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  1. Will conclave get look at? (i.e Conclave 2.0) if its a yes may i suggest adding a moba mode (i think it would be a good fit for warframe)
  2. i cant wait for tomorrow but with xbox idk can you use a keybord and mouse with it?
  3. 1. i know there was a question for tennogen opertor suits sometime back (i forgot the dev stream #) my question is would it be possible for us to have tennogen armor/armor set? (idk if this question was asked before) 2. how will umbra be like compaired to the primes? like is going to be like the primes with prime access (umbra access)? if so how will we farm the parts will it be relics or something totally different? and will their be umbra weapons or just the frames? (thats may umbra question) 3. would it be possible for us to get prime zaw parts? (the parts could be made out of the tower for the lore) and thats it. love warframe and love DE im happy to support the game and DE i have mad respect for as a company and as people you guys do amazing work keep it up (started playing 254 days ago)
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