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  1. At least it has random mods. Spontaneity can be part of the difficulty. So far the only spontaneous difficulty in this game is parkouring through randomized tilesets while the clock is ticking.
  2. I miss the spontaneity of the alert system. The rewards were lame though compared to other missions in star chart. I'd see an alert for 12,000 credits and scratch my head because of how many star chart missions reward 20,000 credits.
  3. I have a feeling it is using a p2p system and it is so slow because I update at non prime time hours.
  4. Alert rewards are not offering an exciting motivation. Alert missions are predictable and tedious. Sadly, it has been that way since I started in 2017.
  5. I log in collect extractors, deploy extractors, log out. I think I spent more time on the forum today than in game all week. 🤣 Did notice there was actual alerts which got me excited. Then I saw their rewards were for 10k credits and skins of weapons I mastered and sold long ago. Then I thought about how the defense mission would probably be a drawn out 10 wave tedium. Same old issue with alerts! Looks like DE is changing things up! Good job, great work!
  6. damnit what made him that sad. so sad 🙁
  7. Whenever warframe needs to update it starts at 150kb/s and slowly rises and falls and never goes above 1mb/s. Is there a setting I got that I can change? I am on ethernet with internet that can download 45mb/s so it is really weird.
  8. Last year shortly after sanctuary onslaught was released I drifted to other games and found a home at elder scrolls online. From ESO to ESO. Funny how that works.
  9. DE doesn't consider it to be the game's strengths and are making something else now.
  10. It was the spontaneity of alerts and randomized tileset layouts that kept me playing warframe.
  11. That made me think if Wisps Ult didn't use energy but instead charged up from running. Kind of like the Geomags.
  12. Just make is so consecutive blinks increase the energy cost. Here's a way to do it. Each Blink gives a hidden buff that lasts X seconds and can stack X times. The buff increases Blink energy cost by X percent. Then it creates an energy cost curve.
  13. I like the passive, but wish the ultimate was a more interesting gameplay mechanic.
  14. I just realized it's abbreviation is PoW! How amazing a game must it be now. It has to be true. And amazing.
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