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  1. NightwatchNapalm.EXE has stopped burning! TYPE: Weapon/Mod DESCRIPTION: The Nightwatch Napalm mod's napalm isn't properly applying heat status to enemies. VISUAL: 🔥 REPRODUCTION: Just use the mod and count the heat status stacks enemies get (take multi-shot into account when testing). EXPECTED RESULT: Enemies that stay in the napalm for the full 6 seconds should have 6 heat stacks applied to them since the napalm hits every second (again, take multi-shot into account when testing). OBSERVED RESULT: Enemies only seem to get up to 3 heat stacks from the napalm. Also, some special type enemies don't receive heat status stacks even if they aren't status immune (example: capture targets, kuva guardians, etc). REPRODUCTION RATE: Every shot. Always.
  2. Hello nerds and hopefully DE (or both?). With the Warframe revised update the damage system along with status system have been re-balanced heavily. The main goal of the status changes were to make status effects more equal with more types and combinations being usable in the meta and late game. Basically all status's should now have their own spotlights, but some of them are just lacking. Here's my take on why and how to even out the playing field some more. Impact damage has to much of an impact that reduces your impact: At 5 stacks of impact an enemy gets knocked over. Knockdowns suck as a form of single target CC since they ruin your headshot accuracy. This can be countered by changing the type of CC it does when stacked. Change it so that instead of a knockdown, enemies enter a suspended stagger effect with an animation that lasts a few seconds. This would make accuracy unimpaired if not even easier with impact weapons. (impact not ruining accuracy? that's a new one) Gas does less damage than a bad gas pun: You heard me. Put the BLAST back in blast damage: Blast no longer does a 5m radial knockdown which is honestly less annoying because it made hitting headshots terrible for everyone in the squad. The new accuracy debuff is honestly not AS bad as people think, but it's still bad. The chance of getting hit by a shot goes down exponentially when you are moving due to projectile speed which results in a higher chance to not get hit than on paper, assuming the player is moving around a lot... in Warframe). The main problem with the new blast is that unlike the other status types, blast doesn't have any particular advantages to taking it over the other damage debuffs like puncture or even cold which it's made from. Puncture reduces enemy damage directly and is a physical type found already on most weapons by default. Cold is an elemental type that normally requires modding to have, but reduces enemy attack/fire speed and even movement speed which makes it harder for enemies to even reach their target. Blast on the other hand only effects the hit success rate of ranged attacks; That's all. It doesn't even have any affect on melee units (blast not affecting melee units is actually fine IF it had a reason that made it better than the other debuff effects against ranged units). The solution is really simple. Make the new blast effect also have a 3-5m AoE like the old one did. This would result in the blast status being like a flashbang grenade effect. Enemies in an area would loose accuracy because they were all disoriented. This way it would have a major advantage over the other debuff effects because it's AoE, but still doesn't work on melee enemies so it won't become unarguably superior to puncture and cold in all situations. Radiation; Confusion... Mayhem... Death...(for real this time): The only change that was made to radiation was that radiated enemies do extra damage to their allies (base damage plus 100-550% with 1-10 stacks) which is good, but is still not much since enemy effective health is WAY higher than their damage output. Why even bother having them do slightly more of almost nothing to each other when you could just choose an element that also offers CC, but with more damage, just like radiations component elements heat and electric... My solution is simple, unimpressive, and fixes this problem completely. Make the radiation also increase the damage they take from their allies. This is actually a massive damage increase. Since the damage multiplier from radiation stacks would apply twice if both the enemies attacking each other are radiated. Multiple enemies with 1 stack of radiation would do 200% damage to each other and take 200% from each other resulting in 400% damage which moderate. Now imagine if, let's say with an Aoe/chaining/punchthrough or even just wildly spraying weapon you managed to apply the maximum of 10 stacks to each enemy; This would result in them doing 650% damage and taking 650% damage from one another. THAT'S 4225% TOTAL DAMAGE! Radiation damage would become an absolutely chaotic effect. The more enemies that are effected by it and the more stacks they have the more exponentially powerful it can become! A side note about viral damage: Viral feels way to strong compared to EVERY other damage element. Buff all the others? Nerf viral? Not mine to say, but it doesn't really fit the theme of an update that adds diversity to player loadouts and build options. So that's all I have to say about changing the new status effects. I think the ones I didn't mention all have their own uses and circumstances where they work out just fine. Do you agree with any of my balance change ideas? Do you think these elements are fine as is? Should some just get reverted back to how they were before? Any thoughts or feedback? Memes?
