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  1. OK for a few years now i had Dupes of helms (Prime and not prime) and after trying to farming the Exploiter Orb mother i have 5 Deck 12 scenes and for SoE i have 2 kuva scenes. Now i would like to get rid of these dupes but i cant go to my inventory and sell them, i would like to ask can something please be implemented so i can get rid of these Non-sellable dupes? (ether by script or able to sell the dupes) With the helm its really annoying cause the Dupe also appers in the helm selecting UI.
  2. I have 3 questions. Will we be able to finlly see the out side of our orbiter when railjack comes out? And will we maybe get more rooms with the new orbiter interior like a kitchen and or a disply room that shows all the weapons and frames that you have in your arseal? (i think new rooms will most likely be a no lol but a tenno can dream right?) I remember in a dev stream modular skins was mentioned is there anything new on that?
  3. Will conclave get look at? (i.e Conclave 2.0) if its a yes may i suggest adding a moba mode (i think it would be a good fit for warframe)
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