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  1. You can't get progress towards a second drop until you actively claim the first. It's to ensure engagement and no afk.
  2. Until that gets fixed they have to stop selling that on the market. They have to.
  3. Yeah my Quatz hits a little harder. That is a nice change.
  4. I hear you, but there is more variety here than destiny 2. Season 13 just started and I feel burnt out already!
  5. It is no fun. 10 syndicate medallions would be fun. But not 10 syndicate missions!
  6. Maybe it's a rare secret. Sometimes such things exist in games!
  7. Star days gives you wings. You get wings. You be strong like crimson ox, hai!
  8. Parkouring through randomized level layouts is the best part of warframe and the corpus tileset rework was really great and I think DE still got it in that regard. 👍
  9. I don't think I've ever gotten one.
  10. I am using DX11 and deleted my shader caches and the next time I started the game it was very low fps like a slideshow. I don't remember dx11 games doing this.
  11. I wish it was changed to get rid of that 4 second window to boost it's damage. It's not enough time to make a difference.
  12. What if combo counter put your warframe into an escalating overdrive mode. And every primary weapon had an overdrive perk. Then you have to choose to stop building/maintaining combo to use primary weapons, so it's a balancing act. You don't lose combo counter from primary weapons though as that would be bad.
  13. Maybe this is is related, but was doing a defense mission and someone joined mid way and our games all temporarily froze for about 3 seconds right as the person physically joined! It might be a huge coincidence too.
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