  3. TYPE: In-game / mod interaction DESCRIPTION: Amalgam Furax Body Count is supposed to cause melee kills to trigger a 15m radius knockdown effect, however it is coded as a blast status effect with a bigger AoE which with the changes to status effects now only reduces the accuracy of nearby enemies. VISUAL: NA. REPRODUCTION: Kill an enemy with the Furax/Wraith and Amalgam Furax Body Count equipped. EXPECTED RESULT: Killing an enemy results in a radial knockdown effect. OBSERVED EFFECT: Enemies are instead receiving 6(ish?) stacks of the blast status effect. REPRODUCTION RATE: Always.
  4. The reduction to self damage from Cautious Shot does not apply to warframe ability shields. This means that absorption effects like Ne Zha's halo and Rhino's ironskin get 1 shot by self damage. Effects like this aren't prone to damage reductions normally since they scale on power and sometimes armor, but Cautious shot not working on your ability shield is just stupid. Plz fix.
  5. The relic system is arguably one of the better bits of warframe's loot system, but there is something annoying and inconvenient about it that I've noticed. While some relic tiers like axi sometimes have up to 4 fissures up at once, another relic tier like meso could only have a single mission option. Only having 1 randomly generated option up at one can be very dis-likable. What if you want to do an endless mission, but it's mobile defense or vice versa where you don't want to do an endless mission and end up being one of those bastards that leaves on the first wave? Suggested Fix: Make it so that there is ALWAYS 1 endless and 1 non endless mission up for each relic tier. This would mean that their would always be 10 fissure missions up at a single time (2 for each relic type). This one is a very simple, but quality of life change for void fissures. Wanting to crack open relics only to see that you have 1 option that might be a mission type you hate or just think is inefficient, isn't a good feeling in my book. Any feedback? Thoughts on this? Other ideas? Memes?
  6. Damage reduction while airborne mods such as aviator don't work in nightmare missions. More specifically the mission i encountered this in was the one that disabled shields.
  7. Honestly you make some fair points and I agree that it shouldn't turn into another intensify, ever. The thing is though, you mentioned that you use it on a channeled ability which is the only thing I have EVER used the mod for. The reason why is that even with the "energy generator" mod on the dethcube (an energy option I use a lot) I don't feel comfortable using energy conversion just because it feels bad if you need to use even a single ability before the one that you want to use the buff on (especially notable during encounters like bosses where you kill less enemies for orbs). I understand it's the point for it to be strong at the cost of limited use, but without even the set bonus umbral intensify is practically the same value except permanent and transient fortitude is even slightly more strength with the 27% reduction to duration not being impactful to most frames resulting in it also outclassing energy conversion. Perhaps some of the problems might lie in other strength mods being to strong in comparison rather than energy conversion being bad itself. I feel like even when the mod is usable there are still better options to pick from. I have no problem with it being a niche mod either. It's just that "niche" in Warframe tends to be more along the lines of barely usable rather than uncommon.
  8. For those of you that don't already know. energy conversion is a warframe mod with a drain of 15 that increases the strength of your next ability by 50% after picking up an energy orb. The problem with this mod is that while it's strong, it's also way too inconsistent. I have a simple proposal to make the mod more useful. Make the buff stack: Just make it so you can have up to 2-4 (probably 2?) charges of it stored up at once. This way it is easier to use considering energy orbs have awkward drop rates. While this buff would make the mod a lot more useful it might also make it too strong as well, so the strength given might have to get nerfed to like 25-40% or something depending on how many charges it gives. Make the buff grow: Another idea is to make the buff build up so that rather than stacking charges, the strength increase itself can stack the more energy orbs you pick up. This would resulting in a stronger ability the more you stack up the buff before finally casting an ability. This one would definitely need the original strength of the mod to be nerfed. Maybe down to 15-25% strength that stacks up to around 100%. Personally I think this idea isn't as healthy as the first idea, but I still think it's better than the current state of the mod where it isn't used except by extreme strength min-maxing and niche energy orb builds. Side note: The mod gives you a cool cephalon like particle effect when you have the buff up, but it's always blue and doesn't change to your warframes energy color. Let's change that shall we? This one was pretty simple. Think something like this would find its place well in the current game? Any Feedback? Memes? Yeah.
