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  1. This update did nothing with the content drought, you even took extra time to fix the bugs yet there are many of them that probably were already there before you released it. The gamemode doesen't have any rewards that make it worth playing and it will be forgotten like the rest of them. Cool, now try again. Maybe next time you could actually try experimenting with engame content and scalling rewards. 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ryWr7BkV7M
  2. You should've prevented this by not extending it by 3 more weeks for the noobs.
  3. >add new type of rivens >keep the riven cap pepega also like everyone wanted the revive points to be "Press X to pickup" so you don't get debuffed if you don't want to revive noobs, but you couldn't add that right?
  4. Some gamemodes need to be changed, most of them are a waste of time except excavation and interception, 10 minutes in survival for one reward is way too long.
  5. When will new items (moas,kitguns etc.) start showing on profile?
  6. Kubrodons still dont appear on map,great
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