typical play in the index usually comes down to.. A - Carry - People bring a tank to pick up everything that drops and turn in once they reach 15 or 20 base count B - Kill - People show up on a DPS frame to quickly kill enemies, they usually take a solitary position on the map and keep an area clear C - Both - Some people show up to Kill and Carry I don't look down on the killers any more than I'd look down on the tanks for being too tanky. All 3 of those methods are viable and contribute to the games success in the index. If anyone wants to put up an argument saying it leans heavier one way or another I'd say you're just inexperienced and haven't been in there long enough to see all 3 versions play out pretty much equally. I have. There are other less used methods like using Ash or invis frames to avoid being targeted. While these methods can work great as well I'd say some of them where a little less fair to group play as it makes the visible frames the center of attention, maybe attention they don't necessarily want to own. I wouldn't call this guy standing still in one place a cheater or say they aren't contributing to play any more than I would say a Mesa doing the exact same thing is cheating. Its just how the index is played. Duality Equinox can do the same thing. The only main difference is you see an operator standing beside the warframe that is not moving, instead of just a warframe that is not moving. Right now it just feels off because the Specter version of Umbra doesn't register the kills to the player so things just "appear" to randomly die. Its still not cheating, other frames do this, its typical index game play, and all within the bounds of how DE built Umbra. If how DE built Umbra and its specter form are an issue, I'd go post your thoughts in the Feedback > Warframes section.
  3. Her entire conversation is just strange to me. Are we meant to kill this person or help her? "Help! My kavat is stuck in a tree!" "Help! My orbiter is on fire!" "Help! My race/culture/planet/way of life is in eminent peril!" These are all things that I would careen my orbiter towards a planets surface to address. After I grabbed a ladder, a pail of water, and possibly some duct tape. and then we have... "Hey, I've wasted my entire life plotting revenge and finally carrying it out, can you relate to that? I think you and I will make beautiful music together." "Uhhh...No?" "I think you and I ended up in the same zip code by mistake..." is the general direction my response is heading. I mean why would I want to get mixed up in someone else's paranoid depravity. The Man? The System? Those are all battles she's gotta fight in her own mind, not something I wanna get mixed up in. I'm not gonna suit up Mag and go wave a banner saying "heeck no, we won't go, heeck no, we won't go" Or just go murder somebody cuz shes angry about her situation, I mean its not like all the revenge in the universe will ever fix anything. So, is the truth really nothing like this at all? I'm really interested to see where they go with it cuz if that was supposed to be a cry for help, well, shes got a funny way of asking. There is definitely no intensity in her voice. Shes trying to sell me stale bread is what shes doing, toasting it and putting a little butter on it to make it appear to be something it ain't, a little grape jelly on the side so it don't taste........WOMAN I GOT FRESH BREAD AT THE HOUSE! Getthatoffamyplate!
  4. This is my feedback. I'm not really sure if her tone was intended but that's what I'm getting from it. It doesn't seem to fit the game for me, and like I said, I'm definitely not very motivated to help her out or even discover what has her all terminally bitter. That kinda bitterness isn't something that gets fixed by pandering. Her tone is as if she is relishing in lifelong vengeance and bitterness. Vengeance isn't a cure for anything and I don't wanna help the girl further on down that dark road she has chosen. It just sounds a bit corny too, in a not so immersive way.
