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  1. I am not good at this type of thing so I think it is my velocitus riven that has multishot/criti damage and magazine maximum. I use it as a heavy weapon sometimes in ground missions and it is a nice feeling of power.
  2. My internet was randomly dropping for weeks so I decided no warframe during that time. The game doesn't mesh well with situations like that. Nobody is to blame, it's just how things are and how things will have to be.
  3. I think they should be on hit as well. And for the damage if they are the usual type of damage mods they are not increasing total damage by x%, they are adding x% of umodded base damage.
  4. So I criticized Galvanized Aptitude out of instinct because I think aptitude is just terrible. Sorry, I was wrong about Galvanized Aptitude. I did not realize it is stacks on stacks. That it applies for each condition. It's like a condition overload for guns. Now I am really eager to get that one. But the ON KILL trigger needs to be ON HIT for sure. I'm sorry but I don't see how this will work in steel path as ON KILL. You empty an entire magazine on one single enemy trying to get a damage bonus to activate? That is an extremely awkward thing to do in steel path. ON KILL trigger just make
  5. I hope the invigoration is discreet. That way if someone asks if I have an invigoration I can say 'sure do!' and nobody will know if I do or don't. People can be mean to noninvigorated.
  6. Oh yeah that is really important. Otherwise it won't actually mean much in steel path.
  7. This is really good. Only part that sucks is waiting for it all.
  8. This is really interesting. Can dedicate a primary, or secondary, to take out heavies and eximus.
  9. Don't know if it's been said but VORACIOUS METASTASIS should not grant energy from instances of it's use if you have VORACIOUS METASTASIS equipped. Like you can't have two people infinitely casting it back and forth to give infinite energy to the group.
  10. Oh I would never invest that amount of endo and credits into a primed reload for a shotgun. I think it'll be used by streamers doing their simulacrum videos and that is it. The final point of all their videos being used Chilling Reload instead.
  11. This topic's title makes me think that mom and dad told me that ash went to live on a farm and not to worry because he is still alive and okay. 😯
  12. yeah I actually quit doing it. I just wanted an ash part to craft the ephemera I got as it requires ash systems. And I just quit because it was too much of a depressing state of gameplay.
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