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  1. It is better this way. A chance to focus on new shining stars.
  2. https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-137-overview It is listed there under Pets 2.0 and said to be coming next month from that devstream. Coming up to 20 weeks since that.
  3. So what happened to the pet update. Just decide not to bother? Did sheldon lose the napkin note from january.
  4. So the windows update did this?! It was driving me crazy trying to figure out why my fps is a constant 25. edit: BTW, I play Edler Scrolls Online and it is affected by this weird fps change too. But when I open Radeon Software Panel and keep it active my fps goes back up to exactly what it is supposed to be locked at. I thought maybe that information would be useful to someone.
  5. That made me laugh. It's clever but it's all a bit snarky! But it's clever. 😅
  6. My way of describing it now is that an old lady is cosplaying as the original model shown at tennocon. I think once you see it, you'll know what I mean.
  7. It was my first refund and I got it. Feel kind of bad, but that is it.
  8. I got hyped because the concept art looked really cool. The warframe version of the skin is weird. I managed to get a refund though. I still feel bummed that I waited and wanted that concept art skin for over a year and realize that I will never get it.
  9. I unsubbed from destiny 2 reddit because the community is really roasting bungie on their lazy approach to game content design. So I sincerely hope not a single person at digital extremes is using destiny 2 as a mentor.
  10. I am relieved that I'm not the only one to note that when looking at it. I thought perhaps I am too picky or biased.
  11. I put Koga Skin head on this Shroud Body and it made me chuckle. It looks so bizarre. I can see the beginning of a living noggle warframe.
  12. I sent a support ticket asking for a refund. I don't have high hopes but I gotta try at least.
  13. The body looks malnourished almost. I try combining it with all other ash heads and it looks kind of comical with big heads and a boney body. Does warframe allow refunds of skins?
  14. This passive might be too powerful. Broken Warframe can swap player control between them self and a Summoned Specter. * Specters get a interact prompt when standing next to them that transfers the void energy and player control.
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