  5. Nora Night sounds like she runs a 3AM radio program dedicated to the smooth sounds of the golden oldies..and murder. Shes going on and on about stuff that doesn't make any sense, murders, beauty and love, all things that don't go together unless you're a psychopath. I imagine this is a pretty appropriate time to blabber on about these things as the only people awake at that hour are actually half asleep. I keep waiting for her to take a question from caller #1. Whatever is coming might very well fit into all of this and I certainly hope it does but if it doesn't come quick its going to get a bit old and more than a bit creepy quick fast in a hurry. It also, in the present, doesn't sound very much like warframe materiel. It sounds like like I was playing warframe and accidentally tuned into some strange late night radio broadcast on my scanner. I think Ordis has a screw loose again and I'm not real sure which module I need to craft in order to fix it. I'm used to the familiar tone of Ordis and the Lotus. There is always a sense of urgency without paranoia, more so with the Lotus. Very fitting for the environment. It helps keep me excited about things to come, and gives the character a sense that they aren't alone to make all the decisions themselves as there is someone else there with a competence and control. Its a matter of stability and reliance and has a necessary grounding effect before we blast off to tackle the great unknowns of space. This, Nora, has no sense of urgency, she sounds like shes bitter, been playing some sad game of life for far too long. Shes mumbling on about shallow thoughts of beauty and love when its clear she definitely has none of that in her life from all the bitter overtones. You don't talk about murders or betrayals or gasping a last breath and in the same thought bring it around to love and beauty without being a sociopath. Sounds like shes lost her mind. Shes droning on and on. I'm not really motivated to help her all that much whatever her plight may be, doesn't sound like shes got very many redeeming qualities left in her. I mean I like Ordis, hes got a bit of silliness in him despite his hard knocks life, and the Lotus, who doesn't love their mom, right? Her sense of urgency rests strongly in her desire to keep the Tenno safe. I'm sure she has motivations and aspirations about all kinds of things that we where not privy to over the last thousand years. Shes got a lot on her plate. Daddy issues, Mommy issues?, and most of the warframe universe is unaccepting of her children. That single mom definitely could use a little understanding and maybe a helping hand. (Still waiting for that one to come back around) ....but this lady... ehh, I'm still trying to figure out how to change the station to something more upbeat, I mean you think its easy to pilot this orbiter through the dark reaches of space listening to that drone on and on and onnnnnn.... Its already hard enough to keep my eyes open, what if I crash into a planet! Have you thought about that?! This is obviously premature and....it would be great if everything I wrote was misplaced. Maybe she gets moved to a daytime slot, finds herself a little ray of sunshine and an ever so slight glimmer of hope back in her life? That girl needs somethin, mhmm.
  6. A game that has not stood the test of time being used as an example of what to do with a game that has more than stood the test of time. We'll see.
  7. crud, i totally forgot to write nyx in there too :<
  8. Define tanky, taking hits well or taking no hits at all? I just ran my ember through 45 minutes of kuva survival with 1% of the damage taken by the squad, with mag and volt I can get pretty close to the same thing. Spammable stun lock builds are how I like to tank a lotta stuff. Stuns pretty much never quit scaling. I could also spend days and days in almost any mission on octavia with infinite tankiness and infinite damage scaling as long as both my connection and sanity held out. She absolutely destroys corpus missions, they do so much damage and are so accurate the ramp up time is almost instant. I like inaros and valkyr for just standing around getting beat on, but they have their limits, neither one excels with the corpus after a certain point. I have to revive too many rhinos to like him. I'd like Nidus more if the first thing they did every mission wasn't run off to some corner and hang out there forever hoarding sTaAaAaAaaaCkSsss. Its pretty hilarious, they start out making a go of it with everyone then...."hey where did Nidus go?" he'll be the player 350m away not helping anyone do anything 😛 staaaaaaaacks...... I play Trinity for boss fights mostly for convenience sake.
  9. Name : Limbo Occupation : Player Age : Timeless Interests : sTrollin through the Rift Is you get'n tired of vo-cab-u-lary from yo... Larry? Does yo Grineer agg-re-gate continyuh to ag-i-tate?? Gurrlll!!! Let me mend that rift in yo pitiful cata-clys-mic-ally broken heart. Envelope yoself with this purple coat with the pink leopard print lapels. I writ you a poem to commemorate our date. Ahehmmhmm. "Yo roses ain't red!!, Yo violets ain't blue!!, cos Larry didn't wutah yo flowers!!! You been try'n to wutah them with yo tears, I see. Gurl you let me deal with Larry, this infested cane ain't for ma pimp limp ya dig? #Dontbelate #Igotsascheduletakeep #languagebarrier #Trollstrollin @Nyx,Mag,TaytayTitania,Trintrins.MyGarGurlz
  10. Botanical Gardens, Where Nature is the Architect. Clan Name - Clan of Soup Tier - Ghost Platform - PC Role - Warlord
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