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  1. Eklectus

    Dread Mirror to Dread Cloak

    I do agree that blood altars seem to be her core ability and generally help her tank whatever damage isn't absorbed by the mirror. Unfortunately, they suffer from two major problems: the first one is that sometimes, the altars seem to bug out and provide absolutely no healing, the other is that if you have teammates with you, there's a good chance your target will die before you reach it (especially if you have a Mesa tagging along) leaving you stranded in the open. Not to mention a great deal of abilities outright preventing BA from casting. Personally, I'd rather we keep the shield, but as mentioned by many before me, change its shape and make it move faster, that way, she can properly get into crowds of enemies and keep herself covered from the most dangerous ones without the shield taking an entire second to turn where it's needed.
  2. Eklectus

    Dread Mirror to Dread Cloak

    I've played her for much more than 10 hours and her shield is still incredibly lackluster. Mainly because it does an absolutely S#&$ job of protecting your legs, meaning that anything with an AoE that lands at your feet doesn't only damage you, but also has a good chance of knocking you down as well. Considering her whole thing is jumping around the field, comboing her skills, a more reliable method of knockdown/stagger protection than a slow-turning oval would be appreciated.