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  1. I noticed all the warframes and skins I tried did that overlap. Can't preview skins this way.
  2. My theory is that there are two operators. A human body that kept aging and the void touched body. What I think happens is a mind swap. The player has been in the void touched body all this time and gets pushed out and into human body which is stranded somewhere. That is why they try to use powers because just seconds ago they could. But the human body has no powers. And if that's true. What mind was in control of that human body for all that time before the mind swap?
  3. This is coming out this week? I might try it out on the weekend then. 😃
  4. I miss the spontaneity of the alert system. The rewards were lame though compared to other missions in star chart. I'd see an alert for 12,000 credits and scratch my head because of how many star chart missions reward 20,000 credits.
  5. DE doesn't consider it to be the game's strengths and are making something else now.
  6. It was the spontaneity of alerts and randomized tileset layouts that kept me playing warframe.
  7. Just make is so consecutive blinks increase the energy cost. Here's a way to do it. Each Blink gives a hidden buff that lasts X seconds and can stack X times. The buff increases Blink energy cost by X percent. Then it creates an energy cost curve.
  8. I just realized it's abbreviation is PoW! How amazing a game must it be now. It has to be true. And amazing.
  9. I play both games and this is pretty cool. Thank you for making this new game as it gives me hope.
  10. Thank you for the fixes. It is very helpful. ❤️
  11. I think it needs to be taken back to the drawing board... but it won't. 🤣
  12. Thank you for taking the time to make this topic, you will be returned to the multiplayer lobby.
  13. Thank you for the write up, but I think I must watch the video as I don't understand what it all means. 😓
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