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  1. Hmm, I have re-linked my Twitch account to my Warframe account yesterday prior to the Prime Time just to make sure I would get the drop (since I didn't get it for the previous one). It would make sense if that somehow triggered the Twitch Prime redeems from a long time ago (I'm pretty sure I never got them, since I recall having to buy Trin Prime from someone, and having yet to master the 2 weapons) Thanks for the replies/help 😄
  2. So I logged in this morning and got an inbox message saying my "Dev Bundle" or "Dev Package" was received or something, and I'm not sure what that was about. It didn't clarify what was in it so I just assumed it was the glyph from yesterday's PrimeTime that Megan was having troubles with. But now I found I have a new level 0 Trinity Prime in my Inventory (already have a maxed one) and got a Vectis Prime and a Fang Prime that I was still working towards getting the parts for. I'm pretty sure I still have just as much Platinum and Credits as I had when I logged off last so that wasn't affected. And I'm using the 2-step authentication, so I'd like to think I wasn't hacked or anything. Obviously I'm not complaining at the new gear that I wanted to get eventually, but the unexpected-ness is what worries me. Did anybody else get something similar? Does anyone know what might have happened? Meg? Reb? Unfortunately I didn't keep the in-game mail (I almost always immediately delete mail I read to not clutter my inbox), but if there's a way to see my "mail history" on the dev side, I give you full permission to investigate. Thanks for your time.
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