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  1. Yeah, they listened monkey paw style. We said there are some really bad abilities in the pool, limiting choice. They said they'd buff them, then turned around and stabbed us in the... I mean nerfed the abilities we were excited for. No buffs of any significance were had, those abilities are still useless.
  2. This is correct, I converted Liches with ephemera and still got them. Did DE change anything about this behaviour, and if so, why? Looking forward to someone who has recently tried it telling us what happened.
  3. That is obviously just an excuse. DE likes to do that, give excuses when it suits them to act against our interest. Turns out it's actually all our fault. Not even close. I literally oneshot entire rooms one hour into Steel Path Kuva Survival with a weapon that still has 3/5 Riven disposition (and I don't have a Riven). Meanwhile the Vermisplicer, with a Riven, slowly sucks the live out of previously 6, now 4 enemies. It can't get headshots, it has trouble damaging Nullifier bubbles, it has like half the stats of the Kuva Nukor, it can't effectively be built for heat (which is what makes all the OP beam weapons OP, except the few that have good slash damage). Sorry, but I have no need of a weapon that is killing slowly, is very bugged, and halfway between AoE and single target. Nor does anybody else, which is why it was barely used when it was AoE, and will no longer be used now that it isnt.
  4. Corrupted Holokeys (new currency from Void Storms) is bugged, I completed a Veil Void Storm and got 6, as expected, but after repeating the mission successfully and opening another relic, I still only had 6.
  5. Don't bother. Rank 10 Command is "farm ~500 Intrinsics, then choose not to bother with it after all over completely wasting 4m credits". It's completely irrelevant either way, especially if your old crew is already good.
  6. Regarding Galvanized mods: As I have expected, and told you in every relevant thread, "on headshot kill" effects of these mods do not register if the enemy died to a status effect. This is particularly bad, as the only relevant enemies in the game are for all intends and purposes immune to anything but slash procs. This is important and urgent, all "on headshot kill" effects (including old mods) need to trigger from status effect kills if you want guns to improve against high level enemies. ("On kill" seems to work with status effects.) Galvanised Scope is not available on the Artemis Bow for some reason (bug?), nor are the Arcanes.
  7. It is my impression that you really have no regard at all, not even in the slightest, for the time your players spend on the items you decide to nerf on a whim, and often without rime or reason. Again and again and again, and again, you reduce the effectiveness of items I spent significant amounts of time on by substantial amounts, usually 30-70%. You might argue that even at 30% effectiveness, items are still usable, and you wouldn'd be wrong, such a sorry affair is balance in this game. But you might just as well use an MK1 weapon, usable, sure, but no longer enjoyable, and absolutely subpar. Rarely are your nerfs fair and reasonable (Catchmoon comes to mind), usually they just break whatever they affect. Your latest victim is the Vermisplicer. This weapon already wasn't great, and plagued with bugs, yet you just decided on a whim to nerf it, citing the Kuva Nukor as reason. Vermisplicer is not the Nukor, not by a long shot, as your precious usage statistics should have told you loud and clear. Your justification of "We just thought it might be a good Idea, maybe, since we were nerfing the Nukor, and they look kinda similar to us." is just painful. That is my time you just decided to delete, on a whim, and without a clue. Could I respectfully ask you to maybe in the future carefully consider the balance of items before your players have spent time and possibly money on them? Just the smallest possible amount of respect for your players would be much appreciated.
  8. Surprise nerf. Because this weapon was absolutely dominating the usage statistics, right? Of course not! Thanks for destroying the time I spent on this game for no reason once again! Oh, and did you fix it's bugs while you are at it? It cannot get headshots or break Nullifier bubbles, most of the time. Of course not! You always just break, never fix.
  9. Warframe isn't losing players because it's too easy, but because it is 100% repetitive grind with updates once in a blue moon that last for 3 days to a week. The game feels like it, but it isn't technically too easy, rather, there is no balance to speak of. Fine tuned enemy/player damage and EHP values and strategic enemy behaviour is not something that will ever happen in this game. The closest to balance Warframe will ever see is the fake balance of enemy DPS caps - admitting that there is no balance, and just making you do a flat amount of damage per DE's choice, regardless of mods or weapon used. And not even this is done right, the DPS cap nerfs some weapons far more than others.
  10. No, you intentionally strawman what I sad. Which was "Helios has no value to gameplay apart as a stat stick". Luckily my words are very easy to proof: Just wait for the next time DE shows us usage statistics for Sentinels, Helios will have near zero. Because he won't do anything that affects gameplay. Scanning may be a collector thing, but it sure has nothing to do with gameplay.
