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  1. Yes this is what I thought at first, that I need to be on steam in game the whole time and enter twich for the gun and Hydroid, but I wasn't sure. #*!% it I am just going to leave twich open in the background just to be safe(I hope that works)
  2. Thanks for the quick answer, I am blind, didn't see under Hydroid that it says twich or steam so I thought I need to do both.
  3. So I want to see if I understood this correctly. I don't have to watch the stream tonight(it is going to be night where i am) on twich if I am watching the stream from in game on the relay while logged in on steam.
  4. Cool so there is a way deal with them. I feel silly now that I never thought about trying to shoot them.
  5. Oh I did not know that, if it is true then what I suggested isn't necessary. I think it would still be cool though but not necessary. I am going to try it next time. Thanks!
  6. Yes this is exactly what I had in mind. This was just an afterthought for me. Not necessary at all. It would be useful to someone who doesn't need help with hacking. Also to remind parazon mods exist, but whatever.
  7. I am playing solo, Wukong prime. Clone is using Fulmin, I am using a zaw staff, I am loving the spawnrate. No room clearing. I am not speedrunning the content. Only place I go for a CC frame is excavation, it is difficult to keep the excavator alive with wukong on levels that high. I can even do the interception, mobile defense and defense. Ash prime fatal teleport for disruption. I haven't done defection yet but I will probably use trinity prime or oberon prime.
  8. Hi, I would like to suggest that you add picking up bombs(something like in the raptors boss fight). It is cool that you added the bomb indicator, it helps a lot. But when a bomb is next to an objective that we are trying to protect, it feels frustrating to just watch the bomb go off without being able to do anything about it. This is especially more dangerous now in steel path when enemies are a lot more stronger, I would like to have a chance of trowing the bomb away. It is kind of a risk/reward thing, it can blow up in your hand if you don't pick it up and trow it in time. A side note: That may open up some more mods being added for parazon that concentrate on the grenade aspect. Also I don't think this is that important and urgent, just feel like it would be a cool addition. I know there is a lot going on already. I hope someone from DE reads this and thinks about it.
  9. It is what makes them distinct to regular swords in the game. That is why I don't think it is a necessary change, you have it already in the game, just use swords or like you said two-handed nikanas. For a 'more realistic' samurai experience I recommend Ghost of Tsushima or even Sekiro. Sekiro I played personally and I truly recommend it. Ghost of Tsushima looks great and people seem to like it. (you probably knew that but just in case) I like 2-hand swords, and although movesets we have in the game have no relation to reality I don't mind it, it is for a fantasy setting. (although I wouldn't complain about having a more HEMA-like movesets) Oh and I remembered 'For Honor'. A game loosely based on reality, where you can get your stereotypical samurai, knight or viking experience with some form of realism. I would say that it is like Need for Speed is an arcade racing game, For Honor is and arcade historical combat.
  10. Primary: corinth, sybaris p, dread, fulmin, lenz, zarr, zhuge Secondary: akbolto p, euphonia p, lex p, twin grakatas Melee: dragon nikana, nikana p, fang p, galatine p, gram p, orthos p, paracesis, tatsu Exalted: artemis bow, dex pixia, regulators, exalted blade, iron staff Arch-guns: Fluctus (even though it isn't viable anymore in railjack) Most of these weapons are strong, but 1 thing they have in common is I like to use them, I have other weapons that I don't like to use much but are also powerful.
  11. I can't wait to do spy missions solo on steel path, solo spy is something I like doing but it isn't the fastest leveling method so I rarely do it for leveling, with steel path I hope it becomes viable.
  12. It is good that things are going good mostly. I am sure the infection is just a minor speed bump on his road to recovery. Stay safe tenno!
  13. Operator, if you are going to spend all of your void traces, be careful not to make any....RADical decisions...Ordis will continue with maintenance.
  14. Sooo 'I don't want to da a task'='The task can't be done' Did I get that raight? People probably already said this but you don't need to do everything and will get to r30, maybe even r60 since we still have 2/5 scenes unlocked, I am r24 and I think I have done 70% of the tasks.
  15. People are trying too hard to make sense of the lore behind prime frames, it would be more simple to just look at them as skins and get on with it. Were they first, or just higher rank, or something else doesn't really matter to me. They exist to support the game financially, that is my take on that.
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