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  1. Does anyone get this odd bug about Excalibur's Chromatic Blade augment mod showing that you have Lightning element when you clearly didn't give him said element? Here is the link of my earlier comment. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1101921-chromatic-blade-elements/?tab=comments#comment-10817586
  2. I believe this may be a display bug on Excalibur when using the Chromatic Blade augment mod. I made sure that Excalibur has a core Ice element on both the frame and the Exalted Blade but for some reason, when upgrading the Exalted Blade with mods, it is shown to have Lightning element on it. Upon testing it during a mission, it retains only Ice element just as I set it to be. Where did that Lightning element come from? It got me really confused as soon as I see this. The images in question were actually from my sister's Warframe account.
  3. I might have as I added Shred, I'll look into this asap.
  4. I may not use Lenz a lot but there are times the shots go through the floor that the blast bubble appears somewhere underneath it. Is that normal?
  5. My sister planned to call her Moa "Chicken Leg". So how about a chicken-based animation like pecking the ground or scratching the ground like a chicken.
  6. Zephyr Prime The sky is my stage. I fly into the air like a bird and cause a storm with my wind powers. You can alter my wind with your own elements and we shall fill the room with elemental tornadoes. I am waiting for someone to catch me, to dance with me in the skies and roam into the open world.
  7. I'm not sure if I'm the only one but everytime I try to enter Orb Vallis with a friend my friend was kicked out from Host Migration. It's frustrating that we can't enjoy Orb Valiis together.
  8. Still no fix for the kubrows' texture problem? I wonder if kavats are also affected.
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