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  1. For my part, I enjoyed playing the quest. However: - the resource collection in the first mission is, shall we say, simplistic (ok my railjack is pretty well put together, that could be justified for an unmodded ship) - I find that Vala's appearance in game is rather caricatured, she is less beautiful than in the trailer. - during the phase where you have to shoot the countermeasures, the key to press which is indicated on the screen does not correspond to anything (for my part I had to press the key 8). When I used by chance the main shot key (mapped to "C") it worked. Here there is a bug to fix. Just a wish: - Is it possible to make the Tempestarii look like a railjack ephemera? In the sense that we can apply this nice texture to the other railjack skins and not only on the original railjack. Otherwise, great job done, nice work DE.
  2. Would it be possible to treat the Tempestarii appearance as an ephemera? In the way that the appearance can be viewed on another railjack skin and not just the original railjack skin.
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