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  1. Dojo decorating isn't a core gameplay feature too btw, but decorators are getting QoL things from time to time. I definitely don't understand something...
  2. I have only one question actually. Why should we suffer? Please, answer this question, DE. You created pets for us. You made them beautiful and useful (not all of them, but still). You made them breedable and tradeable. You gave them rare traits and colors. We appreciate it. We love the pets you created. ...but you gave us literally NOTHING to check said traits and colors! Breeding is yet another part of Warframe's gameplay. There are people (including me) who consider it their own sort of endgame content. There are people ready to pay for rare pets and people ready to
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>> KUBROWS <<< ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deepsea Song - 2000 plat. She's triple rare - Venus Brown (purple) + Anyo Grey (blue) + Alad Blue - bulky lotus sahasa with matching blue energy. Spirit of generous ocean. ----------------------------------------------- Golden Ocean - 2000 plat. He's triple rare - double Sargas Brown (gold) + Anyo Grey (dark blue) - bulky lotus sahasa with gr
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