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  1. I know most of us have been away since we got everything we needed from orphix, been playing horizon zero dawn and wow, I would pretty much like DE to borrow heavily from that game while working on duviri. I'm bored of just ranking up stuff, need something refreshing, operator martial arts or something. Lets summon warframes for a few minutes if we ever have to use them in Duviri paradox or plains of Duviri, Make it an operator only horizon zero dawn style open world with warframe aesthetics.
  2. I have a lot to say but I'll be brief. Add a TV decoration to the clan/orbiter, Add a resource called discs that can be played on these TV decorations, Discs will contain different episodes/cinematics/anime/whatever they decide to call it but will ensure a constant update to the lore of the game. Farming for episodes every week isn't a bad grind and if the episodes are well scripted, this can do good to the game. So what are the perks to implementing this: 1.) Can be considered end game (maybe) 2.) More content for streamers to engage with 3.) Will draw in a new kind
  3. To all operator fans, it has been too long, we need something fresh, a new mechanic to enjoy more than operator fashion, we need a new focus school. This new focus school should emphasize on operator movement, weapons, and combat mode. I don’t know what we’ll get with Duviri but we definitely need a revamp. I have been playing a lot of mortal shell, was thinking how cool it is when you get a fatal blow you get soul punched out of your shell. I love the idea of integrating the same mechanic in Warframe and maybe eliminate revives.
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