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  1. No idea what you mean. Entrati has been the most pleasant Open World Syndicate to grind standing for, so far. Unlike PoE or Fortuna, there's no need to fish or mine respectively, since just doing bounties gives you plenty of redeemable standing you can store. Only really bad parts are when you're forced to do Conservation to advance.
  2. Type: In-Game Description: Deimos Therids cheat when aiming their ball of goo. Expected Result: Dodging behind a slowed Therid while it's throwing AoE results in the projectile flying towards your frame's previous location. Observed Result: Therid throws the projectile backwards, directly at your frame, without even turning. Reproduction Rate: 100%
  3. Are Necramechs supposed to block Void Dash? Only reason I'm supposing this is a feature, is because the same thing happens during the Ropalolyst fight - you try to Void Dash near it and you get booted back into the Warframe with your abilities disabled. If this is happening by design, why are there no notifications during gameplay?
  4. Type: In-game Description: Operator Void Dash doesn't work in Isolation Vault missions. Expected result: Operator Void Dashing as normal. Observed result: Operator either jumps up while invisible, or dashes before transferring back into the frame and disabling all abilities for a few seconds. Reproduction Rate: 100% in 3 Isolation Vault missions.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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