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  1. Feedback on archwing. It's clunky and far worse than original archwing movement. Why take away a layer of control when moving fast? The L1 to boost in sprint gave a far higher level of control to me at least. If i want to go down ill look down not go to L1. If you wont change that then make the up and down with L1 and X more responsive. It's not enough up and down for how fast you're going and leads to collision in tighter spaces (mostly a Titania problem). Talking about Titania I think a lot of archwing changes work better on the archwing than they do Titania because she's pretty much always in tight spaces. Also the side to side when ADS gives me motion sickness in Titania especially. I've never had motion sickness in a game before so that was shocking to me. Overall improve the system or give a slider to choose between the old and new archwing flight. The slider option would make me most happy and I think a lot of other people as well. Edit: the movement issue lies pretty much with only Titania from what I can see. Also. I just had a crash while in Fortuna.
  2. The changes to Titania's 'archwing' movement are giving me serious motion sickness as well as being in my opinion worse. She feels far clunkier to use now. Please add an option to go back to the old movement. I love using her but I just can't anymore because of this.
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