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  1. Yeah, my qualm is that the story doesn't acknowledge this change with anything other than a single line from the Operator when that change occurs. Not a single mention later. No "Oh hey, the old Ordis is back" or "I seem to have blacked-out, Operator, have I missed anything?" What it does show is that that the personalities *can* be changed. Even if it's the equivalent of a factory reset, it's still better than the "Oh-so-quirky" personalities in place right now being totally locked in place. Also, you have no qualms about working for your enemies but draw the line at manipulating the digital imprint of a long-dead, and arguably unbearable, personality?
  2. Except we've already changed him in the Sacrifice, but he somehow reverted back to Claptrap 2.0 mode with absolutely no acknowledgement or explanation of it ever happening.
  3. Wait wait wait, so you wanted to bring all arbitrations up to the standard set by Excavation... but nerfed the gain on the only resource we'd farm from there by 75%? So, now, instead of spending around 3-4 min to get 1.5-2k endo, we're spending the same amount of time for 2 chances of a drop worth only 25% of what it used to give? Absolutely brilliant. Please tell whoever thought that was a good idea to slap themselves until they realise just how stupid this change is.
  4. Except for Consoles, who buy their TennoGen with plat...
  5. It's just too bad a business company doesn't have "group of people" anywhere in the definition of the word. Also, there could certainly be an imperative that forces a single person running a company to employ more people. Like being unable to or having huge difficulty with handling a massive work-load set out for it... sound familiar? But, whatever. You, yourself and thy can keep calling yourselves a clan, no matter how absurd it sounds. I've already said my piece. You want to be antisocial and ignore the fact that clans were balanced around having multiple people in them? All the power to you. You want to win gold? Do the extra leg work that comes with it.
  6. You've made it up in your head that an Operation is all about finding an exploit to make it easier. That's not it. Perhaps you should stop thinking about how to break the game in order for it to suit your needs and actually compete, you know, fairly? Again, finding a bug is not a bannable offense, in fact, it's quite often rewarded. What does deserve to be harshly punished is continuing to knowingly exploit it.
  7. "A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent. Even if lineage details are unknown, clan members may be organized around a founding member or apical ancestor." And you're right. One person is not a research team and wouldn't refer to himself as such. A freelancer is not a company. What was your point again? Were you trying to give more examples of things that don't make sense in line with the examples I've made or disprove my point?
  8. Did I mention Quasars in particular? No. I'm talking about the guy's argument that exploiting the game helps it grow. He could be one of the cheaters, he could have no personal stake in the leaderboard issue. Either way, what he said is trying to justify the actions of those who cheated and that's where I have a problem.
  9. The due process of finding a bug is cataloging it and sending it off to DE to get fixed, not exploiting it for as long as you can. Don't try to justify cheating by saying it helps the game grow. As was said often during another fiasco involving the game being exploited: "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
  10. Objectively wrong to say you can't have a group consisting of one person. Up next, a story about a peaceful war, a dry swim and a square circle.
  11. Thank you very much. I am incredibly glad to see you making a push for consistent enforcement of the game's rules.
  12. You are aware that you don't have to hit 20k all by yourself, right? This "spend 3 hours in a mission" thing can be avoided if you approach this just like any other farm. Get a full squad and suddenly the goal is much easier and faster to achieve.
  13. You're willing to put in the effort though, aren't you? So, go ahead and put in the same amount of extra effort it takes to run a solo clan as usual. I'm currently on mobile, so I can't address the cell suggestion, but from a cursory glance I like the idea. It is, however irrelevant to your claims of a solo ghost having to put in 10 times the effort a shadow does compared to the usual 3.3 recurring.
  14. 3.33 whatever isn't the minimum number of people required to contribute though. It's the difference in resources required for one player to contribute in order to reach the goal. So, the solo ghost always has to contribute 3.33 times the resources a single 10-man shadow member does. This is how it's been for years, which is why I ask if you cry "unfair" each time you do solo research.
  15. So, what's your problem then? You do need to contribute 3.333 times the effort of a Shadow clan at min-capacity. Run through the maths again, it's the same ratio as for everything else. 60,000/10 = 6000 20,000/6000 = 3.333 Plug any research requirement into that and you'll get the exact same result. Example, Hema: 15000/10 = 1500 5000/1500 = 3.333 And once again, a clan at minimum membership, consisting of one person, is not a clan.
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