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  1. What if it acted similar to the gravimag heavy guns and then ghoul saw could use fuel that needed to be recharged. Then it could be made really powerful and balanced without being just another OP melee.
  2. Maybe this would be a neat idea. Every 5th zone in sanctuary is a special arena to fight a boss or specter and the bosses loot tables cycle each week.
  3. I was redoing mission 2 over and over again to get to rank 3, and by the time I got the gyromag offerings, I had enough parts to get to both ranks 4, 5 MANY times over. It did not feel like a well planned progression system. I would not be surprised if warframe loses some players at that part of the game.
  4. Father had an infested kitgun part that had those stats too once. I got all excited until learning it is the wrong stats.
  5. That breaks my heart. I think I made a topic about that before I left to play another game earlier this year.
  6. I gave up trying to craft the ephemera that requires ash systems. The grind for one frame part is unreal.
  7. What about if you kill tons of enemies in a short period of time it causes remaining enemies to become more aggressive, see you as a threat and focus fire on you. Similar to aggro in mmorpgs. And then the opposite is maintaining a really high accuracy rating and that could cause enemies to run, take cover and play defensively towards that person.
  8. The orphanage is on fire. You must rescue them before it's too late. Change of plans, Tenno. you know what to do. Wait, whaaaaat?
  9. We are at this grineer base to fix their sink. Let's be quick and remain unseen. Change of plans Tenno, replace all their dairy with expired product. Wait, what. Lotus why you be so mean.
  10. I go into a mission to steal some secret documents from corpus vaults... Change of plans Tenno, catfish the enemy and break their hearts after years of a serious online long distance relationship. Wait, what. Lotus is so cruel.
  11. Depending on their weapon and abilities a level 5 lich could be useful if converted. I got one for railjack bodyguard. He's pretty slick.
  12. I remember the first time i noticed my friends list having people who hadn't logged in over a year and it felt weird. I purge the list every once and a while. I think lately 5 or 6 is the online status.
  13. I had an egg sandwich at orcus relay once and everybody give me the stink eye. I felt so unwell that night. I think I was robbed too. Orcus can go to heck!
  14. Will Hildryn get a deluxe skin? Does commissioner gordon have a secret? Find out! Same bat time, same bat channel.
  15. My helminth is missing every frame released after nidus (harrow, khora, hildryn, protea, etc), plus it is also missing ash and trinity. Screw ash and trinity. Okay maybe someday I'll get trinity. No helminth for you ash.
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