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  1. I know you're probably just proposing the existing band-aids in a 'this helps for the moment' fashion... But that's no fix - it does nothing for the underlying problem. Especially since their other drawbacks mean a lot of these weapons are now just purely-inferior to *all the other* single-target guns. I'd argue in some ways it makes it worse: if that's what DE considers fixing the problem, that means they're knowingly and willingly consigning an entire category of weaponry to a slow and torturous death by fading out into disuse.
  2. Self-stagger makes everything bad. Quite a few weapons were self-safe like the Zakti due to having high recoil and crap accuracy - they were meant to gas things in the face when they are in your face. They're no more accurate than they were before to compensate, merely a whole lot less damaging to a majority of their AoE.
  3. I'd point out the stagger's as bad (or worse, I've probably taken more damage while staggered than all my Lenz moments combined) in the same way: Why aren't melee weapons staggering you when their AoE is faster, wider and generally more damaging than any ranged weapon? Frame AoE nukes aren't staggering us either, why are the guns? When I was chipping at my shields a little from using my guns danger-close, it felt exciting not tediously annoying. When I accidentally-my-Angstrum it was worth a chuckle, even the numbers could be a bit pleasing despite whom they just fragged. They gave e
  4. It's a damned scourge. Weapons that were DESIGNED to blow up close to your own face without any self-damage - guns with low accuracy, high recoil and possibly a wide spread to go with it, suddenly knock you clean off your feet. Now DE pretended this was to compensate for removing self-damage, except they'd already solved the "kill yourself" problem by introducing shield-gating to everyone. Oh and they also compensated removing self damage by adding falloff so that you may be doing only 20-40% to targets at the edge of the zone, but you're still on your ass when it clips you from that far
  5. One more point is that many primaries were caught in the great AoE nerfing. Weapons whose damage and drawbacks were balanced around the fact that they could deal their full damage to 3-4 things at a time now deal significantly lower fractions of it, and got an even more dangerous drawback in return. So a fair(unfair rather) amount of primaries get thrown out of the running just as some secondaries do, AND THEN the difference in mod quality headshots those that remain. Kinda shrinks the pool of guns don't it.
  6. Other weapons being made silent isn't the reason people aren't using those worthless shuriken. The vast majority of weapons are very loud, even those that should not be. You shouldn't have to be playing banshee just to make your wrist-mounted laser not alarm everyone in more than twice it's maximum range before it even deals damage.
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