  11. That is BS and you know it. Helios provides great value for completionists by existing, anything does. That is not what any sane person cares about, we consider relevance to gameplay, and Helios has none except as a stat stick. He doesn't provide any more value than a set of colors, which may be a matter of life or death for people with OCD, but not objectively.
  12. Isn't it kinda hilarious? It's always the same too, without exception. "We will buff bad Helminth abilities" *Good Helminth abilities get nerfed, the bad stay useless* "10% nerf melee, 90% buff guns" *Melee: -550% crit, -30% base damage, -Berserker. Guns: No change, but go farm new mods and arcanes that don't work on bosses* You can't even call it lying anymore, rather doublespeak, I guess. Since we already know exactly what they really mean when they speak words that don't match reality.
  13. Sorry, but "It's not useless, you can equip it if you are too lazy to scan stuff (which is pointless to begin with)" doesn't cut it. Helios is a stat stick period. Take that away and you may as well remove Helios entirely. And don't even argue that scanning stuff isn't pointless. Get a handfull of Heavy Gunners for the Simulacrum and you're done. And even then, by the time players can access the Simulacrum they probably scanned them by accident getting Simaris rep - which Helios also cannot do.
  14. People did that for 8 years with zero results to show for it. Just not going to happen. What is going to happen, is that DE is breaking one more of our toys (Helios).
  15. Well, yes, but they never compensate for nerfs. They never buff useless broken stuff. They will not make Helios worth using on it's own merit, best case they will nerf anything else remotely useful (technically they are nerfing Smeeta by making the important stuff despawn after 5 minutes).
  16. I hope you are joking. "Fixing a bug"? First of all, why are set bonuses applying when equipped on a Sentinel a bug? Secondly, they didn't fix anything, they just made "some" set mods unequippable on the sentinel (melee ones). So, they nerfed melee further via a very weird bandaid. But only combo melee, heavy attacks remain as strong as before. And before you assume I'm just salty about my precious melee getting nerfed, my Glaive Prime with Riven still oneshots level 9999 Steel Path Corrupted Heavy Gunners. I'll just never ever again equip Helios Prime is all. Great change.
  17. DE bandaids never fail to be hilarious. A: So we want to make set bonuses no longer work when equipped on Sentinels, any ideas? B: What do you mean, we just program it so the setbonus only activates when equipped on the players... C: Yeah, we make them unequippable. Problem solved, I only need 2 minutes, then I'll be back to playing Hearthstone. A: Brilliant as usual, C! I think you deserve another raise.
  18. You are aware that people already use mods on their melee weapon, so you'd have to replace those with your Gladiator mods, right?!
  19. Combo melee will lose 550% critical hit chance tomorrow (+Berserker +33% of CO). So it's pretty much dead. Guns on the other hand receive more base damage, crit, and multishot. This means people will use heavy attacks for high level targets and bosses (better get that Redeemer Riven now), and AoE guns for everything else. Why not single target guns? They can already kill anything in under 1 second, more damage doesn't help them - and they won't even be more effective against bosses either, since they already reach the (kinda low) DPS-cap without those buffs. Feel free to disagree, you'll be wrong though.
  20. Nooooo... In all seriousness though, that means Helios is no longer useful. Another Sentinel for the heap of useless things.
  21. Even after using it, I'm not really sure. Here is my best guess: Any melee kill seems to give me the buff and cause an explosion. Enemies that die to the explosion cause further explosions. The buff does get reapplied even when it is still active, as long as you keep killing you have it permanently. There seems to be a cooldown during which no explosions occur, but it is highly inconsistent. You'd think that the buff might be the cooldown, but that is clearly not the case. There seems to be a limit of 2 explosions per cooldown (including chain explosions), but simultaneous explosions may count as one. Causes blast procs despite (supposedly) dealing impact damage. Basically, it doesn't do what it says in the description at all, and is quite possibly bugged on top. So nothing out of the ordinary. The set bonus may or may not actually work like this: Melee kills cause enemies to explode, this effect goes on cooldown 2 seconds after the first explosion.
  22. I suppose if killing enemies while under the effect of Dragon Keys is impressing you enough to make a forum post about it, I might as well show you this video: The only difference is that I'm not invincible, that I'm killing faster, and that the weapon I used will receive massive buffs. I guess by your logic guns will be quadruple OP then?
  23. Try posting the mods you use on your melee and Warframe, you might be doing something wrong.
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