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  1. I have asked this multiple times and yet still no fixes. Melee is Broken for Steam Controllers, as soon as the melee is out, that's it, they can't melee attack, even on default controller settings
  2. I still see no mention of the Controller Melee problems. On a steam controller you cannot melee attack past the quick melee. You quick melee to equip your weapon and then that's it, it won't attack anymore. DE, please, this is not fun when one of my friends uses a controller
  3. There are still issues with steam controllers being unable to melee attack. Once the melee weapon is equipped they can't attack with it
  4. There's some serious issues with controllers. Steam controllers can't melee attack once the weapon is out. They get one attack from the quick melee, but that's it. This needs to be fixed
  5. Apparently Limbo's Stasis doesn't affect some of the enemies in fortuna, I need this fixed
  6. After the recent update my game seems a bit broken, music doesn't play even though it's on and other sound effects work, characters just don't speak or are cut off immediately in regards to ordis, I clipped though the ground on entry to maroo's bazaar, my landing craft was invisible on the entry cutscene. And I'm sure there's other stuff I just haven't seen yet.
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