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  1. Yes finally melee 2.999999999999 feels so good!! but it also comes with flaws though. IMPOV, can we please cannot change to guns when using exalted weapons (exalted blade, talons, desert wind, etc) especially the ones that drains energy not including ivara because it does not drain energy when not firing. Yeah it's feels fluid because the name of this phase (flow) but it makes the warframe feels less badass or feels less rage mode. Imbalanced maybe? I know this feature isn't totally removed because mesa still cant change weapons. Also sometimes it is easy to forget about having exalted active because not really have a clear indicator. Just imagine that... "OMG I have enough energy to summon my exalted blade!" *summons exalted blade with the badass summoning through the hand" *presses button on mouse* pew pew pew with lato *presses melee button* "my exalted blade will slice all of you puny muahahaha" then pew pew pew with lato Geddit? sorry for my bad justification but yeah it makes badass moment just disappears and then reappears over and over again aka not constant badass moment. Especially valkyr's when firing and melee makes me fatigue because of the screen tint changes. 🙂
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