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  1. xDDDDDDD soo many hotfix and hexanon drop is still bad
  2. Finally, someone said it! Thank you and this is not the first time it's happening.
  3. this is a "mainline" and i do expect good things from it
  4. what qbot says is the thing we need.thumbs up and we NEED it!
  5. burden icon not disappearing. http://prntscr.com/nhcexa
  6. the most horrible sets of nightwave challenges ever created are in this week.
  7. I remember back when I was in the process of crafting my first Warframe,volt at the time when arid fear was like most probably. I didn't have any friend so I had to rely on alerts with reward like orokin cell. There was an alert at that time for Oro cell but I didn't have the node unlocked so I asked around in region chat. When we queued up the alert was over but he took me to jackal and got me the orokin cell.still remember that day like it was yesterday. Made one of the best internet friend I ever had.moral of the story , if you are new and u didn't unlock star chart and you don't have friends,u are effed. Sorry for my rant
  8. just did my last alert FeelsRainMan
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