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  1. Will-o'-the-wisps weren't believed to be fire spirits though. They were considered to be ghosts/faeries that lead people to their deaths in marshes. Nothing about summoning portals. To the sun or otherwise.
  2. The Ghost themed warframe summons a giant sun-deathray. I don't think the frame's theme matters very much anymore.
  3. Conclave is dead, bad and belongs in the trash. The low playercount is the exact reason for not fixing it - nobody but a fringe group of players engages in it, nobody but a fringe group of players cares enough to see it fixed. There is absolutely nothing that can redeem or save this abhorrent waste of Dev-time.
  4. What the guy above me said, except it's a bow. Unless you particularly enjoy the way bows play, it's safe to drop/sit in armoury 'till a Bow-Only sortie pops up.
  5. iFlynn is no longer a partner. He quit towards the end of 2019. FREESWORD was cancelled last year too, no reasons have been given.
  6. Garuda's shield. Why, yes, this curved shield that exposes my legs is incredibly helpful while I'm being shot at from every direction.
  7. I don't. I thought Plague Star would've kept me a little invested while it ran, but I can't bring myself to login even for that.
  8. In the same vein, how do you feel about making the Hema/Sibear grind a little less ridiculous?
  9. And here I was, hoping that Host Migrations were finally getting addressed.
  10. This is feedback. The same feedback that's been given countless times since DE's gone on their RNG-gear spree, just with more sarcasm. This is the kind of thread that's born from a feeling of futility. Just because you don't like the presentation, doesn't mean it's any less viable. Not that it matters. DE's Vision > Player's Fun and yet another feedback thread, whether presented seriously or not, added to countless others won't change anything.
  11. Or maybe they're not happy watching something they loved/enjoyed die because of stupid decisions. No, wait, that's stupid. People just like to complain and there's nothing more to these complaints.
  12. Destiny 2. Pick Warlock and use the Dawnblade skilltree. It lets you fly through the air while shooting, bullet-jump style, which is great fun.
  13. I've used the example before, but it's a good one for showing why random stats do not work with Warframe. Harrow farm. That was, quite possibly, the most soul-crushing and disheartening grind I've gone through in the game. Now, imagine how it would feel if the frame I got in the end suddenly turned out to have less Shields/Range/Strength/Duration than the "baseline" It's the exact same thing here. First, I've got to go through a long mission, using gear that's clearly underpowered for the content it's used in, hope for a drop, hope that drop will be what I actually need and then hope the stats will actually be worth my time... and then, after you've spent the resources on that piece of gear, there's always a chance that a better version will drop and you'll have to go through grinding more resources to build it. Either make all the gear stats standard, with possibility to upgrade them like we already have with our current arsenal, or make all this random equipment drop fully assembled and greatly increase storage limits. EDIT: Alternatively, keep the repair timer and add a resource cost to speed it up while making the actual process free, if you're so dead-set on filling the game with mobile-style timegates.
  14. Asteroid Hangar Sabotage can become unfinishable if you actually try to GTA the "prototype" Crewship instead of blowing it up straight away. When you try and fly it out of the hangar, the bay doors do not open, trapping the ship inside the actual hangar model (as opposed to the internal map) if you exit the ship, your warframe will also become trapped (unless you have Lvl 4 Tactical) and the ship will become indestructible as it can't be boarded or Slingshotted into. Kinda a problem when it's the last Crewship needed to complete the Exterminate requirements.
  15. Speed what up? Once again, this thread is not about resource-farming to upgrade the Railjack out of mission, it's specifically about crafting ammo for the Omnitool. A team playing with a booster will be able to repair their ship for longer than a team without. It might not be the completely broken P2W that the system is hated for, but it's most certainly the first step towards it. Also, just because you don't pay for it, doesn't mean the bonus isn't paid. Every plat purchase is still backed by cold, hard dollars.
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