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  1. Sadly, for a game too focused in drawing in newer players we can only assume they don't know. It's more of a numbers game for them. How many new players can we bring in with this next update..
  2. Nobody said anyone is better than the other mate. Just saying we are all different in how we approach loving the game. I know someone who never bothers with MR tests after 15 and probably have every gear item and can even last longer in endurance runs than anyone. MR is meaningless to you, cool. Having fun? cool. I'm just a trader who enjoys selling stuff even if it's worth 10p. Do I need plat, not at all. I just enjoy the exchange. It's what I love most about the game. That said, MR ain't meaningless to me. So fluf collectors like you and traders like me can live in harmony regardless of MR.
  3. Meaningless?? Nuuh man... Someone may enjoy being a low MR and making the game more grindy for themselves till they quit that's cool, I enjoy the game by getting stuff to trade and yeah I still get pissed when I run out of my 29 trades, people enjoy the game differently. If you find being the highest rank possible in a game meaningless and not fun, It's only because you are a casual gamer and not a completionist. The game has focused in attracting so many casuals so I don't really blame your existence. DE loves you most. Vets can only pray our voices are heard.
  4. Considering the 5 to 8min taken to max out stuff, I feel this is somewhat possible but it would be cool to just forma and forma. Or even have enough mod capacity to fit everything you want without forma..
  5. WHAT HAPPENS AT MR30?? Ever since I hit MR29 this is all I’ve thought about, not so many people are talking about this, the few speculations that have come up are well presented by the streamer Joey Zero. In summary of what he mentioned: 1.) Account Forma!! We forma accounts get a global boost on certain stats and level everything all over again. My Opinion: DE please do not do this. Why? Boosting stats is giving more power and we are already way too overpowered. Even if MR1 gets a fancy name or slapped in God Initiate, God Hunter etc No. 2.) Mastery Rank 31!
  6. I wonder, will we subsume weapons next, feed it a weapon to transfer it's base stats? mmh crit, status or damage type
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