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  1. My best memories of having fun were doing the randomized levels, working my way across the planet while gathering things to get stronger, and then trying to come up with a build that beat the junction boss. But once I finished that, there is nothing more like it.
  2. Thank you for the fixes. It is very helpful. ❤️
  3. I would like randomly generated caverns+underground ruins. And it would be cool if it was a roguelite experience where you go deeper until you die and then it resets, but you get to keep something that makes further attempts a little easier. So the goal is to seek out things you keep that allow you to push just a little bit further next time.
  4. When I first started I played as stealth too. It was nice navigating randomly generated levels trying to be a ninja. I don't think the new content remembers how cool that old stuff was.
  5. I unlocked the weapon slots so far and that is good enough for me. If I manage to get the free warframe slot that'll be cool, but I'm not going to try for it.
  6. It updates so slow for me too and I don't know why. While path of exile updates at nearly 30mb a second. 😮
  7. I like the idea of looting stuff to make builds and tackling randomized levels. I play path of exile too.
  8. looks nice. maybe it's to show when we are using gun or not.
  9. If I have a gun in hand and use fatal teleport on an enemy in the index it will kill the enemy and give no green shard. Tested it in a whole match and it's consistent.
  10. I don't know what I can do. My internet cannot get better than it is. The ISP plan my roommate got is very good, and the city just installed fancy new lines right outside our apartment. 😮
  11. I don't mind that it's still in development. Just frustrated at how often various unexpected quirks ruin my gaming sessions. I play other games and they are not this unstable and I just want to know what can ever be done.
  12. You are not alone. The boss gets stuck in invincibility stage.
  13. 2 Matchmaking errors, a loading screen freezing and then getting put into an index group that is almost out of time and no point shards are spawning from beaten enemies. That's all within logging in and 10 minutes of play before logging out. I can't think of a more broken game right now. And it seems like every session is a mess of bugs. What exactly needs to be done to make a polished product here?
  14. It got me playing more path of exile. I'm pleasantly surprised with that result. 😮
  15. I am thankful it's optional and would like to turn the voice off.
  16. Funny thing about Path of Exile right now is that people feel there is too much do and they feel overwhelmed. But that is mostly the completionist crowd that feel compeled to get everything done. 🤣
  17. Maybe it has to do with the enemies going up to a console and setting the alarm. I haven't done it in a long time, so I don't know.
  18. Path of Exile? I was playing it last night. 😮 I like how it's randomized, helping to fight the feeling of things being hollow and lifeless. I also like how I have to collect and combine lots of unique things to make builds that can stand a chance against certain areas/bosses. Path of Exile is awesome.
  19. I got some ideas. 1. Complete 3 sorties in one day. 2. Trade 30 times with other players in one day. 3. Complete 3 missions without matchmaking issues.
  20. Join me in not caring about nightwave. I'm at rank 3 and any feeling of needing what it offers is lying half dead on the ground gasping it's last breaths. 🤣
  21. The last sortie I did gave us forma and group just made one dejected comment. It was too tiring to even complain about now.
  22. I cannot speak for everyone, but for me I want a new weapon or frame to put a new spin on old content. To freshen the game up. I find that path of exile does that very well. Warframe doesn't seem so good at it. I get a new frame and quickly grow tired of it because I'm still doing tedious generic stuff to get stuff that I hope makes things feel less tedious and generic. Perhaps that is from playing the game for too long. 😮 edit: I hope nobody thinks I'm saying frames are generic. They are amazing and clever. Just feels like the game doesn't have content that engages their clever abilities in valuable ways. And because I want to continue playing I just chase the next hopeful thing gated behind something tiresome.
  23. I am from the future and it only gets worse. I think the newest frame we got in the future involves playing cookie clicker for 60 hours straight or just buy the frame for 575 plat. 🤣
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