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  1. Let's see if i understand this kuva trade, not only i am unable to trade my current active kuva lich, who can be spawned with a worst weapon status porcentage the one i already have, i can only trade my CONVERTED kuva lich, the same lich who is a GRINEER, a race who flesh is rotten, their DNA is broken, their bodies have missing limbs, and are slaved for a look a like worm queen who doesn't care for their lives. I can ONLY TRADE the lich who i dismantled with my god tenno powers, that was reborn to a single objectve, to kill me, not only for revenge, but for obligation of the queen. The lich that told me how he would win against me, what of course it's impossible, the lich who when was reborn, thought he would be better, he had a second chance to live, to enjoy his life even being miserable. You are saying to me, that i can trade, the same grineer, that in the moment i was about to kill him, looked me in the eyes, with no hope, already knowing his fate. His name, is Afta Raa, he is my first kuva lich, he uses a Dragoon, he have a poor sense of balance, and i spared him, i converted him, i let him free of the queen and the kuva venon in his veins, he is the grineer who calls me a friend, the grineer that i killed, and saved. And i'm NOT TRADING HIM TO A BLOODTHIRST TENNO WHO WILL END HIS LIFE JUST TO GET A WEAPON HE WILL NEVER USE. I HELPED HIM, HE WILL STAY AT MY SIDE AND I WILL KILL ALL THE SOLAR SYSTEM TO PROTECT HIM. I don't know what's worse DE, this entire long delayed update, with the eternal farm of kuva weapons, or your sence of "peace" the tenno have to bring to the origin system. Now DE, you must learn that the endgame players want the best gear possible, and they don't want to play for the rest of their lifes to get it, if the weapon can come with 60%, and this is the best porcentage possible, they will go after this, they will not be satisfied by 30%, 40% not even 59% will do, endgame players will not rest until they get the best possible weapon, but like that? this system where you can only hope to the next lich come with 60%, this will make them give up, because, if there is a chance for you to lose, you will lose, i'm assure there are players who kill 3 of these every single day, or maybe even more, and didn't got one single 60% weapon, because it's not impossible to hapen that, so it will happen. The only thing i was hoping, the grand update to trade the kuva lich, i really was thinking that we would be able to trade the current kuva lich, but no. This trade system will only help players to get ephemeras, that doens't affect the gameplay, and the weapons they didn't get yet, but why botter taking a weapo that you will chanage the status later, because in this point of time, no one will convert a 60% weapon, probably because they don't have it yet, but maybe not, maybe thus random system can make the first two 60% weapon the player get, to be the same, i'm confindent any player would love to receive two weapon with 60% status, and maybe the same type too, like toxin. Now DE, you should make better decisions, because for endgame players, farm for a long time it's not the same as keep the game alive, you can do it better than this.
  2. Ur in uranos it's current breaking around round 10, but i made some runs, about 30+ rounds and no BP drop yet, anyone who have got some BP, how many runs did you took.
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