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  1. I would like a sarpa prime. I like that gunblade.
  2. I saw a hologram that looked like him in the recent dev stream. edit: I was mistaken.
  3. I miss alerts because it made the solar system feel alive. The rewards were very very low though and it sometimes hurt to do a nightmare alert for 5,000 credits when you could get 20,000 credits from a mission that was way easier and not an alert.
  4. I don't know how to view the mod being added to Baro. It could be done in good faith to people who play. I just don't know.
  5. It has been since last tennocon since the ash one was shown. I been waiting, and waiting. 😴
  6. The sheath is doubled too. Like a ghost sheath. So strange!
  7. The Baza came out a month before it I am pretty sure! And we got Baza Prime already! 😵
  8. I love the corinth. It is in my top 10 favourite weapons. The feel of it is so good. I am not against any buffs to it. 😄
  9. Honestly I was just thinking about buying some veiled mods for fun. I like the challenge. My first riven required the headshots during an aim glide. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotion that taught me I could make some crazy builds. 😄
  10. Well it is not balanced, it is bugged and some stuff is designed by people who probably never intended on playing through it themselves. It is not for everyone, but some can stick with it, just not you. As far as I know warframe hit it's peak because of the content creator videos made by skillup and how attractive the showcasing of new content was. But then enough people saw that the game has lasting serious issues and I believe the population is it's in the decline. The switch release may have helped to stave off an overall decline.
  11. But what if I have a slew of hot dates set up for valentines day. 😳
  12. I think a Self Damage Tier System would be interesting and allow weapons some flavour. The tiers of self damage applied to a weapon would limit how much % of health a single hit could do. It would require a new stat in the arsenal. example Glaive Self Damage 10% or Lenz Self Damage 100%
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