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  1. Glad we could help in some way. You as a family can pull trough this together. As Anthraxicus said, keep us updated and stay strong!
  2. I have lost some people I love over the years, they died when I least expected, so I can partly understand you. I usually bury my emotions, but when I am alone and watching something, movie/series/game that has well executed emotional scenes, I start to sympathize with the characters because I already feel like they feel. When it is reviled who Umbra lost, and what Ballas meant by: 'Howl all you want, it won't bring HIM back', I could sympathize with Umbra, there is always pain with losing someone you love. What you are going trough is one of the worst things in this world, no parent should watch their kid die. I lost my friend and I know how devastated his parents are, loosing their only son. Real world can be a cruel place. Give all the love you can to your son while he is still there, and love your wife and daughter, you have each other, and when you need it, you have your fellow Tenno. You are the true Umbra main.
  3. You get my point 🙂 Well that would be ideal, but we will see if they can pull it off. Sidenote- I haven't mentioned this, it is maybe unimportant but I liked all of the new frames from 2019, not so much in 2018, so it is not like I hate new frames. Especially the one with great ASSets 😉
  4. Well no you still didn't understand, not ALL NEW content, just NEW frames. They need to relese rest of railjack(comand, liches, other factions), balance it, relese new war(includet with railjack and story) duviri paradox. also a lot of people complaining about liches so maybe a rework of the system, who knows. New nightwave seasons. Reworks of frames(like nyx) And on top of all that preparing for next tennocon. AND on top of all that they are making around 4 frames and 4 primes. A LOT OF STUFF to do. So I just suggested maybe tone down the new warframes, we still have plenty left that are not primed, they won't fall behind if they slow it down. SO THEY CAN RELESE OTHER NEW CONTENT I'm totally fine with disagreeing, seems I am wrong. But if you disagree with me by thinking I want ONLY reworks and bug fixes for a whole year. Maybe I didn't explain in the beginning very well, but I have replied more than once that I WANT NEW stuff, but more replayability comes from good, functional systems in which the player can spend their time, rather then another new frame that gets farmed in a few days and then ether gets forgotten(We have 40+ frames, tell me how many of them are under 1% usage in your profile?) or if usable, YOU NEED SOMETHING TO USE IT ON. ACTUAL CONTENT. To sum it up. I see people disagree mostly about making less frames this year. So I take back what I suggested. I just #*!%ing hate people not understanding WHY I suggested it, maybe I am the problem, English isn't my native language so I can't express myself completely. Anyway I am done with this.
  5. You actually get what I was trying to say 😄 But yeah probably not gonna happen...
  6. I wasn't implying that they are actually leaving the game broken, I said that because it felt like the other comment was saying it is more important for the game to have more new content then it is to fix it. You pulled it out of context. Lets imagine an extreme situation where DE over these past few years just brought new and new content without any of the fixes they have made. Game would be dead now. To keep the game alive, you need to fix problems as well as developing new content. And I wasn't implying that we should have fixes all year round See what I mean, seams like you skipped this, I know there is plenty of new content coming up, and I know that is important for the game, and who knows what other new stuff they have planned that we haven't heard about. That is why I said this, they have plenty of work implementing big systems and quest that will change the game quite a bit. I am afraid they will spread themselves too thin. But whatever, seems you people are trying to defend DE, and I am not even attacking them, just had a suggestion pop up in my mind on how they could make a bit more time for all those systems. I see you mostly disagree so I ain't going to suggest it. That's that.
  7. Well I wasn't thinking just about hotfixes whole year round, I meant completing railjack, and fixing it so it is not broken, make it connect the game like they wanted, connect the liches to it.... Deliver new war, duviri at least at the end of the next year(wishful thinking), that sort of stuff....oh yea and the 'new player' thingy that they made a big fuss about with that fancy trailer. Plenty of stuff to do, and all of it will require fixes, soo yeah I thin at least tone down frame development, but whatever. PS leaving the game in a buggy mess to work on something new without fixing it can also make the game die, yes it isn't as shiny as 'NEW' content, but is also important for keeping players, new stuff brings the players, buggy new stuff makes players leave.
  8. They currently have 15 more to go, IF they make 2 in the next few years, and make 8 primes=> (15+2)-8=9. Then they make 3 more frames and 4 primes=> 9+3-4=8, then they make 4 new ones and 4 primes and it stays the same............ and so on. they have plenty to spare. I will no longer reply to you because we are running in circles, there is nothing you or I can add to this discussion between us. Let us agree to disagree, have a nice day tenno. (wining an argument in the forums is the true endgame, and it is difficult AF)
  9. But with the thing I suggested, DE aren't going to run out of warframes? IF they make 1 warframe this year, 1 warframe the next and focus more on making a better foundation during those two years, while still releasing 4 primes per year, and then continue making 3,4 frames per year they can make prime access until the sun explodes.
  10. Making a skin is mostly on the artist, but making a new warframe, with new powers that need to work with the rest of the game, and be balanced more or less, making the animations, lore... I think making a frame needs programmers as well. But again, what do I know. Just stating my opinion. "keeping players busy" well a new warframe keeps the player busy for a few days until it is farmed and built, level to 30, then it ether collects dust, or gets used for doing the other content. But if that "other content" is bad, you won't have anything to do with your new toy, so you will get bored quickly. So a new warframe isn't something that is for keeping players busy, a warframe is good if it is fun and useful. So you are contradicting here.
  11. I have no idea about player numbers. Maybe if they slow down for this year, maybe the next, and then start making 3,4 per year again, that way they won't catch up with primes. The reason I want them to slow down is so they can focus more on fixing stuff from this year, making the content they implemented more fun and sustainable and further developing the plot. But idk, i am not a game designer or a programmer, just my unprofessional opinion.
  12. Sad thing is you are probably right, I am being optimistic here 😅
  13. I said if they would stop making now, but I suggested just slowing down, they would need even more time to catch up. I don't think this game will live forever, even if it lasted 4 more years, that would be plenty. If they keep working on new frames, while leaving the game broken, it is going to die way sooner than 4 years. Hope that doesn't happen tho
  14. If I counted correctly, there are 42 warframes, 27 are primed(including excal). We get 4 primes per year, if DE stopped making new frames now, it would take nearly 4 years to prime them all. That means DE still has plenty of material for making prime access(money). I think they should tone down making new frames and focus on polishing the game since there are so many broken systems players are complaining about. There is no need to make 3,4 frames per year. I think making 1 per year that is well thought out, and with a mini quest would be much more appreciated by the community.
  15. Thanks for sharing, I just now got back into the forum, and I counted 4 people posting excal, and the rest talking about ember deluxe lol 😄 I thought this thread should be for people liking this skin like myself, but oh well, it is a matter of taste. And general discussion shouldn't be too strict, so let them argue.
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