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  1. I think Ivara is so well designed that it's hard to imagine changing any skill. The suggestion for prowl to steal from multiple targets at once is good.
  2. Hope this works. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/aj3xag/hotfix_24210_red_text/
  3. Physique is still a bad mod! It's because of how it's coded and not the number on the holographic card!
  4. So far the game freezes if I start in fullscreen or if I switch to fullscreen while in game. I recently reinstalled the game so I don't remember if this is normal or not. My option right now is setting borderless windowed mode at desktop resolution, but doing so means I cannot alt+tab out of game to desktop anymore as the game window covers the whole desktop and won't minimize at all.
  5. I started playing destiny 2 recently. Going back to loot drops and loot rolls reminded me of how much a loot system adds to wanting to keep playing. Seems every time I play there is a surprise drop that entices me to change how I play. I get a gun that recharges something faster if I use it a certain way. It feels more lively than speed running missions to get them over with.
  6. What if cloudwalker has K-Drive controls and uses K-Drive mods and goes really fast and knock people away. Also is Monkey King 2 any good. I liked the first one on netflix, but haven't seen the second yet.
  7. Finally a warframe player with a sense of good taste! I had given up hope on such a thing.
  8. I love when topics become two people mining each other's posts for quotes to attack. It means the topic is about to get locked!
  9. I love the idea of non-offensive clones for wukong. May I suggest an alternative version for it? A toggleable ability that is a one handed action. Meaning he can still do one-handed stuff while performing the action. He extends his palm outwards to show he's doing it. It charges up a meter that adds 1 to a counter each time the meter is filled. And each time the counter increases the meter slows making it harder to raise the counter through such a diminishing returns mechanic. Once wukong's health reaches zero then he explodes in fireworks and is replaced by X number of clones based on the number in the counter. The clones can each die and fight, but you mainly want to remerge all the clones back into making wukong whole again. All 4 of wukong's abilities reform the clones back into a different wukong version, with a twist on making him geared towards different playstyles, so you get 4 options once the clones are triggered. For example you can have a stealthy wukong, a combo counter wukong, a rallying support wukong, a CC wukong. Whatever the devs think is fun to do.
  10. I watched the dev stream. Guess I am remembering wrong. I remember wukong deluxe skin announcement... and then a less than enthusiastic i guess a rework has to be released. You can do it then... attitude. So, I got the impression nobody there wanted to... and it made me wonder and ask " Do you folks think anyone working on the game wants to work on wukong. "
  11. Do you folks think anyone working on the game wants to work on wukong.
  12. Unfortunately you have no choice but to endure bad game design or pay real life money to bypass it. Almost like it is a trademark of the game. If you search the internet for unbiased views of warframe this is the main criticism for years.
  13. It's awful. I bet a shader change was made back in october and never fixed because DE wanted the only person who could fix it to crunch stuff for fortuna. That is what I bet is happening.
  14. Pretty please redo Titania's Tribute types because each one is very poor. The descriptions of each may make them look useful, but they are not and I think enough people here have explained why.
  15. I think some primitive cultures in history believed that if you shaped something in just the right way it could capture a god, so maybe warframe lore thinks that it can capture souls with shapes. 😄
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