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  1. The "Mecha" set is one of the few good mod sets in Warframe, but most people don't know this. The reason for this is that going into multiplayer with this mod set completely destroys it. The reason is really simple too. When something that isn't your direct weapon hits (that's right; teammates, status effects, ability kills, and even the kubrow pet that's part of the mod set don't count) kills your marked target absolutely nothing happens and the effect is still on cooldown. This causes you to almost never spread status effects with it and for "Mecha Pulse" to almost never give you an armor buff like it is supposed to. This is also an extremely simple to fix problem. (I won't say easy because spaghetti code can be hard to deal with at times.) All DE needs to do to fix this mod set is to make it so that as long as the marked target dies from any source including teammates the mod effects will still activate. Another option for the multiplayer problem would be to reduce the cooldown and duration of the marks to make it more lenient for if the mark gets killed by a teammate. There are a lot of mods in Warframe that are unique and have cool effects, but are useless because they are designed poorly or have unfixed bugs. I hope that this mod set gets taken off of that list and becomes usable in multiplayer eventually.
  2. Wisp is an extremely well rounded frame that provides a lot of support, utility, crowd control, and decent damage; and a lot of this comes from her reservoirs in her first ability that allow you to grab motes from them that are essentially buffs. Wisp's original reservoirs Wisp has 3 different types of reservoirs that apply different mote buffs. Each one costs 25 energy to cast totaling up to 75 energy for all 3 buffs. Along with this the pickup radius of the mote buffs has a base of 5m and she can place up to 6 reservoirs. This means she can have 2 sets of buffs placed at a single time. Bountiful reservoir augment The augment idea compresses all 3 types into a single one. Rather than a amalgam textured plant bud offering a single buff the reservoir would be a blossoming plant with all 3 different motes growing from it. The actual mote buffs would not be changed from their original values but the reservoir would. The new "Bountiful Reservoir" would give you all 3 mote buffs when you enter the pickup range. The energy cost of the ability would rise from 25 to 50 and you no longer have to choose from each mote as they are now all a single ability. The pickup range should probably also be raised a bit (for utility purposes) from 5m to 7.5m or more. The cap on how many reservoirs may be placed would be lowered from 6 to 4 meaning that while you can't have as many reservoirs placed, you can have up to 4 sets of mote buffs placed in total rather than having only 2 sets of buffs. This is a utility augment that makes Wisp's reservoir ability easier to use and apply to teammates that can be extremely helpful but does not come off as a required mod needed for the frame to be good. The idea of the single blossom appearance changing to a blossoming plant would also indirectly allow people to customize her ability appearance more too, and we all know fashion frame is the true end game.
  3. The new warframe Wisp is an incredibly well made frame that is also extremely well rounded, but her numbers on her first ability are too good. Primarily I am talking about her motes. Vitality Mote: On the surface a 300hp 30hps buff is good but not overpowered, but in reality it is insane. The reasons behind this are pretty straightforward. There is no downside to building pure strength on Wisp. The Blind Rage+Rage combo on her alone can make you feel like you are using a fully modded frame. Walking into a Reservoir instantly refreshes her motes making duration unneeded and efficiency minimal. Basically with a single cast of a 3 option ability a Wisp can make her team ever harder to kill than Oberon's entire modded loadout can for way less maintenance. Suggested change: 300hp and 30hps lowered to 250hp and 25hps. Haste Mote: This mote gives 20% movement speed and 30% fire rate and melee speed. The problem with this is pretty similar to the problem with the vitality mote. Since there isn't a single reason stopping you from maxing strength the value of the attack buff makes her start to even out with frames like harrow that also have a fire rate buffs, but the buff applies to Wisps entire team instead of just herself. On the other hand the movement speed buff can't match Volt's in strength so it isn't as insane. Suggested change: 30% attack rate buff lowered to 20%. Shock: This mote is only effected by ability range and no strength so it is probably the only balanced one. Overall the numbers on her Vitality and Haste Motes should be toned down a bit is what I'm getting at. A single frame shouldn't be able to keep up and even outdo multiple other frames in their respective specialties with only a single ability. I think Wisp is an amazing jack of all trades frame and is extremely fun, but it's unfair that she makes other characters irrelevant at their best traits.
  4. When Wisp's reservoirs are in a Frost or Limbo bubble I can't use her 3rd ability "Breach Surge" to teleport to them. The indicator circle doesn't even appear when they are targeted.
  5. Recently the explosive weapons mod "Cautious Shot" got buffed from -90% self damage to -99% self damage, but it didn't. I have experience using the mod and have tested the new damage and it is still a -90% reduction. This was tested with the same build I used before it was "buffed". My Ogris build hits for about 15,000 damage before status and critical hits, but self damage weapon shots don't apply status effects and the Ogris has a 5% critical chance making it so that it didn't interfere with testing much. With the unbuffed cautious shot the 15,000 actually hit myself for 1,500 which resulted in my Gara, the frame i was using with the build, to still die to self damage. One thing to take in mind though is that with Gara i could ALSO get another -90% damage multiplier using the Splinter Storm ability. This would result in a COMBINED reduction total of -99% reduction which brought the damage down to only 150 and so i wouldn't die with this build if i hit myself. So with Cautious Shot getting BUFFED i should no longer require Splinter Storm to stay alive right? Nope. I still take 1,500 damage from hitting myself without Splinter Storm active. This means the actual effect of the mod is still -90% in reality despite it getting "buffed". I can think of two reasons off the bat for why the mod is still only reducing damage by only -90%. The first reason is that DE downright forgot to change the actually multiplier and only changed what the mod card showed, but hopefully this isn't actually the reason. The second reason could be involving damage reduction multipliers in general. Basically every warframe ability that reduces damage taken has a hard cap of 90% and can't reduce damage any further than 90% from a single source. This could be a general coding thing that applies to all damage reduction multipliers in the game which could be affecting the mod and preventing it from actually reaching -99% reduction. This is just a theory though as i don't know how it is actually coded. Please look into and fix this DE so that THE MOD ACTUALLY WORKS and people can actually use explosive weapons. Thank you for reading.
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