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  1. I used different Warframes in Steel Path, depending on the mission type: Warframes (all Prime): - Inaros, Titania (Extermination, Sabotage, Capture, Disruption) - Vauban, Nova (slow or fast) (Defense, Mobile Defense) - Nyx (Interception) - Inaros, Loki, Titania, Limbo (Spy) - Inaros for most of Assassination Mission Companion: - Kavat Smeeta Weapons: - Primary: Rubico Prime, Basmu - Secondary: Kuva Nukor, Catchmoon, Tombfinger - Melee: Pennant (heavy build), Kronen Prime
  2. I did it in the same way, it is still the best place at the moment (until next week with the new update). And you will get some Toroids at the same time 😉
  3. Clan name: Sanctuary Tigers Clan tier: Ghost Clan plattaform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord & Architect
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