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  1. Ignore Uhkretor everyone. As of this post, his profile reveals 272 kills for Garuda and 0 assists. I've used Gardua 4 times as much and I only leveled her for mastery and subsumed her.
  2. I wish we could try it out for a bit to see what it's like.
  3. Please increase invigorations per week to 5 and after 4 invigorations the 5th can be applied to any warframe! That will make the system way more attractive and people will spend their resources on it! 🤩
  4. Titania, Protea, Revenant. I don't have Protea and I consumed Revenant for reave. So I'm using Titania. She got 100% duration and 75% parkour. She flies so far with a bullet jump. I do not know what subsumed ability to try out with her 100% duration invigoration.
  5. It bummed me out to hear that. So many frames feel neglected. The game has changed but what use are they now. And the reworks some have gotten are just hit and miss.
  6. @Azamagon I really like those suggestions. Giving his abilities multi uses depending on recast or hold to cast is really interesting! And his radial disarm could really use that debuff you suggested as It would be so useful for liches and sisters! suggestion
  7. I only use his 1 and 3. Tectonics and Rumblers need some lovin real bad.
  8. She needs more augments. I like her, but the abilities are so dull. When I play her I use Dex Pixia 99% of the time.
  9. I've only ever used her 2 and 4.
  10. He's so boring and now he's a pain to get. I have no idea what's going on with oberon.
  11. And another topic shot down by the second post. Nevermind then. lmfao
  12. I keep seeing people asking for reworks and I know the feeling. On my most used frames I use 1 or 2 abilities and the rest I never see any use for. How about if we could use one subsumed ability and one helminth ability. That will help make make our kits feel both useful and within our control. So one from this list. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Helminth#Subsumable_Abilities And one from this list. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Helminth#Helminth_Abilities Maybe then less people would mind if there are no reworks anytime soon.
  13. Yes please let us customize it. It is what I like to use on some weapons, but the diplos is not one of them.
  14. I got one. A Shield Gun. A primary weapon that is a Tower Shield with a mounted weapon on top. Alt Fire slams the shield onto the ground creating a shockwave that knocks down enemies in a cone area. It has hidden mods built into it. Increased Weapon Swap speed. Stagger resistance when holding the shield.
  15. What about a reverse gun blade. It's a gun, but it has an alt fire that does a close range CQC attack. It could do a knockdown, or do a finisher.
  16. I'd like more syndicate activities. I got a nightwave to do 10 syndicate missions. They are all so easy and plain. It's like eating wet bread!
  17. It would be cool if landing shots charged up a combo counter and then the homing shots used a combo multiplier and just completely wrecked whatever enemy it hit. Call the super move "The Audit". 😂
  18. I feel the same way. Hek doesn't nuke rooms so allowing it to do amazing single target damage isn't bad, it only makes the weapon attractive compared to stuff like kuva zarr! The balance of things can't be treated like they exist in a vacuum. Every weapon/mod is a choice over another weapon/mod. And balance should make all things equally attractive. Or at least try to. It's hard I know.
  19. I use Kuva Ogris and it suuuucks without nightwatch napalm. It's mandatory. Perhaps it was realized that nightwatch napalm didn't make the weapon awesome it simply made the weapon solid.
  20. I found a wiki page of it. This is the one you remember? It is what I remember. No banks, gas, tv, radios for days. 😯 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northeast_blackout_of_2003
  21. It looks so neat. I almost bought the deluxe skin pack for nidus yesterday. But is really expensive. I think it was 350p or even more!
  22. That's crazy! I remember when I was younger all of southern ontario and some of the U.S. lost power for days! I was freaking out when I drove home from work because we were told to just go home. The radio stations were all static! Every one!
  23. I wish the enemies were better at damaging each other. Maybe it has gotten better. I haven't tried mind control in months.
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