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  1. Name : Limbo Occupation : Player Age : Timeless Interests : sTrollin through the Rift Is you get'n tired of vo-cab-u-lary from yo... Larry? Does yo Grineer agg-re-gate continyuh to ag-i-tate?? Gurrlll!!! Let me mend that rift in yo pitiful cata-clys-mic-ally broken heart. Envelope yoself with this purple coat with the pink leopard print lapels. I writ you a poem to commemorate our date. Ahehmmhmm. "Yo roses ain't red!!, Yo violets ain't blue!!, cos Larry didn't wutah yo flowers!!! You been try'n to wutah them with yo tears, I see. Gurl you let me deal with Larry, this infested cane ain't for ma pimp limp ya dig? #Dontbelate #Igotsascheduletakeep #languagebarrier #Trollstrollin @Nyx,Mag,TaytayTitania,Trintrins.MyGarGurlz
  2. Botanical Gardens, Where Nature is the Architect. Clan Name - Clan of Soup Tier - Ghost Platform - PC Role - Warlord
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