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  1. Thanks, I will try that, never happened before so I was confused EDIT: It worked, thanks. Still a bug tho
  2. I have this problem only with harrow, can't see how his deluxe will look on my color setup because his deluxe just overlaps with the default skin.
  3. I think I saw some other people commenting Rhino, didn't take you seriously monkey boy 😛
  4. It warms my heart seeing all the love for my man Rhino! The backbone of many players starting out.
  5. Some enemies should have partial cc immunity instead of total cc immunity, so if some enemy has 50% cc resistance, your cc ability will work half the duration it has. That way cc will be useful against them, but they will still be able to get out of it quickly so you need to keep a close eye to keep the enemy cc-ed. Also maybe give some of them a short time period after cc effect ends to be immune to that cc so the enemy doesn't get perma-cc.
  6. Only thing is I don't think it will look good with an umbra scarf, but I guess I will be building regular excal again if I like this skin too much when I see it in action. First time I'm one of the people wanting that scarf removed.
  7. Doesn't volts shield amplify damage, that is why he put the shield first, that is what I thought at first, idk
  8. Well I kind of think that the discovering part doesn't work very well anymore, it is kind of impossible for new player to not see operators somewhere, but anyway there were no operators in the trailer, the intro could be vague and just talk about you being a warrior from an ancient war that is being awaken once again to help the system or something like that.
  9. Well it isn't the first time a video game got a cgi trailer with better graphics then the game, it is just strange to us cuz trailers for warframe up until now were all filmed with in-game engine. I think you people are looking too far into it, it is simply a new cinematic for the start of the game.
  10. How about excal running up a wall, maybe a hint that parkour could be updated, so we get wall running back, instead of jumping at the wall
  11. I will be at work doing a night shift, hope I win one of the contest prizes 😁
  12. Here is my entry, why not 😁 EDIT Idk what is up with audio, hope it doesn't matter
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