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  1. 700 runs and i saw him only once. It got killed instantly, didnt see him at all and of course... It dropped nothing. THX DE
  2. omg...I already hate it... k drives arent my style obviously.. where is those pipe ''outside'' of fortuna?? I'm grinding in circle at ''the pearl''
  3. So there is only 2 variant of k drives? so I need to grind to 30 4 times total.. ouff.. that is tedious..
  4. hum... so I figured out how to grind the standing in a circle to max daily cap quickly... and... I hoooope there is a better way to get experience for K-drive because in 30mins i only got.... 6 level out of the grind. Also the default k drive doesnt get experience? each time i get out of the mission, my level just get back to 0 ??? How does this work?? Doesthe K-drive gives mastery??
  5. So... where is he?.. I'm about 500 runs in since the saturn six started and... I never saw him yet. I am a VERY active player and I am VERY disappointed by the fact that he is not showing up at all and I heard that his weapon is complete garbage?.. not impressed man... not impressed... So i'm waiting for him, come at me bro i'll f you up. Is he even hard at all?
  6. We are playing to have fun... Comparing Warframe rewards to the real life a complete idiotic argument from you to say. I am investing my time into the game and the reward is not enjoyable as it should be and there are better ways to make a reward enjoyable to be earned
  7. yeh, no point in wasting my time.. i'll rerroll eventually thx
  8. Thing is im stuck on that screen until I decide which one i want :/ I already have 100.5% chance of crit without the riven. It has splat and haymaker
  9. hiiii I rolled this! Which one is better!? 😢 What would you choose?? The critical is nice, but the damage is crazy on the other roll and it has puncture... thankx https://imgur.com/a/Jca7MZm
  10. Hi what is the best place to farm Kuva?? I think i once did a survival where we could farm it ''enddlessly'' but i cant find it anymore...
  11. My bug report is quick, simple and straightforward, but not half hassed and im posting it here because it is the most viewed place. 1080Ti GPU and 8coreCPU 100Mgb downlaod and 50Upload does my system still look low range to you?... What am I supposed to retrieve as information? The game locked down, it didnt crash at all.. and I had to manullyshut it down
  12. doesnt matter the ennemies just isnt there at all most of the time and the run is screwed up
  13. EVERYTIME... when host migration occurs in ESO and I keep going on alone, when the time reach 0, the game LOCK down and my screen freezes, my camera goes outside of the boundaries and I lose about 10mins of my time... I have to close down the game and restart the whole thing.... Can you... fix this!? This glitch has been around for so many months jesus..... I lost hours of my time combined because of this glitch...
  14. Can we fix Arbitration Grineer Defense mission!??!? There is ALWAYS an ennemie stuck somewhere at the end of EACH freaking wave and sometime the wave just glitch out and we can't even finish it... 4 times now on 4 different map it happened...
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