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  1. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    Matzan481 Trinity Nightingale is now live.

    It is Grineer-aesthetic that actually gets referenced in the TennoGen style-guide, so any TennoGen creator should feel encouraged to work with those for a Grineer-themed skin. Faven did it first (?), and I actually own Faven's Graxx Nova and matching syandana, so I am a fan, but naturally, more creators get into TennoGen over time and thus, make skins matching one of the factions. Talking about the skin itself, I already wrote via Twitter that I love it and hopefully it will work with Trinity Prime in terms of turning on/off prime parts. I've been using her deluxe for way too long now and would love to switch to this skin at some point.
  2. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    WTS Legendary Fusion Core

  3. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    WTS Legendary Fusion Core

    Hey there fellow Tenno, like the title says, I want to sell a Legendary Core. I do not have a set price in mind so please feel free to post/pm me your offer, or contact me directly via Xbox Live at my gamertag Bunny Mittens. Thanks for looking and have a nice day!
  4. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    Ivara skin process(update)

    I love the Fortuna, G and Ray. Pretty much in that order. Hope to see these evolve into actual Skins, or well, at least one of them. 🙂
  5. Yeah I think we would start to see more variety in the pets that are used. Currently, as for pets, I handle it like Eathian and use my Smeeta for most. I also have an Adarza that I actually like, but I do not like the statsis approach so I just keep my Smeeta out all the time.
  6. (XB1)Bunny Mittens


    Very much looking forward to Garuda and the Fortuna update as a whole. Can't wait! 🙂
  7. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    Please explain, I just want to understand it

    Unless I am missing something, couldn't they at least change his account from negative to simply 0? He would still be short of 1600 plat but at least he could play, if he decides to do so anyway after all this.
  8. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    I can also confirm that I do get duplicate Twitch drops on Xbox One now so something must've changed.
  9. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    Was watching a stream for a good 10 hours on Friday (watched on PC, my WF Account is on Xbox) and got 2 drops. A Grand Finale Fireworks and Credits. And since then I haven't gotten any drop the whole weekend. So it clearly worked in the beginning and then stopped. Might be that the duplicates theory is right and those missed drops would've been Fireworks/Credits but either way it is pretty disappointing that it just is not working right.
  10. Very much looking forward to Fortuna and Garuda. And of course, Moa Pets. I don't mind waiting for Railjack 'til 2019 at all. Sounds good to me. I'd love to see an infested weapon line like Vandal/Wraith/Prime at some point. But this year was a lot about balancing/changing what is already in the game which makes sense.
  11. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    XB1 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 (LIVE!)

    Nice, friend of mine is looking forward to Revenant. I am mostly looking forward to the Corpra Nova Skin in this update. Finally my Nova can cosplay as both Graxx and Corpus.
  12. Your Carnifex skin actually made me start to play Nyx in the first place, I would certainly not mind you working on another skin for her at some point. 👍
  13. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    lukinu_u's Workshop - Khora Mithra is done !

    Love that Khora skin! Hope it'll make it into the game at some point.
  14. (XB1)Bunny Mittens

    TennoGen Round 13 - Accepted Items!

    Very happy to see Nova Corpra made it. So I now I can cosplay as either Grineer or Corpus Nova.
  15. Would love to see Corpra Nova this round.