  9. Requiem relics in their current state are... just S#&$. Despite making up just 13% of the relics, requiem relics make up over 50% of the unrefined relics in Warframe (i'm sorry I couldn't resist). The only reason people open them is for the requiem mods. The "rare" drop from them is hardly worthwhile and a majority of players will even go for the common drops over it. Considering these are by far the highest level relics the potential rewards from opening them shouldn't be crap and they should be farmed for more general use rather than just for Kuva Lichs. Another thing to note is that besides the mods, all of the drops are the same for every relic. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing though if the loot table was changed so that the rewards were both relevant and generally useful for higher (ranked/seasoned/veteran/leveled? wtf do we call ourselves? Oh yeah, deranged) players. Before we even begin, exilus weapon adapters shouldn't be on relics in the first place: Remove these things from the relics and make them more acquirable through stuff like invasions or whatever the warframe adapters drop/sell from. While weapon adapters are useful and catered towards the more deranged players, they aren't used nearly enough to put on AN ENTIRE SERIES of relics. Make relic packs the rare drop from requiem relics: Relic packs are actually amazing for this role. While the loot table is practically the same for all requiem relics, relic packs give 3 random relics and always give 1 rarer relic. This is something any player would want, especially the highly deranged players that would open requiem relics. Something really big to note is that relic packs give all 4 relic types lith/meso/neo/axi meaning that by getting packs from cracking requiem relics you are supplying yourself with void traces and relics of every tier. People often run out of (especially newer or recently unvaulted) lith and meso relics because they only drop from dull and completely boring low level missions which wouldn't need to be grudgingly farmed as much if relic packs were even slightly more available. Editted in later: The rare drop could also just be a random radiant upgraded relic. Or a forma pack, or 3 forma blueprints or something. Make void traces a drop from requiem relics: This somewhat follows in supporting the relic pack change along with standing it's own ground. Normally if a person wanted relic packs from the first change they would need to refine relics in order to do so, which would feel like S#&$ if you didn't get the relic pack since it means you would need to refine more relics that can give relics that you want to refine, catch my drift? This problem is completely solved and more if the requiem relics also gave void traces as an (common or uncommon) drop. If you spent void traces on the relic aiming for the relic pack you could still get something similar to a refund if you rolled the void traces, However if you didn't refine the relic and rolled void traces you could even majorly profit. This would turn requiem relics into an amazing way to refill your void traces allowing you to refine more of and even gain a few new relics! The only thing left to figure out is where to put the void traces on the drop table. The first option is as an common drop that gives 25-50 extra void traces, but what would they replace? Riven shards are honestly a small, but nice addition to the game adding a slow but sure way to acquire veiled riven mods. The kuva... they're literally kuva relics. The amber star is probably the least taken reward anyways and i don't think people would miss it much. The second option is as an uncommon drop that gives 100 extra void traces which isn't as simple, but numerically more reasonable. Firstly, since an uncommon spot would need to be freed the amount of requiem relics would double to 8 resulting in each mod having it's own unique relic. At first this doesn't seem like the better option, but take into account a few things; If the relics are being refined and farmed to get the relic pack or at least more void traces, the uncommon drops would be seen a lot (especially in multiplayer when there are 4 rolls to pick from) which would result in more requiem mods appearing simply due to requiem relics being upgraded and opened more often. Another thing to note is that with the changes DE is currently doing to Kuva Lichs, players will be grinding and killing WAY less Lichs for their desired weapons. It wouldn't be strange either if requiem relics were made acquirable from more than just kuva missions in the future especially if a change like this went through. Change the common drop amber star to a "twin stars" or another drop entirely: This is probably the most basic idea here, but honestly I never see anybody choose these things. If the reward gave an amber AND a cyan star it might be taken more. It could also be changed to something else entirely like the before mentioned void traces or something else like a railjack thingy or something as long as it's worth even considering. So yeah. My idea is for requiem relics to be used for more general late game farming and not just be some sort of "island content" resource that DE is to prone to making and leaving. Any thoughts on a change like this going live? Would you appreciate or at least use these requiem relics if they worked like this? Any other ideas for changes to them? How many times did I type "more" in this post (a lot more than before I rephrased half the damn thing)? Have any other feedback you want to give? Preferably constructive. Memes will always be acceptable too. Have a good day you deranged people!
