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  1. OV on PC would take around 5 hours to get enough phasic cells to acquire max rank Arcane Grace To get the same on console takes 9-11 hours Pricing is unfair as we cannot get same scores in same time frame so have to do more grind to get equivalent rewards Also if we can’t trade Lavos blueprint and part blueprints, why not let us hand these extras in to father for Phasic cells?
  2. Need to balance cost of store items to reflect the fact we cannot get same level of currency from Console missions versus the PC - we are getting <50% of the max PC scores (52k PC max, 25k Console) This means our time is not being valued as much as we have to do 2x the grind for same reward
  3. This needs to be checked - we can’t get anywhere near PC scores and the net effect is our time is not valued as much Fix was deployed for Clan Scores so that’s admitting there is an issue with scores but costs for items hasn’t been balanced
  4. I’ve maxed both Necramechs (5 forma), have a multi forma’d fluctus with Riven (pls buff disposition) and see no way of getting close to 30k on Xbox let alone the 40k-52k scores on PC Given the time taken to complete doesn’t change, it’s an hour for full run, it’s really unfair we are effectively earning half the amount we could potentially earn due to platform but are paying same prices in event store - is our time less valuable and therefore we just need to run twice as much?
  5. As mentioned if our average scores in Venom are 20k less than achievable on PC then surely the costs of items needs rebalancing? Not sure what everyone else’s max score has been so far but I’ve only achieved 20696 and that was with a pretty competent squad working well and taking approx 55m
  6. Need to look at this mission, playing solo it’s janky as hell - in operator whilst invisible it can grab you, switch modes - grabs in between, respawn from death - it grabs you, get out of grab - immediately grabs you, behind it - it grabs you (like literally you’ve got behind to shoot it’s vulnerability spots and it literally reaches between it’s balls to grab you) Can understand when I’m a team (lag etc) but as solo, ping good, Xbox One X - seriously - something funky going on
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