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  1. This new element of account continuity is extremely valuable to me. My wife works from home during the summer with an alternating schedule and our home office contains her work computer and my gaming computer. She works Monday through Friday and I work Thursday through Monday. So when her schedule puts her on day time hours, I cannot be in the computer room on my days off playing Warframe - BUT we also have a PS4 on a big screen in the living room where I can continue my progress on those days with the cross-save feature. My opinion is DE needs to find a way to merge all applicable elements between platforms. I can understand platform specific cosmetics, but if I purchase a skin from PS4, I should be able to use it on PC and vice versa. Platinum should also stay in a kind of wallet that a player can carry through all platforms. I don't want to buy more platinum to purchase a skin on PS4 when I already have platinum - especially when there is a cross save feature. An idea I had is that DE needs to create a sort of Warframe market place that houses all available products that can be purchased with platinum. For instance, a PC player can purchase PS4 skins on their PC if they have a verifiable playstation account, and vice versa on all platforms. There should be some way to link all accounts into one master account where which access on what platform can be verified and saved. In regard to the mobile platform, I dont find this as interesting, but it does have value beyond the app that Warframe currently offers. Personally, I would prefer a more intuitive companion app that is linked in with the priceless amount of data on the wiki. Either way, this is an exciting thing to think about. I have high Hope's that this feature arrives sooner than later
  2. I already had the EGS launcher, but this process took me 10 minutes. I know a lot of people hate Epic and their practices, but seriously - get over it. They're here to stay. I'm not defending them, I'm just saying...its no so bad.
  3. After taking some time off for a few months I am returning to play again at MR11 with around 450 hours of game time. I will tell you that some of you vets sound way too entitled to even have an opinion here. Why should it be up to you how content is gated or released? Sure you have all these days played and this high mastery, but why should you have any authority - your experience is based on the course of time over a long period of evolution and not where the game is today. It's almost like if DE listened to you lot, the game would never change. I've been playing Warframe (since when it only had like 3 or 4 frames) for the last 7 years because not everyone can play like a hardcore vet. I dont know what some of you do to accumulate so many thousands of hours, but I'm not the only person who cant spend 8 hours a day 7 days a week for 7 years playing a game. But I love this game, and as much as you feel like your time should be rewarded, all players, no matter how much tenure they have, just want to feel like the time they spend playing gives value to their experience - whether it's one hour or one thousand hours - that's what keeps players coming back, and that's what is good for games with a legacy such as Warframe. For me, Helminth gated at MR15, at the rate I play, I might never subsume one frame - and if I do, well it might not happen this year. Helminth gated at MR8, well, now I have some work to do that I'm not even close to accomplishing today, but I have something to reach out for. There are middle of the road players too, not just noobs and vets. I'm chugging along just trying to have a good time, enjoying the experience, not trying to get anywhere so fast that I never did see what I passed by. And of all the zillions of things there are to do in Warframe, its somehow perceived that I'm not allowed to have access to content when a super-educated noob who read the whole wiki in a day, and has nothing to do besides play video games can crush a two week session to MR8 and subsume their first frame - just because some vet with 10k hours says so? Gimme a break. I'm not sure what hurts more, that you may have wasted your time, or you're not really as admired as you thought you were. Warframe has got to be easily one of the least toxic multiplayer environments in modern gaming (besides Guild Wars 2 - that place is happy land), but after reading many comments in this thread, its seems there may be a subculture of bitterness hiding in the shadows.
  4. I have claimed both Loki and the gun blade in twitch inventory, but these items are not appearing in game. I did get the armor skins, but I havent checked for the sword skin yet. I watched the entire stream - the entire thing. I watched back and forth between TacticalPotatoes twitch and Warframe twitch.
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