  10. Energy in Warframe right now is in a less than ideal state. A decent amount of frames are in a spot where they can't properly make use of their abilities due to lack of or inconsistencies in energy gain. While there are multiple ways to sustain energy most are still somewhat inconsistent. Energizing Dash is really the only consistent way to sustain energy and it's practically undisputed in that regard, but taking the same focus tree on EVERY loadout and spamming the dash buff in every mission is mind numbing. These changes would ideally even out a few flaws in energy and make energizing dash feel less mandatory and free, but indirectly buff it? Firstly, add innate passive energy regen: Players should by default generate energy at a slow rate. 1 energy every 1.5 seconds would be a healthy base rate. Just enough so that 175% efficiency builds cant completely spam cast off of it, but still enough that you can periodically cast abilities on builds that don't have consistent or a lot of sustain methods. Change the Energy Siphon aura: Energy Siphon in it's current state gives energy regen at a rate of 1 every 1.67 seconds. Energy regen as an innate effect is great, but as a mod that you build around it just doesn't cut it. My suggestion would be rather than regen, Energy Siphon instead increases how much energy you gain from all sources by 9% at max rank (just like one of the buffs Grendel can give to teammates). This means energy from ALL effects including orb pickups and Equilibrium conversion, Rage's health damage to energy, the rate that regen effects generate energy, abilities that gives energy, and things like arcanes/squad restores. Basically everything blue! Side note: Since the extra energy would be from everything and not just regen, the aura would actually be viable now on frames that use channeled abilities that disable energy regen. Change what Energizing Dash does: The Zenurik focus tree is literally based around energy, but it shouldn't be mandatory to take if you want to actually use your abilities. It should also have more potential when it comes to casting big expensive abilities, which means it should have the potential to generate more energy than it currently does but not quite as consistently. My suggestion would be to make it so that instead of granting a 5/sec energy buff circle, enemies hit by your void dash have an increased chance to drop energy orbs (around 25% maybe?). This would mean by weaving in and out of operator form in combat you can constantly generate a massive amount of energy drops. This also synergizes well with the Energy Pulse passive in the Zenurik tree which grants 50% of energy from orbs as regen over 5 seconds creating a still somewhat consistent regen effect. Side notes: Forced drop effects like this also effect teammates so the energy orbs would drop for your teammates as well, but only people with the Zenurik passive would benefit from the regen on orb pickups. Also like with the aura change, orb pickups can be used to sustain energy while using channeled abilities. This was edited in and not part of the original post: A second option to Energizing Dash (rather than hit enemies having a chance of dropping energy orbs) would be for enemies hit to be marked and reward instant energy and/or a small amount of (stacking?) energy regen to the killer along with a lesser amount of energy gains to nearby allies. This would be similar to Harrow's thurible if it were an enemy debuff rather than a player buff. As for which of these ideas would be healthiest for the game? It's honestly debatable. There are tons of other options for Energizing Dash that could be explored as well, but it's agreeable that in it's current state Energizing Dash is both boring/awkward to use and somewhat unhealthy for the game in the long run. The pros of these changes are pretty well rounded. Energy would be more consistent and have more viable options to build around. The cons are that with the suggested change to Energizing Dash AFK nuke builds might require slightly more brain cells to use, BUT you could potentially !clear waves even faster! if you keep the dash/kill/cast rotation going which isn't really a direct con anyways. So, do any of these changes sound good to you? Would some of your benched frames come back into the spotlight if a change like this happened? Would you enjoy a change like this happening to energizing dash or do you prefer the more casual albeit boring regen effect? Personally, my favorite idea was the Energy Siphon change. Anyways, feedback? Memes?
