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  1. I test galvanized aptitude on scourge and it didn't work. If that's what you are trying to say.
  2. Tennocon's just a big 'hype train'. They should just release stuff that is finished and tested and don't worry about spending time hyping people up for things that is years down the road.
  3. How do you check profiles? Do you mean typing a players name here in game lets you see their stats? 😯
  4. Can't believe one of the showcase mods for this update is still broken. I guess DE can be proud of it as their trademark style now. Own it and be proud!
  5. I think the frame should be changed to be a dragon man flexing. Like a really jacked as #*!% dragon man flexing so hard his muscles form the number 1.
  6. I am petting them with interact button on the pet itself instead of using incubator.
  7. A suggestion I made is that it carries one of each weapon so you get to choose between weapons. So the larva will show a primary, secondary, melee and heavy weapon and you get to choose one of those 4 when you actually vanquish the lich.
  8. Someone at DE wanted to remove him from the game, so here we are. He's in need of a rework, he's extremely soul crushing to get, he's too expensive to buy. I've moved on, but it still pisses me off that an ephemera requires his part to craft.
  9. Is there a way to keep the game from pausing when a dog appears. People told me it is loading the dog and getting an SSD helps alleviate it, but making a game scalable so it plays on different hardware is useful. I hope it's not a case of if you don't have a second SSD for games the game will now pause repeatedly mid missions.
  10. When I managed to get last brakk part I needed earlier this year it was bitter sweet. It was so weak by now compared to kuva brakk, but those pieces I had were finally no longer dangling in front of me with nowhere to go. Crafted, mastered, sold. Such a relief.
  11. It's railjack, so it's EXTREME GRINDING. Cowabunga dude!
  12. That is actually really cool Prexades. You should be proud of that idea. A bar that leans left or right and has different consequences on either side. So players have to balance it. Some cool stuff can be built off that mechanic.
  13. I think it's an inside joke. An ambassador is a representative of something and if it represents railjack taking forever to get and being letdown is perfect.
  14. I really hope that if/when it is fixed they are strong and completely the opposite of the regular aptitude/savvy/shot mods.
  15. I am still using sporelacer and proboscis cernos if that counts. I was using them months ago so nothing has changed for me.
  16. I have favourites. Quatz, Ocucor, Akarius. I have forma'd them a lot and gotten rivens for them, but once I hit steel path they couldn't cut it.
  17. Guns in general? I could not. I still cannot not. My strongest weapons I could use in steel path and now they trivialize it. I have plenty of weapons that STILL cannot do steel path. I may as well sell them to make empty weapon slots.
  18. From what I saw in a video the Golden Instinct ability is really poorly done anyway. It moves 3 meters and disappears and I heard it has a cooldown. You don't want that.
  19. So far galvanized aptitude isn't working at all on my scourge. So my scourge isn't going to be stronger. But galvanized diffusion works so my sporelacer now one shots entire level 140 steel path legions while I watch tv.
  20. Give them hysteria that triggers on damage threashold. X damage within X time frame triggers hysteria for X seconds.
  21. Time to oil up and flex in unison. Only the power of synchronized flexing can defeat the true enemy.
  22. It could be really cool and fun if doing a lot of damage to a sister in a short amount of time triggered Hysteria in them. That S#&$ is scary.
  23. Please fix Galvanized Aptitude/Savvy/Shot as they don't work properly on a lot of weapons.
  24. Thank you for the warning. I'll refuse to use coins in groups. It sucks, but that is all I can do I guess.
  25. I talked about in region chat that galvanized aptitude wasn't improving any builds and the vitriol I received was hilarious. People just #*!%ing hated my guts for criticizing it telling me my weapons suck, my builds suck, I suck, get good, and whispers too. And I could tell not one of them used it themselves.
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