  11. Most people already know that shield frames suck when it comes to scaling survive-ability. These ideas will help squishier frames survive better in higher level missions but it won't make them tanks because they are not supposed to be tank frames (mostly). These ideas/changes are mostly loadout and mod based. Buff the Augur Set's bonus: Each mod in the Augur Set causes you to gain 40% of energy spent as shield adding up to 240% conversion with the full set. It's not much, but buff the set bonus to 50% each for a total of 300% energy spent gained as shields. One of the things that makes this set actually decent (albeit a bit weak right now) is that it can generate overshields with it's effect. This is decently balanced because while you can generate a large shield easily, you have to be able to sustain the energy costs if you want to sustain a fat shield in the middle of enemy fire. While the bonus shield generated is still a shield that is easy for high level enemies to break, it does give you a quick buffer before you cc enemies and have other defensive things like Adaption or Arcanes proc and build up. Make Brief Respite actually work: This mod is basically an aura mod that does the same thing as the Augur Set with 150% conversion, but it has 1 big problem. It can't generate overshields if you already have overshields. This makes the aura practically useless after your first ability cast! Change this mod so that it can actually build up overshields like the Augur Set can and reduce the conversion to 120%. Reducing it might sound weird, but hear me out, With the full Augur Set equipped after these changes along with Brief Respite you would have 420% of energy spent converted into shields. I don't think I need to explain the value of the 420% power-spike. Make Primed Vigor acquirable to non "veteran" (kinda) players: Primed Vigor is a simple mod that gives you 220% more health and 220% more shield for a total stat value of 440% which is the same as the basic health and shield mods, however it is quite useful. If combined with Redirection you can achieve 660% bonus shields which is enough to not get 1 shot up until the higher levels, and the 220% health is just enough that chip damage and burns like slash and toxin wont always melt you to death. The only problem with this mod is that at the BARE MINIMUM it takes 200 days of logins just to get it. A newer player could easily acquire the UMBRA SET way before that! I would suggest attaching this mod as a quest reward for the main quest-line somewhere and give players who already have it another login checkpoint choice to compensate. Make Arcane Aegis more consistent: Arcane Aegis is a moderately priced arcane that has a 6% chance when hit to cause your shields to always regenerate (+60 additional regen/sec) even when taking damage for the next 20 seconds at rank 3. This arcane works VERY similar to arcane grace (the health regen arcane) both mechanically and with similar numbers. The problem with this is that shield frames can't normally tank as many hits as a health based frame meaning that you could very easily die before that 6% chance ever occurs. My suggestion would be to increase the proc chance to 12% but reduce the bonus regen to +20 so that the total effect isn't much different, but it's way more consistent and reliable. Side note; Since you are technically regenerating shields naturally, shield regeneration rate mods increase the in combat regen effect. A new mod that works similar to Hildryn's passive: Add a mod to the game that works like an empowered shield gating effect on a cooldown. When your shield breaks you will not loose any health past the shield breaking and you will also gain 3 seconds of invulnerability along with status immunity. This is an extremely powerful fail-safe mechanism and should have a 30 second cooldown. The reason for the long(ish?) cooldown is because by the time the invulnerability wears off you should already be in a good spot to survive with your shields restoring, your arcanes/adaption proc'd, your buffs/cc reactivated, and just simply you no longer being in the danger zone. All of these things could be combined variably depending on the loadout of your choice to some degree of effectiveness on every warframe. Even just having some of them in combination could greatly increase your survive-ability compared to the current options already in the game. Have any feedback? Anything that you like? Anything that you don't agree on? Anyone greatly offended that I would dare to make suggestions regarding game balance? Also if you were to lazy to read the whole thing you can just post memes. Actually, leave memes either way. Thanks for reading and have a moderately decent, but not overly good day!
  12. This is a discussion and I was just stating my opinion on the matter. We're here to talk about it and that's what we're doing. Right...? Um, were we not discussing???
  13. I don't see how a suggestion for DE to think about is ruining the game for others. Balance changes as replied by another person are slow and should be treated insightfully. If DE likes a change like this it will happen or it won't and even if it does, if it doesn't work it can just be reverted or have the numbers adjusted until it does work. It's not a massive rework or anything either.
  14. It's not like the damage you deal will magically go away it would just limit nuking enemies that aren't even in the same room as you purely with abilities. A nuking nerf just makes the mission more fun for the other 3 sorry bastards stuck with the nuker. Free loot is free loot but the afk system makes you have to do stuff anyways.
  15. I don't think abilities having up to at most a 20% TOTAL reduction in range and power would change the fact that grineer are gonna take easily triple the damage before armor shred. Also this wouldn't in any way stop weapons from doing damage so no.
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